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The Ghost from Hovrino (2012)

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The Ghost from Hovrino (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

November 11, 2011 — four men with a video camera went to Hovrino’s forest to make a movie about a ghost.

Kirill Alex — 1981 year of birth.
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Roman Mirniy — 1981 year of birth. Anton Vaganov — 1981 year of birth. Artem Varanov — 1990 year of birth.

They left Moscow around 8 a.m. and supposedly will arrive at Hovrino’s forest around noon. Six miles from Hovrino’s forest on Ryazan’s highway, Anton Vaganov’s jeep was found. Inside his jeep Kirill Alex’s video camera was found along with found footage revealing what happened.

The Ghost from Hovrino (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

  • The Ghost from Hovrino (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror

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