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Slender (2016) – Found Footage Trailer

Found footage film where filmmakers Joel and Dan struggle to find a compelling story. Dan is fortunate enough to meet Mili, a woman who believes her two boys were abducted by a mysterious faceless man with “tree arms” (aka Slender Man): The perfect subject matter around which they can create a compelling documentary. As the documentary team hones their story around Mili, the wheels begin to come off the project. During Mili’s interview, her disposition completely changes. She claims to have been on some bad medication. Mili’s lack of cooperation threatens to derails the documentary. Desperate to salvage his film, Joel concocts a devious plan to make Mili face her fears. The documentary team stage a prank. One of the crew, Ryan, dresses as an eerie slender giant on stilts with no face. The plan is to lure Mili to the school from where her children were supposedly abducted, and present with this monster she has described.As the crew prepare to spring their trap, the line between fact and fiction are blurred as unexplained and horrific events unfold.

Slender (2016) – Found Footage Trailer

  • Slender (2016) is a found footage film and found footage horror, Slender Man film

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