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Spirit Spiral 003 (2019)

2010s All Releases Budget Range Camcorder Camera Mode Camera Type Cult Daytime Decade Document Event Evil Spirit Film Details Film Type Filming Reason Ghost Horror Mocumentary Paranormal Professional Camera TBD Traditional Genre

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Spirit Spiral 003 (2019)

The third installment in the ‘Spirit Spiral’ movie franchise. A collection of shocking videos that tremble different from the mediocre psychic documentary- including ‘Housing Complex’, ‘Dead Dams’, ‘Blood Donation Association - Parts 1 and 2’, ‘4 Rivers’ and ‘Things to Descend from the Mountain’. A contributor who came to see me off before climbing in the evening. I took a walk around Mt. Fuji, and at the end they visited the shrine, but there was something terrible there…He made contact with the cult, but from there he modulated the staff. The identity of the guru who drains blood…

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