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Tontine (TBD) – Found Footage Trailer

Tontine (TBD) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis

In June, 2007, a new reality show called ‘Tontine’ launched. Fifteen contestants were chosen and sent to a desert island in the Fiji’s for a 10 million dollar prize contest.

During their journey to the island, radio transmissions from the contestant’s boat indicated that the boat had hit a cyclone in high seas and was taking on water. Two days after the storm, a radio signal helped the authorities to localize them. Arrived on zone, the rescue team discovered a wild island with the bodies of all the contestants, all dead in strange circumstances. Few personal video cameras were recovered from the island, containing 40 hours of footage shot by the contestants. After 5 years of silence and long negotiations, an edited version of the footage was made available revealing the chronology of events.

Tontine (TBD) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

  • Tontine (TBD) is a found footage horror movie

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