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1013 Briar Lane (2009) – Found Footage Trailer

1013 Briar Lane (2009) – Found Footage Trailer – Found Footage Film Synopsis

1013 Briar Lane (2009) is a found footage film and found footage horror. In 2008, a real-life mystery began to unfold when a real estate company (name withheld by request) discovered video footage shot in one of its vacant properties. The tapes were acquired by local documentary filmmakers Jarrod Rogan and Haman Movafagh, who began piecing together a series of bizarre instances recorded by a man living in the house. Apparently waiting for his wife and daughter to join him from out of state, the man began documenting strange activity that kept him from sleeping for days on end. The eerie recordings have become the subject of much controversy among paranormal investigators, and are finally being released to the general public. This first documentary from Son of Jason Films challenges audiences to explain what happened in the house on Briar Lane.

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