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movie trailer

File VL-624 (2023) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Corrupted footage salvaged from Robbie Zagorac's camera. Property of the Mojave Police Department.

Card Zero (2023) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Before Robbie Zagorac went missing in the Mojave Desert, he captured love, life and heartbreak in a video diary.

In Smog and Thunder (2003) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A mockumentary chronicling a fictional civil war between Los Angeles and San Francisco residents, whose animosity towards one another spirals out of control. An eccentric historian gives his version of the conflict.

Night Swag Angel Candy (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

An independent filmmaker is hired to document a day in the life of artist/musician Night Swag Angel Candy. What starts out as a simple promotional video for his upcoming album, Da Cartoon Killas, ends up becoming something else entirely: a darkly comic, disturbing character study for the ages.

Light from Beyond (2018) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

A story about a charming swindler, the girl Sveta, who, after an accident, found herself limited in movement. To get back on her feet, Sveta needs a paid operation. But how to make money if there is no way to even leave the house? Sveta has an idea. On the Internet, she, introducing herself as a magician-bioenergy therapist Svetozara, helps people solve their personal problems for a small fee.

The Hosts (2013) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Siberia, Western Sayan. Hunter and amateur videographer Sergey goes to the remote mountain taiga to hunt, watch the wild beast in ambush all night. Deciding to make a documentary about this, he prepared a video camera and a flashlight. However, the event that the hunter has to experience in the impenetrable darkness of a dense forest will remain in his memory for a long time!

Lactose: Zero Tolerance (2017) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A brave man opens up to a film crew about his biggest fear, milk.

And on the 7th Day God Rocked (2008) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A mockumentary about a Christan Battle of the Bands.

Fallen Cape (2013) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Magno, the Great Spanish superhero, vanished from public life after his implication in a child molestation scandal. 20 years have passed and now a documentary filmmaker follows the trail of the fallen hero to make a movie about him.

Sisterhood (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Sisterhood portrays a current reality in Japan, showing the vision and lives of different people, such as a nude model, a music artist, a student and other diverse individuals who give their opinions in front of the camera.

Period 2 Final Project (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A small group of high school kids are tasked to make a documentary about a local business. The business quickly goes off the rails when the owners (Pam and Chester) discover that people dying increases their sales.

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