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Found Footage Film

Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2017)

A journalist from an Eastern European country arrives in Paris to start a tour of European capitals. His intention is to make a documentary about the European dream. Between fascination and difficulty of adaptation, Sorgoï struggles to complete his project and his expedition drives him to a devastating state of madness. This collapse into hell is filmed by Sorgoi in the manner of “Blair Witch Proj...

Atrocity (2015) User Reviews

Atrocity (2015) Videos

Atrocity (2015) Write A Review

Atrocity (2015)

When a nineteen-year-old boy, Zach Carter, decides to ambush his girlfriend at her house one night in order to catch her cheating on video, he and his friends are hit with some devastating surprises that quickly escalate the situation out of control until something unbelievably shocking and horrifying takes place. Seven years later, a police detective and sheriff involved in the original investiga...

Occult (2009) Write A Review

Occult (2009) User Reviews

Occult (2009) Videos

Occult (2009)

Koji Shiraishi is interested in strange indiscriminate murder at a sightseeing resort. He goes behind the camera to investigate the circumstances surrounding strange occurrences and interview the survivors.

Cult (2013) Write A Review

Cult (2013) User Reviews

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