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four corners

Four Corners of Fear (2013) Review

FOUR CORNERS OF FEAR is a found footage web series and parody/comedy directed by Eduardo Sánchez and written by the ensemble cast that also stars in the web series: Evan Ferrante, Dan Karcher, Joshua Leonard, Eduardo Eduardo Sánchez, and Michael C. Williams. The series follows Eduardo Sánchez (director of The Blair Witch Project) filming "BW 3," the fictitious third installment in the Blair Witch ...

Four Corners of Fear (2013) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

In 1995, declared inactive and unsolved, authorities called off all attempts to find the three missing students in the Black Hills of Maryland. Eighteen years later, more footage was found… Four Corners of Fear (2013) – Found Footage Movie Trailer Four Corners of Fear (2013) is a found footage horror comedy How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films Found Footage Film Genre Found Foo...

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