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Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 1 to 999


The Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 1 to 999

Below are the signatures and comments collected to date for The Blair Witch Petition.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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First Name Country City State Comment
Dustin USA Wooster OH Seeing an extended version of Blair Witch would be a revelation to film students and cinema fans alike. This version needs to be seen.
Hannah USA Campbell CA An extended look at The Blair Witch Project would be fascinating addition to film history.
Daniel USA Tupelo MS Fans have wanted to see the rest of the footage for years.  I would buy a ticket to see it.  Several.  And I would purchase it on blu-ray to watch at home.  And encourage everyone I know to do the same.
Erik USA Evans CO It would be great to see more footage and have more of this legend to mull over!
Rudis USA Franklin TN The world needs more good found footage, and The Blair Witch Project was the best!
Zoe USA Poughkeepsie NY Many found footage films have tried and failed to recreate as authentic an atmosphere as the one that the Blair Witch Project boasted. It’s an experience one can only truly get during a first-time viewing, as much as the film has its other countless merits. The idea that I could experience that first-time feeling again is huge!
Gav UK Farnham Surrey Love to see more of the mystery!
Jamie USA Erlangr KY i love extended version of movies.
Kate UK Bristol Because more mystery and horror and intrigue equals a good time!
Erik USA Jacksonville FL This is my favorite horror movie and I’d love to see more of it!
Preston USA Murfreesboro TN The Blair Witch Project is one of the grandfathers of an entire genre of horror cinema (including Cannibal Holocaust, and Man Bites Dog). It’s important not only as a fan, but as a part of horror history that this footage be released.
Aaron USA San Antonio TX Because it’s awesome!
Rob Canada Toronto Ontario We need to know what happened to these poor kids!!!
Rui Portugal Porto I would be very interested in seeing more footage where the characters discuss the Blair Witch legend, the situation they’re in and what they think it’s actually happening, and also see more dramatic or funny moments between the three characters.
Jeroen Netherlands Nieuwegein Utrecht I want more!
Rich USA Los Angeles CA n/a
Drew USA Naperville IL Because I loved the theatrical cut, and I’d love to see more of the footage that they cut it from
Diego Spain Pamplona Navarra Because I loved the theatrical cut, and I’d love to see more of the footage that they cut it from
David USA New castle DE This is one of the greatest horror films of all time. Now, with all the hype around the new film, it only makes sense from a business standpoint to use that free marketing and upsell this product! Please let Sanchez do this!
Todd USA Brooklyn NY Please!
William USA Springfield IL I just like the suspense and the build up to seeing how the kids in the woods deal with all the things the witch does to them. I could watch an extended version for sure.
M USA Heck yeah. I need this.
Mitchell USA Batesville IN I need this.
Dylan USA Attleboro MA because it would be fucking rad
Tyler USA Beaumont TX I loved the original movie, and would love to see it in a nrw light.
Derrin Ireland Kilkenny Kilkenny Loved the original, the thoughts of any extra footage we get to see is tantalising.
Hariharan USA Phillips WI I want to experience the fear in the same amount of time as the characters in the movie. It would be a very unique experience.
Troy USA Smyrna TN I just want and need to see more
Jay USA Chattanooga TN To get spooked
María Argentina Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires I’m super curious about it.
Nayt Australia Melbourne Vic Loved the original.
Doug USA Wichita KS The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite movies, I’ve watched all of the available content and the opportunity to see more of one of my favorite movies is too good of an opportunity to let pass!
Alexander Canada Dartmouth Nova Scotia Blair Witch is great and I’d love to see some more of the footage that was shot. Especially if it’s creepy.
Jesse USA Rice Lake WI The Blair Witch Project is, to this day, the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen! I love love love it, I watch it every Halloween including the pseudo-documentary, and love all the lore and behind the scenes I can get my hands on. Please do this, even if only extremely limited presses to those who ask for it!
L. Burke USA Bennington VT “The Blair Witch Project” is a landmark horror film that changed how films were made, marketed, and perceived by the public. I personally would love to own an extended version of the film, and I think with the reboot coming out soon this is the perfect time to produce an extended version for new fans as well as folks like me.
