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So Yuko’s Really Scary Ghost Photo (2005)

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So Yuko’s Really Scary Ghost Photo (2005)

Based on the psychic photographs selected by Ms. Yuko So, who is a psychic and a well-known appraiser of psychic photographs, we will shoot on location in the Izumo region, the sacred land of the gods. An abandoned hotel, an old pond with a legend of water burial, a railroad crossing where there are many accidents of unknown causes, the remains of a graveyard, a cape where corpses wash up, a suicide spot, and so on. Indescribable fear, and bad weather of snowstorms, thick fog, and hail that attack the film crew. Were we drawn to an unknown entrance to the underworld? Or have you touched the wrath of the gods? A shocking psychic photo captured by a camera at a psychic spot.

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