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Haunted World of CW (2013) – Found Footage Trailer 2

The Haunted World of Claire Wilmenson (2013) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

The Haunted World of Claire Wilmenson (2013) is a found footage film and found footage horror. The frightening, horrific, and funny pseudo-documentary misadventures of Claire Wilmenson, her gamer boyfriend Branson, troubled telekinetic Emma, the skeptic documentary film maker “King James” and an entire slew of creepy cool characters. This is their video document to find the answers to Claire’s haunting lineage and ultimately…
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her fate as hero. Utilizing the footage they record, the footage they discover, and in the case of Claire’s torturous Snuff Movie stalker, the footage they inspire. Claire and co. are solving a puzzle fueled by the facts of video. If it’s not on tape, it’s like it never happened. Their hunt for answers will take them from the eerie small towns of Ohio, to Roanoke Island, with all the monsters that live in the darkness, from perverted slender men, to pure evil itself incarnate, proving themselves real along the way.
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How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films

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