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paranormal activity

Real Record: Spirit Calling (2007)

Recorded videos that are said to be posted by the general public. Segments include; "Dolls", "Touge", "Shrine", "Night view", "Snowy road", "Armored helmet" and "Kannon statue".

Real Record! Psychic Spot (2011)

A team of investigators search for psychic phenomena throughout Japan.

Document Super Scary Story: Urban Legend (2008)

The Documentary Horror Tours departs from a certain Inari shrine in Kawasaki City, the origin of the fear that Yumeaki Hirayama experienced in his childhood, and heads for “Hachioji” where mysterious spots are concentrated.

Horror Psychic Spot Women’s Independent Test (2009)

The screams of the idols are echoed by the extremely unscrupulous actions that should never be done, including the manager of the office.

Crazy Spirit Video Nozokiana (2016)

A collection of psychic images that introduces images with problems that cannot be released to the world. “Hit-and-run,” in which the camera captured a strange situation in a car; Contains 8 videos.

Cursed Urban Legend (2012) Videos

Cursed Urban Legend (2012)

The first psychic documentary that approaches the truth of terror that transcends many urban legends handed down in the city. What is the grief of the god of death, "Katalya", which is said to be passed down when the urban legend is about to disappear...

SHOOT X: Spirit Game (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A strange game was being played in the suburbs of Kanto. Within the game, each team of three people shoots around a spirit spot with a video camera, if you succeed in taking a picture of the spirit within the time limit, you will be paid a prize of 10 million yen. However, in the meantime, one by one, the participants disappear…

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