Tristan UK Cwmbran Wales Because it’s the best horror film in the last 30 years
Mark USA New Rochelle NY The movie is terrific and I think it would be fascinating to see some things that got left out of the original cut. I can only imagine there must be some little nuggets of gold in all those hours of footage.
Rhiannon UK Cwmbran This movie still unsettles me to this day. Would absolutely love to see an extended version!
Luke USA Gaithersburg MD I want to see more
KT USA Fairfield CT I want to know what else happened
Aaron USA Elkton MD This movie scared the shit out of me as a child! Would love to see what everyone missed when we were younger.
Stuart Canada Victoria British Columbia If there is a more complete vision that the director has for the film then what was originally distributed (which in of itself was a horror movie gem when it came out) then by all means let him create it. Call it a directors cut and let the fans have what they want. There is probably good money in it.
Spray USA Albany NY Would very much like to see this
NEIL USA Denver CO Blair Witch is the greatest found footage film of all time.
Max USA Salt Lake City UT As a Blair Witch fan and a filmmaker, I’m dying to see what  we’ve been missing all these years.
Marc USA Waterbury CT Blair witch project is my favorite horror movie of all time.
marco italy rome lazio .
Armando Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua I don’t wanna miss a thing
Alex USA Chicago IL The original was great!
Josh USA Washington DC That movie is so immersive, I’d love to see an even longer and more engaging cut! To truly feel like I’m a part of their spiral into insanity! I love Blair witch 🙂
william USA durham NC This would be the best thing to happen to the horror genre since the Blair Witch Project released!
Samantha Canada Prince albert Saskatchewab This is one movie that got me into found footage. I am more than thrilled if this becomes a reality.
Kurt USA If it brings us more of the folklore behind the Blair Witch then I’m all for it!
andrew UK Kidderminster The greatest found footage of them all, who wouldn’t want to see a new cut??
Ethan USA Kimberly WI This film is an important piece of American cinema and I believe more of the footage could make for an even more fascinating film.  There is a lot of potential here.
Garet USA The Plains OH It is one of my favorite horror movies of all time so I could never have too much of it.
Lukasz Poland Warsaw One of my favourite horro movies. I’m ready for the experience it again in this unique way.
Shintana UK Cardiff Because it rocks!!!
Christopher R. USA Bertram TX Supporting this because I have friends who enjoyed this movie a lot. I’d pick up a few copies for them if it were to be re-released like the director wants.
Austin USA Los Alamitos CA Releasing all the footage or at least a directors cut would be the ultimate deleted scene compilation in horror and movie history.
Taylor USA Durant OK It would be interesting.
Diana USA Huntington Park CA Extremely huge fan of the movie!
Jason USA Port Saint Lucie FL It would make an excellent DVD extra or could be sold along side Blair Witch 2016 when it comes to DVD.
Holly UK Milton.Keynes Bucks I love the film and would love another version of it!
Brandon USA Woodbury Heights NJ I wanna see an extended version because it always felt stuff was missing from The Blair Witch Project and making it longer would make it feel more real
Mark USA Virginia Beach VA Because it’ll be better for the world
Omar USA Miami FL People often ask me what horror movie really scared you. Well, Blair Witch is always one of the first I mention. It would be great to see all the extra footage, and how much scarer it could have gotten!
Chandler Netherlands Groningen There are many moments from the film that could benefit from a bit more of footage. If there’s 19 hours of usable footage, there has to be an awesome here and there that would add to the cannon. <br /><br /><br /><br />I love the movie as it is, but I would always love more, even if the leftover footage was released as a bonus disc. <br /><br /><br /><br />A good of example of long, slow plodding found footage that works is Marble Hornets on YouTube. There’s a market for this sort of stuff.<br /><br /><br /><br />We don’t want more films LIKE TBWP, we want more of that specific film.
Sarah Canada Kitchener I would kill to see the extra footage . Loved the Blair Witch !!!!
Samantha USA Portsmouth NH Because “The Blair Witch Project” was awesome and an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” would be even better for all the fans! I really love The Blair Witch Project.
John USA San Jose CA Because it’s a great movie.
Michael USA Fairfield CT The Blair Witch Project is a culturally and historically significant film. The 19+ hours of unseen footage deserves to see the light of day.
