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Cold Ground (2017) Videos

Cold Ground (2017)

1976: Two young journalists leave for the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations and record testimonies for a TV channel. Yet, once they get there, the scientific team they were supposed to meet has gone missing. Escorted by a first-aider, a British biologist, and an American forensic investigator, Melissa and David will go looking for the missing team deep into th...

The Follower (2017) Videos

The Follower (2017)

Found footage film about the host of a Youtube ghost hunter show who gets in over his head during an investigation of an allegedly haunted house.

Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2017) Review (French Language)

“Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare” est un film de docufiction en found footage dirigé par Rafael Cherkaski, suivant le modèle d’un documentaire dans le processus de réalisation. Il s’agit là d’un caméraman de télévision nommé Sorgoi Prakov (joué par Cherkaski lui-même) de Sdorvie, un petit pays fictif à la frontière de la Russie, qui voyage à travers l’Europe avec des caméras portative...

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