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Michael Ramova announces new film project: A ROCK 35 MILES EAST

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Director MICHAEL RAMOVA, creator of the found footage film  Panteon Wood (2015) is asking for support from the found footage fan community and horror fans alike for his crowdfunding campaign for his latest short film A Rock 35 Miles East.

We asked Ramova about his latest project and here’s what he had to say, “‘A Rock 35 Miles East’ is a flick like no other. Take The Thing, Miracle at Santa Anna, and The Evil Dead, throw them in a blender and you get ‘A Rock 35 Miles East.’ It is about three Black soldiers dealing with the war and the world of the 1940s. One of them sees an asteroid falling from the sky landing 35 miles from their camp. They band together to retrieve the rock with hopes of fortune and glory. They risk being court-martialed, fighting Nazis, militias, getting lost, but the reality is that finding the asteroid is the worst fate they could have encountered.”

You can contribute to Ramova’s Indigogo campaign in support of the film here: A Rock 35 Miles East – Indiegogo Campaign.

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