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The Unnamed Footage Festival is Gearing Up for its Inaugural Run

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Found footage film festival, The Unnamed Footage Festival is set to hit the west coast this fall. The fest will be held at The Balboa Theater in San Francisco and will take place March 24-25 2018.

The Balboa Theater is situated on a former cemetery and has long been dubbed a hotspot for paranormal goings on.

The festival will feature short and feature-length films from around the world, all using found footage or mockumentary narrative style. While the lineup will include comedy, drama, and sci-fi films, the focus of the fest is naturally to showcase the genre that helped put found footage filmmaking on the map: horror.

Submissions are now being accepted. The deadline for consideration is February 15th. If you have a film you’d like to put up for consideration, you can submit your project here. Badges for the fest will be on sale soon.

Unnamed Footage Festival

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