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Territorial Behavior (2015) – Found Footage Trailer

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Territorial Behavior (2015) is a found footage film and found footage horror. An all American outdoorsman and experienced survival specialist ventures into a remote area of Montana to shoot a wilderness training video. There, he comes to the malicious attentions of some violent poachers, who seem to be protecting something and are taking issue with his presence there. In an ironic twist, Rhodes is left in a desperate life and death struggle in which he discovers that the reality of survival is very different to what he’s been teaching in the classroom. Worse still, his troubles are only beginning as he quickly realizes there may be an even more malevolent presence than these crazed hunters lurking out there in the wilderness.

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  1. Very cheesy, ended up fast forwarding a lot of this movie and the end was not the greatest. Watch only if you have to see every FF Movie.


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