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Live Survival (2023)

After escaping a homeless shelter infested with flesh eating zombies both cops discover the whole world is now in chaos. They team up with more surviv...[Read More]

The Glenarma Tapes (2023)

In spring 2020, five art students and two lecturers went missing in a remote forest in Ireland. What happened to them has remained unknown - until now...[Read More]


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The Washington County Disappearances (2022)

When his fiancée disappears during the 2020 pandemic, a recently sacked factory worker documents his search that leads him to a clever serial killer.


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Life of Belle (2023)

On July 18th, 2018 Annabelle Starnes went missing. What was found in the home would shock this small town of South Carolina.


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Dead Spirit Video: Forbidden Place (2016)

Includes a total of 10 posted psychic videos such as "Midnight mountain road", "The shadow behind", "Late-night office", "Fireworks display" and "Kitc...[Read More]


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Closing Escrow (2007)

A bidding war over a house tests the marriages of three outrageous families, and the resolve of their real-estate agents, in this quirky comedy.


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The Spirit Photograph: Paranormal Phenomenon (2010)

A ghost mockumentary that explores the cursed truth hidden behind a selection of spine-chilling horrifying photographs from among the ghost photograph...[Read More]


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MyNameIsSam (2020)

After taking a strange Polaroid photo with a camera he found, Sam creates a YouTube channel to discuss what he has captured on film as well figuring o...[Read More]


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The Grove (2023)

A man investigates the mysterious death of his girlfriend at the infamous Grove Hotel only to find that evil forces are at play. This film was produce...[Read More]


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All Superheroes Must Die 2: The Last Superhero (2016)

A journalist investigating a murder gets a dark and twisted look at the world of superheroes, landing an interview with the world’s last superhero.


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Internet Horror (2015)

More than a month ago, Li Kemeng committed suicide by jumping off the building when she was the belle of University B and the lead dancer of the "Bad ...[Read More]


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The Reunions (2020)

A comedy director has come up with an idea of breaking through his common filmmaking take by shooting a short film about how his grandmother would hav...[Read More]


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A Man Vanishes (1967)

Plastics salesman Oshima disappeared without a word to anyone, and has been missing for two years. Shohei Imamura and his crew follow Oshima's fiancé ...[Read More]


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Caviar (2023)

Antigone Corday is an aspiring social media influencer. She is mourning the death of her brother, Jeremiah, a well-known progressive pundit. Soon, she...[Read More]


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Here to Where (2001)

A mock documentary about an American filmmaker who wants to produce a film about the real-life story of Merhan “Alfred” Nasseri, a refugee from Iran w...[Read More]


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The 5th Dimension (2017)

A group of physics students seeking to prove their time travel theory are imperiled when they uncover terrifying CIA experiments at a military base.


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Ghost (2023)

When a deadly religious cult begins weaponizing demonic entities, it’s up to a band of church funded mercenaries to take them down before they unleash...[Read More]


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An Alien in Sydney (2022)

When an amateur filmmaker sets out to investigate an alleged alien sighting, she finds the very person believed to have been abducted alive and well, ...[Read More]


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A Murder Most Sus Scrofa Domesticus (2022)

An insaneo style mockumentary about an unsolved murder.


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Blue Hour (2023)

Olivia Brandreth was nine years old when her father disappeared. The official police statement was suicide though no body was ever recovered. Twenty f...[Read More]

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