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Split Scream (2023) Videos

Split Scream (2023)

A group of rowdy friends equipped with a bunch of film gear go to a supposedly haunted house to document potential paranormal findings.

Paranoia Tapes X: The Night Stalker Case Investigation (2022)

A maniacal man introduces a dark crime documentary.

Banned Video File: Vol. 2 (2010) Videos

Banned Video File: Vol. 2 (2010)

In recent years, with the video recording function of mobile phones, we have entered the era of one movie camera per household instead of one per person. Something that cannot be explained is lurking in your fun memories movie.

Banned Video File Vol. 1 (2010) Videos

Banned Video File Vol. 1 (2010)

According to rumors, there is a quiet abandoned village in the Y Prefecture that has been blocked by landslides and abandoned by the government. A team sets out to investigate.

Posted Spirit Image: Black Chapter (2016)

Full of amazing treasured images by masked collectors obtained independently from a completely different route from the existing similar titles!

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