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movie trailer

Chasing the Ghost Sound (2010) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Geum Ja has been living alone since her husband and sister passed away. Lately, she keeps hearing her late sister's voice around the house. To find out her sister's message, she enlists the help of a television program that investigates supernatural happenings.

Frayed Forest (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Three campers go out to a set of deep woods and run into the worst case scenario. The woods are alive and they want you!

The Night Marchers (2001) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

On a mission to search for the site where ancient Hawaiian spirits are rumored to appear at night, a five-person documentary crew vanishes -- leaving only their footage.

Myth (2012) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

In the summer of 2009 four people go in search of the legendary Yowie...They were never seen or heard from again...This film is actual recovered footage of their final days.

Cabin of Horror (2015) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Jett, an indie filmmaker in search of a bone-chilling thrill, persuades his girlfriend Emma and friends to accompany him in an unauthorized weekend stay at a haunted cabin near Devil's Creek in Michigan. Upon their stay, they are harassed and terrorized by an evil spirit that refuses to let them leave the haunted grounds...ALIVE!

Revenge in the Forest of the Dead Sharks (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Journalist Max Fadeev investigates the circumstances of the death of Dima Maslennikov. He goes to the place of his death, not suspecting that a real nightmare awaits him. The dead sharks from the forest begin to hunt him.

Forest of the Dead Sharks (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Dima Maslennikov is sent to the eerie forest to shoot the next episode of his show. However, filming is not going according to plan, as he encounters a flock of bloodthirsty sharks.

A Film for Friends (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Considering that his life is a failure, a man records himself leaving a video-message to his loved ones. After this message, which tackles, in funny and sad ways, a lot of issues, both personal and social, he shoots himself in the head. But he fails.

Cursed Violent People (2010) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Following a film shoot gone wrong, director Koji Shiraishi finds himself forced to employ two violent criminals in his future productions.

Unfriended: Off-Line (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

During a promising evening, an unknown user joins Elliot and Rayan's call, two friends chatting on Skype. This stranger will be particularly threatening, and will prove that his limits do not stop at a simple screen. The evening will turn to massacre when bloody events begin to occur in real life.

Discarding Santa (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

In 2010, the city of Leitchfield, Kentucky decided to outlaw all references to Santa Claus for Christmas, in an attempt to de-commercialize the holiday.

911: Officer Down (2018) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A vigilante hijacks a police car and prowls the streets of Los Angeles disguised as a cop, serving his own brand of street justice.

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