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A Grudge Video That You Shouldn’t Watch (2014)

From among the many horror videos posted on a mysterious horror website, we have thoroughly examined the videos with intense grudges.


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Fridge (2022)

A roommate conflict involving a fridge spirals out of control in this mockumentary.


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Sealed Photo 3: Spirits Inviting You to Hell (2015)

The horrific ghost photos sealed on Don't See.com are now open to the public! Experience the unseen hell!


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Sealed Photo 2: Spirit Drifting in the Darkness (2015)

The seal of the gruesome horror photo is now broken… Experience the horror of shivering!


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The Devil’s Door (2022)

A film crew follows a human trafficker to a tunnel for a pick-up of two illegal immigrants. When the tunnel is opened, an evil escapes leaving a trail...[Read More]


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Psychic Record I Experienced (2015)

Thorough coverage of victims who have been obsessed with grudges and ghosts.


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Forbidden Video That Could Not be Broadcast on TV (2009)

Shocking content that cannot be broadcast on TV! A shelved tape that would never be made public was leaked as a "debt collection record"! While coveri...[Read More]


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Cursed Image That Really Existed: Darkness (2014)

The second video of the curse that really happened!


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The Devil’s Tuning (2018)

In this docufiction about a unique guitar technique, it isn't always clear if myths are being investigated or created.


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Gap Year 2018.mov (2021)

When three students take a camping trip around the English Countryside, things take a sinister turn. The trio wrestle against the odds determined to c...[Read More]


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Curse [Noroie] House (2017)

There is a dark job in the world that is blind to the public. Corpse cleaning, organ and human trafficking, revenge agency, experimental animal carcas...[Read More]


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Dark Side of the Moon (2002)

The tone of the “documentary” begins with low key revelations of NASA working closely with Hollywood at the time of the Moon landings. Over the course...[Read More]


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MOV (2022)

Members of a youth soccer club disappear on their way to a game. The following footage was found soon after.


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The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers (2018)

Mockumentary satirizing the spreading of rumors, propaganda and ridiculous ideas about the U.S. Civil War.


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Chloe and Keith’s Wedding (2009)

Chloe & Keith's Wedding is a heartfelt and hilarious, romantic-comedy that tells the story of Jordan and Sarah an ex-couple who reunite again at the n...[Read More]


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Elliott Mallane’s Murder (2019)

Elliott Mallane went camping with his son in 2014. His body-cam from the trip was recovered 64 days later, showing that both the father and son had be...[Read More]


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8 Percent (2017)

Four family friends go on a road trip and encounter strange things along their journey.


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Unknown Visitor (2019)

After moving into a new house, a young woman experiences a terrifying series of encounters with something evil. The whole nightmare is captured on her...[Read More]


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Korriganed (2016)

On the roads of Brittany, a team of journalists investigates the legendary goblin of the region: the korrigan. Between incredulity and fascination for...[Read More]


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1972 Yellow House (2013)

During a recent remodel of The Yellow House crews discovered the remains of a little girl and a super 8 movie camera with the footage still inside. Th...[Read More]

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