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Jennifer Series

The Jennifer series is a quickly growing collection of found footage comedy/horror movies spawned from the mind of James Cullen Bressack. The first film in the series follows a man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer. Subsequent films take the “Jennifer obsession” concept to whole new comedic and horrific levels. The Jennifer films are best seen rather than described here in words!

James Cullen Bressack plays a character in each film and directed the first feature, To Jennifer (2014)Hunter Johnson directed the second installment, 2 Jennifer (2015)Frank Merl directed the third film, #FromJennifer (2017)expected to be released during summer 2017.
If you like comedies and horror movies, and you have a thing for Jennifers, then this is the franchise for you! But wait, there’s more! With the third film still awaiting a release date, a fourth Jennifer film was announced for 2018: 4 Jennifer (2018). Jody Barton is directing the fourth film. Get your Jennifer fix and watch the Jennifer series.


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