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Ivan IRL (2023)

Ivan, a broke college student, is hired by a production company to live stream his life for 100 days straight. As the 24/7 broadcast explodes in popul...[Read More]


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Uncommon Bond (2020)

Jinelle, the grieving mother of a dead child finds her marriage is in jeopardy. Her emotions run wild with Her web-page followers, from love to Sadnes...[Read More]


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Prank Bros (2021)

A found footage, psychological horror film about four YouTube pranksters whose camping trip goes horribly wrong after one too many prank calls.


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Ben and Lacy (2023)

After receiving a camera as a graduation gift, 18 year-old Ben decides to begin vlogging his life. This vlog captures him reconnecting and falling in ...[Read More]


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The Industry Did It (2020)

An aspiring actress from Houston vlogs her foray into Hollywood. Will she do anything to get the part, or will the part do anything to get her?


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Woods Witch (2023)

When two up and coming internet bloggers take on a road trip to film footage from a forest that is known for disappearance and death, they find themse...[Read More]


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Project Eerie (2023)

On Halloween, 2020, Jesse and Jacob Warner disappeared while live streaming on social media. This is that live stream.


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Ready for Pickup (2023)

Four aspiring YouTubers vlog about delivery driving as their relationships fall apart.


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#FBF (2023)

Annie who accidentally takes her mom's laptop instead of her own to visit her father in New Jersey. Annie soon realizes the laptop is everything she n...[Read More]


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Convex Attack!! Psychic Research Team Kachikomi (2018)

The challenge of the heinous “psychic images” was taken on! The trail of horror investigation again! Ghostly places haunted by evil spirits, people po...[Read More]


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Resurrected (2023)

In a dystopian future, the Vatican knows how to resurrect people. A priest discovers a conspiracy behind the resurrections and their possible link to ...[Read More]


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Mind Body Spirit (2023)

An aspiring yoga influencer embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother.


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Life of Belle (2023)

On July 18th, 2018 Annabelle Starnes went missing. What was found in the home would shock this small town of South Carolina.


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MyNameIsSam (2020)

After taking a strange Polaroid photo with a camera he found, Sam creates a YouTube channel to discuss what he has captured on film as well figuring o...[Read More]


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The One Above All (2017)

The One Above All is a Portuguese web-series that tells the story of a group of teens who start a channel on YouTube about skating and exploring aband...[Read More]


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Internet Urban Legend (2014)

A collection of 11 various urban legends from the internet.


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Republique: The Interactive (2019)

Follow two young YouTubers lost in the entrails of the Paris metro. Discover how two young lawyers caught in the crossfire save an injured man’s life....[Read More]


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Caviar (2023)

Antigone Corday is an aspiring social media influencer. She is mourning the death of her brother, Jeremiah, a well-known progressive pundit. Soon, she...[Read More]


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Project G-1 (2018)

Following the public hysteria following the broadcast of the Shed 17 documentary, further revelations are uncovered about the events on Sodor Island i...[Read More]

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