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Spirit Box 2 (2014)

The second psychic documentary, where psychic phenomena and horror experiences are connected one by one, and attacks with a big shiver. Women's shoes ...[Read More]


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Spirit Box (2014)

The interlocking supernatural phenomena, horror experiences, and the temptation brought by invisible things... Although these supernatural events happ...[Read More]


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Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine (2014)

Said to be deadliest great white shark of all time, "Submarine" is a 30 foot great white that has terrorized the shores of South Africa for decades.Lo...[Read More]


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The Kirkbride Project (2014)

"The Kirkebride Project" tells the haunting tale of five college students who disappeared investigating an abandoned insane asylum the day after they ...[Read More]


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Super!! Scary Psychic Video (2014)

A signal from a different world that is entering into a small gap in daily life, anniversaries and memories.


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video Movie (2014)

A collection of posts that dared to do a desperate interview. When the forbidden spirit video coverage team investigates the psychic images that arriv...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 3 (2014)

It evolved through the heat of the movie. Wriggling fear behind the scenes... How many times will it get cold to the core in the deep darkness of the ...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 2 (2014)

The second collection of psychic videos at the prohibition level, including: “The Secret of Yukan Madam”, “Happiness Video Letter”, “Except for humans...[Read More]


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The Smiley Face Killers (2014)

What if you were making a documentary about a gang of serial killers and they found out?


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Spiritual Disability Property (2014)

A couple moved into a certain property. It was a repeated psychic phenomenon that destroyed the happiness that seemed to have been obtained. In order ...[Read More]


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Navigation (2014)

One fine fall day, three friends Su-Na, Min-Woo and Cheol-Kyu go on an impromptu trip for shooting a documentary they are preparing. They get lost in ...[Read More]


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Banned From Broadcast: Brainwashed (2014)

Shimako Egami, a former housewife, received a strong brainwashing because of something. What is the real truth that destroyed a happy family that atta...[Read More]


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Curse at the End of the Century: Proliferate (2014)

A female documentary writer approaches the case of a hikikomori boy's murder of a young girl and a high school girl's classmate.


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Paranormal Psychic Strange (2014)

The sixth and final installment in the Paranormal Psychic series.


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(09) (2014)

In 2012, three friends got together for a college assignment in a beach house. There was some sort of paranormal activity. What happened that day was ...[Read More]


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After School (2014)

A group of friends enrolled at the same school come to face a similar tragedy by the end of the day.


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This Isn’t a Movie (2014)

A couple captures their vacation on video camera, documenting an alleged paranormal possession.


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Toritsuki (2014)

An omnibus horror work following "A Scary Story You Don't Know", "Catalya" and "Screaming", depicting the horror possessed by the spirits hidden in ev...[Read More]


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Anthology of Horror (2014)

The horror movie anthology edited from Terra Studio Russia short movies.


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State of Bacon (2014)

State of Bacon tells the kinda real but mostly fake tale of an oddball group of characters leading up to the annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Bacon-...[Read More]

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