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The Black Door (2001) – Found Footage Trailer

Presented through found footage, this film takes place in Seattle, USA, 1999. At the demand of MEG, a camera crew investigates the strange course of events that brought STEVEN H., her boyfriend, to be hospitalized. Steven’s condition is serious. His body has been severely lacerated by an unknown assailant.
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The doctors think it could be a wild animal, or maybe even a man with extremely long and hard nails. Steven is also suffering from a mysterious infection that spreads inside him at an alarming speed… The camera crew investigates on Steven’s past weeks, hoping to find the truth and learn what really happened to him. Steven was doing historical research on trading between Mexico and the US, and had focused his work on a man called Balmaseda, a prosperous Mexican businessman who disappeared in 1932. This apparently innocuous research led Steven to a much darker discovery… Everything seems to revolve around a group of mysterious characters, all members of a satanic sect : The Black Door.
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The Black Door (2001) – Found Footage Trailer

  • The Black Door (2001) is a found footage film and found footage horror.
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