Robert USA Portsmouth NH I am a big fan of found footage films and I would love to see an extended version of The Blair Witch Project!
David USA Kalamazoo MI Essentially, The Blair  Witch Project is one of the most important films in the modern era of horror. Not only an extended cut, but a complete collector’s edition of this film should not even need a petition, it should have already been released.
Travis USA Pennsburg PA I would love to see this! The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite horror movies.
Abbie USA Rockville MD I just do
Aaron USA Beaverton OR This movie is nostalgic as hell for me. I’d love to see more of the “found footage”.
Brenda USA Lake Elsinore CA The original film resonated with me throughout my years of loving horror films, no other movie scared me as much as this one. I would love to see all of the other footage of it.
Mike Canada Bowmanville Ontario I saw the original in tgeatres and loved it. I own the dvd and play it repeatedly, tbis needs to happen!!
devin USA littleton MA i love the blair witch
Darren Canada Edmonton Alberta Because I want to.
Reece UK Manchester For archival purposes.
Paul UK Wanna see more stick structures
Anthony USA El Paso TX The film, when releases, instantly became a classic. Fans of the film would love to see a longer and extended cut to commemerate the film that basically introduced the “found footage” style of filmmaking that is present in so many movies now.
David USA Albuquerque NM PLEASE  I’ll buy ten of them
Aaron USA York PA A historically groundbreaking film like this deserves an extended cut. You have gold on your hands. Don’t keep it in a vault.
Reece UK Portsmouth Hampshire The mythology behind the movie is very rich and well thought out, and certainly deserves to be included in the film.
Daniel UK Reading Berkshire I have always loved the Blair Witch Project and I see the film as a cult film, it has a huge following and should get a great treatment for such a master piece of its time will never forget the affect the film had on me.
Ian USA Columbia MD We need to see all of the footage to see the entire story.
Kevin USA Elkins Park PA I’m interested to see what was cut out of the original release
Andrew USA Lancaster PA I think as a fan. The extended cut would be a dream come true. The 90 minute cut is classic but what of those missing bits? I think as blair witch fans. It would be the definitive edition.
Josh USA Whitney TX This version of the film needs to be seen! It’s something the fans have wanted for a long time, and I know that it would also make money. This needs to happen!
Christopher USA Racine WI We want more
Pablo USA N. Hollywood CA This movie helped pave the way for modern horror. The least studios can do is pay their respects and give the fans this version.
Brian USA Baltimore MD BWP was THE touchstone movie that bridged the gap between 90s/00s and Gen X/millennials. It introduced the world to the concept of fakelore and the full potential of viral marketing. It also helped usher in the reality era, to say nothing of inventing the entire “shaky-cam” sub genre.<br /><br /><br /><br />Finally, look at all the other junk that routinely get the full extended cut treatment; BWP is a no-brainier and sure success.
Patrick USA Baltimore MD I love the original, but enjoyed any chances to see more. A deluxe version including the Burkettsville 7 and other side documentaries would be amazing
Mary USA New York NY Think of all the money that the people who spearhead the cult following of this movie will pay to watch this extended edition
George USA Hillsboro OR I love the blair witch project.
Trisha USA Hope Mills NC It’s long overdue! Let’s make this happen! The fans have been waiting.
David USA Brooklyn NY Well, I have money and more than willing to spend it for this project. Collectible items? Signed items? Hey, $500 to drop on this project. So let’s get it down!
Marco Austria Vienna I have been a fan of this movie ever since it was released. Of course I want to see an extended version!
Kyle Canada Hamilton Ontario More character development and much more of the Coffin Rock/ Ellie Kedward/ Rustin Parr backstory.
Aaron USA Troy MI It would make my life complete.
Miles USA Walnut Creek CA Really looking forward to it!!
Aldrin Malaysia Kuching Sarawak Why not?
Lane USA Dallas TX The Blair Witch Project is a neo-classic of horror cinema. It spawned the found footage genre (for better or worse) and is one of my favorite horror films. As a huge fan of the film and the genre, I would be very interested in seeing the extended version of this vastly influential film.
