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The Tapes (2011) – Found Footage Trailer

The Tapes (2011) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

The Tapes (2011) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Gemma Baker, a fame hungry wannabee, persuades her hapless boyfriend Danny and his media student best mate Nathan to help her film a big brother audition tape. The weather is bad so they take a moments respite in a local pub, where they hear of a ‘Swingers’ party taking place on a local farm. Wide boy Danny has the idea of filming the party on video cameras with a view to blackmailing the attendees. They break onto the farm and wait for the arrival of the party goers. The farm is littered with clues and warnings which they ignore before falling foul of the party goers who are in fact Devil Worshippers. buy acticin generic onlineandnewblo.com/acticin.html over the counter

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