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The Tony Blair Witch Project (2000) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The film depicts a group of five British film critics and politicians who venture off into the West Virginian wilderness in search of the "Tony Blair Witch" which may or may not be related to British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Everybody Dies by the End (2022) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A documentary crew follows cult classic horror director, Alfred Costella, as he makes his final film: an all practical masterpiece... with a dark twist.

The Diary of a Psycho (2017) – Found Footage Web Series Trailer

A psychopath named Sachin documents his murder spree on camera.

KipKap (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Joe isn't hard to please; fries swamped in ketchup, a fresh pint and his mates is all he needs to be happy. But he's also got one peculiar passion... Ever since the Belgian wave of UFO observations in the 80's, Joe has been obsessed and convinced that aliens have infiltrated every layer of society. So, as the self-professed Messiah, he's taken it upon himself to kill off every last one of these li...

The Return of Bruno (1987) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A "documentary" about the major influence that a '60s rock singer named Bruno has had on rock music, as attested to by such rock legends as Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson and the Bee Gees, among others.

Love Shack (2010) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

This independent mockumentary is about a group of porn stars who reunite after a legendary producer dies and their dysfunctional conflicts arise.

The Mansfield Ghost (2022) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Lilly, a make-up blogger turns herself into an amateur ghost hunter for Halloween.

Dark Side of the Moon (2002) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The tone of the “documentary” begins with low key revelations of NASA working closely with Hollywood at the time of the Moon landings. Over the course of the tale, Karel postulates that not only did Kubrick help the USA fake the moon landings but that he was eventually killed by the CIA.

Scenes from a Celebrity Life (2009) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A mockumentary about the actor Linus Wahlgren, the youngest member of the Swedish celebrity family Wahlgren. Linus reputation in Sweden is a little like Paris Hiltons, but without the money. A well acclaimed TV-reporter, Görhan Hellström, get's the worst job in his life. Spend the next month with Linus Wahlgren and film everything he does. Linus hates his reputation and is desperate to earn some r...

The Execution of Gary Glitter (2009) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Set in a parallel Britain in which the death penalty has been re-introduced, this drama sees the trial of Gary Glitter for his true crimes committed in Vietnam.

Paranormal Parody (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

After a young couple moves into a new house, they start to experience some strange events, that just might be demonic. So they decide to videotape the whole thing. Sound familiar? At least this time the demon has a sense of humor.

Forgotten Nation (2021) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

In a Dystopian Israel of the near future, a young man brutally rapes young women in the streets, videotapes the deeds and uploads the recordings to the Darknet. After encountering a past victim and developing a relationship with a future victim, his nightmarish world suffers great turmoil.

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