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REEL 2 (2016)

$10K - $99K 2010s All Releases Horror In Production Murder Serial Killer TBD (Pending Review) TBD (Pending Review) Violent Crimes

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REEL 2 (2016)

In 2015 a director named Slashervictim666 screamed onto the scene with his first film REEL: a gruesome movie detailing the stalking and dissection of real life horror critic Todd Smith. We watched him hunt, kill and film Todd in order to prove to his family of murdering filmmakers that he could cut it on his own as a director. Slashervictim666’s film was a modest cult success and his insane family finally accepted him as one of their own.

In REEL (second victim) SV666 creates a sequel based on him and and his psycho family perfecting the art of the snuff film. Together they joyously kill and torture dozens of innocent victims. While the murders are some of the most creative they have ever done, it doesn't take long before the director realizes they are missing out on one of key elements of the filmmaking process, marketing.

Through Slashervictim666's second masterpiece: REEL (second victim) he explains to his family it's not enough to make movies about killing people, you have to promote them as well.

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