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Megan is Missing (2011) – User Review

User Rating: 9.6

Rarely have I watched a movie and been left feeling physically sick but this did it for me

Everything about this movie screams “must see” the relationship between Megan and Amy their parents the world around them their naivety and their ultimate demise

In my opinion for what it’s worth this is right up there with the very best found footage movies ever made

This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions you’ll laugh you’ll be afraid you’ll be disgusted you’ll feel sick and you’ll be close to tears on occasions

No spoilers I promise but the ending of this movie will stay with you forever it is haunting horrifying and so damn real you’ll be wondering do I call the cops

Watch this at night with the lights out alone keep your phone handy and at the end you’ll be calling your friends just to hear a friendly voice and to get ….well let’s just say you’ll need a friendly voice after this

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