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Boots on the Ground (2018)

2010s All Releases Daytime Document Event Evil Spirit Head Mounted Camera Horror Paranormal Supernatural TBD

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Boots on the Ground (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Boots on the Ground (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis

Hindu Kush, Afghanistan October 2014. War ends at midnight, all five British soldiers have to do is stay alive till then. After surviving a firefight the five British soldiers try to find a safe haven to sit out the rest of last night of the Afghan war. Trekking through woodland they come across a large imposing British fort dating back to the first British-Afghan war of the early 19th century. On nearing the entrance to the fort they see other British soldiers entering. With great relief, they also enter the fort but find it eerily unoccupied. Where have the other British troops gone, did they really see them?
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As the night unfolds and their mission is finally explained to them, they find themselves engulfed in a labyrinthine nightmare of seemingly un-combatable forces from another realm. Time itself seems to move in inexplicable ways to the point where they start to question their own reality. Who will stay alive till midnight, will any? buy lamisil generic noprescriptionbuyonlinerxx.net/lamisil.html over the counter

Boots on the Ground (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

  • Boots on the Ground (2018) is a found footage horror movie

How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Horror Movies

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