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Supernatural Horror

A Small Screen Blair Witch Project Series is in the Works at LionsGate!

LionsGate’s new digital distribution arm (dubbed Studio L) has announced an episodic series based on The Blair Witch Project (1999). The show will likely be released in the digital space, as the focus of Studio L is feature films and episodic content for that market. Little else is known about the planned small screen adaptation at this point, but stay tuned to Found Footage Critic for more ...

Boots on the Ground is Headed for iTunes

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Boots on the Ground, don’t despair. It is headed for iTunes next week. The feature is slated to make its debut on the service April 23rd. Boots on the Ground was written and directed by Louis Melville (who served as a co producer on The Last Horror Movie 2003). Boots marks Melville’s sophomore feature filmmaking effort. The film stars Ian ...

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