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The Cannibal in the Jungle (2015)

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The Cannibal in the Jungle (2015) – Found Footage Trailer

The Cannibal in the Jungle (2015) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

The Cannibal in the Jungle (2015) is a found footage film and found footage horror. In 1977, an American scientist was convicted of killing and cannibalizing two colleagues in the jungles of Indonesia. Dr. Timothy Darrow, branded ‘The American Cannibal’ by the press during his trial, defended himself with an alibi that was insane. Beyond impossible. He claimed a mythic human-ape creature was responsible for the murders. In 2003, the remains of a species matching Darrow’s description were found. In the very same jungles of Indonesia. It is now regarded as one of the most important anthropological finds ever: a team of scientists discovered the bones of an entirely new species of human, one that stood only three feet tall. But did they go extinct? An indigenous tribe on the Indonesian island of Flores, where the hobbit remains were discovered, have their own accounts of little wild men that climb trees and walk on two feet. They also describe them as cannibals. And according to their legend, they may never have died out at all.

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