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Lyon France

Found Footage Film Festivals

Found Footage Film Festivals In recent years, the growth and maturation of the found footage genre has led to the formation of not one, but two found footage film festivals. You read correctly! Two found film festivals 100% dedicated to the found footage genre. Found Footage Critic and POV Horror are proud to be named official sponsors of both found footage film festivals. On Vous Ment — Lyon, Fra...

Call for Donations: Mockumentary-Found Footage Film Festival in France Needs YOUR Support

The “On Vous Ment” mockumentary film festival in France has announced their annual call for donations. The festival needs your support to ensure the event is a success. Donations can be submitted through the festival’s official funding site—support the Mockumentary Film Festival here. The On Vous Ment, Mockumentary Film Festival, in France is back for its second year! The overwhe...

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