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WEKUFE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL arrives on October 15, 2021!

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Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)Ge ready found footage fans! Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) makes its worldwide debut on Friday October 15, 2021. The critically acclaimed found footage horror film from Chile, written and directed by Javier Attridge, will finally be shared with eager horror fans.

Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) is available on Amazon and POV Horror

In an interview with Found Footage Critic, director Javier Attridge had this to say, “We are very excited to announce that Wekufe will go out into the world as it finally has a release date. It was a debt that we had for a long time with fans of the genre from all over the globe who, since the film began its long journey through international film festivals until today, never stopped asking us about its release. Now we are very pleased to be able to share Wekufe with them and with all fans of the horror genre starting from October 15 on Amazon. We can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

In celebration of the film’s release, we are proud to share the new Wekufe trailer.

POV Horror Press Release

POV Horror is proud to announce the worldwide release of the critically acclaimed horror film, Wekufe.  We’ve been working closely with director Javier Attridge since Wekufe was first made available for limited screening back in 2016 and are excited to finally share this incredible film with horror and found footage fans this Halloween season.

Wekufe will make its debut on October 15, 2021 on Amazon Video Direct in the US and UK and Amazon prime worldwide. Other streaming platforms will soon follow.

POV Horror ( is the only VOD streaming movie channel 100% dedicated to found footage horror films. The POV Horror app is available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Google Play, Android Mobile/TV, web, and Chromecast. Since launching POV Horror in 2017, our parent company PlayNowMedia has since launched over 25 other niche genre channels, including Wicked Horror TV, Trashy Horror Movies, and Classic Horror Movies. For a full list of our available VOD channels, please visit

Film Synopsis

A journalism student travels with her boyfriend to Chiloé, a remote Patagonia island in the south of Chile, to investigate the connection that exists between the great number of sexual related crimes and the myths and legends surrounding this isolated and mysterious place. Soon they will find out that behind these legends lies something much more obscure that will begin to unravel towards an unavoidable destiny. Gradually they will come to understand that all too often it is best to keep your sanity than to discover the truth.




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