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Smart DV Recording (2019)

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Smart DV Recording (2019)

Deming, a colleague in the office, had a birthday and was discussing where to play. Brother Long proposed to go to an exciting place to play. I heard that there is a good villa with a fair price and many facilities to play. The guys all agreed. The next day, on the way to the villa, Demin felt unwell, but in the end he insisted on meeting with everyone. Along the way, everyone talked about some unreliable legends and wanted to scare the girls who were traveling with them. As a result, after passing through a flower gallery, everyone saw a masked old lady burning paper money on the side of the road. This strange scene made everyone quiet. Entering the villa, at the reception, there was a person suspected of being the old lady, the masked villa receptionist, without saying a word, went through the formalities for everyone. The leader of the peers, Brother Long asked the receptionist if there was anything unclean here. The receptionist didn't say anything, just said gloomily: You are here. This scene made everyone very uncomfortable.

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