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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 3 (2014)

2010s All Releases Budget Range Camera Mode Camera Type Daytime Decade Document Event Evil Spirit Film Details Film Type Filming Movie Filming Reason Ghost Horror Mocumentary Night Vision Paranormal Possession Professional Camera Supernatural Surveillance Camera Surveillance Footage TBD Traditional Genre Zombie

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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 3 (2014)

It evolved through the heat of the movie. Wriggling fear behind the scenes... How many times will it get cold to the core in the deep darkness of the ending? The contributor who was targeted several times by the empty nest and installed a security camera. A man and a woman looking in the room were recorded, but it is said that strange women are more concerned about why. Is it a curse... "Ride on the ground" and a total of 10 horror videos are included!!

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