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Vampires (2010) – Found Footage Trailer

Vampires (2010) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

Vampires (2010) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Belgium’s vampire community invites a documentary crew to film one of their families: husband, wife, and two teen children – Georges, Bertha, Sampson, and Grace.

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The teens have problems: Sampson wants to sleep with the community leader’s wife (the only sexual taboo) and Grace wears pink and wants to be human.

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The family eats (they keep a young woman for snacks, and the police drop off immigrants for them), visits their community school, chats with a coffin maker, goes to parties, and looks down their nose at a childless vampire couple who live in their basement.
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We learn of the vampire code, forced exile in Canada, and the fate of the Sampson and Grace.
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