Michael USA Hillsborough NC Back in the day when the movie came out , I emailed Ed and asked if there was anything I could do to make sure it played in N.C. He got me in touch with Fahlgren Advertising. I ended up doing lots of preview monitoring because of him and the film. I’ve always been forever grateful for the opportunity this film and Ed gave me. It opened a lot of doors .
Kris USA Novato CA WWBWD?
David USA Dover NH It’s long overdue and would tie in nicely with the blu-ray release of the new film. Do it.
Ed USA Cabool MO it is my favorite found footage film. me and my girlfriend bith love it. it would just be awesome to have sn extended soecial edition.
Richard USA Covington LA DO it.
jason USA Deland FL Love the movie, would definitely love to see what’s on the cutting room floor. Definitely want to see. Full Blair Witch Project.
Jay USA Columbia MO For the sake of curiosity.
Tim USA Memphis TN Love this movie already please show us the rest
Casey USA Plant City FL It is such an iconic horror film and cemented viral marketing in the film universe, so the fans deserve to see more of something that changed the game as Blair Witch Project did.
Elizabeth USA Chillicothe OH The Blair Witch was the first horror movie I watched growing up. It is the reason I watch any horror movie that comes out. An extended version would be the best thing ever!!
Barry Australia Elanora Queensland It was a groundbreaking film with skilful direction and solid acting. I wanted more!
Liam USA Lancaster PA People would buy/rent this in droves.
Cassandra USA Chicago IL I want something to give me nightmares.
Aaron USA Nampa ID Would love this, I would eagerly shell out cold hard cash for an extended version!
Jean USA Rochester NY The Blair Witch Project remains as my personal favorite theatrical experience of all time. To be able to see all footage would be absolutely amazing, not because it would necessarily fuel the movie’s story but because I have a genuine curiosity for everything filmed during this amazing project. I just want any and all footage I can get my hands on, just to see it. All diehard fans would absolutely love this bonus footage, so it would be so awesome to make this happen.
Gabriel USA San Diego CA I believed there are missing parts of one if the best horror films of all time. And questions to be answered. I would love Lionsgate to release an extended version of the film.
Helena Sweden Karlstad It will be awesome Im sure.
Chris Österreich Innsbruck Tirol Because it was one of the best horror movies ever and everybody would be all over an extended version.
José Spain Lleida Spain Because we deserve it.
Phil USA Petaluma CA Best horror of all time.  I would definitely pay for more footage.
Jessica USA Philadelphia PA This is one of my all-time favorite movies, it was the definitive kick off to the found footage genre and even though I’m not a superfan that knows EVERYTHING about BWP (but, have mad respect for those that do) I will still spend good money out of my measly check to own this 😉
Max USA Los Angeles CA Just a huge fan of the original. Would love to see the version that might have made it out there had their been no pressure to edit it down.
Brayan USA Houston TX I loved the movie,  extending it would be awesome!
Alex Canada Dartmouth Nova Scotia Maybe I am crazy, but to me the film TBWP is so compelling… I could easily find myself spending a day or two watching the rough cut… so much more drama and intrigue. I am a strange fellow but to me this film is the scariest ever made… feels so real.
ian USA spring lake NC Would love to see more and more… loved the movie, I would love to re love it all over again
David USA Baltimore MD This movie is folk and film history now – if a longer version exists we need to see it!
Michelle USA Joliet IL I would love this! 🙂
Robert USA Baltimore MD If the footage is out there, there’s no reason not to do this!
Samantha USA traverse city MI Would LOVE to see it!
Nik Germany Because the movie is awesome
Ken USA Gaithersburg MD I want to watch it. I want to see what was edited
chance USA clarkston MI i want to see it! make it a blu ray!
Sarah USA Waynesboro PA Because I do!
Mario USA Connellsville PA Better atmosphere with a longer cut
Charles USA Galveston TX I want to see an extended cut of the Blair Witch Project, because it is such an important piece of horror cinema with that amount of footage that was shot shouldn’t be wasted.
Billy UK Birkenhead Merseyside Make it happen, could be lots more back story and night scares interwoven
Jesse Canada Victoria Bc Never realized that there was that much tape. What a great way to revisit the original. I remember good times
Josh USA Prattville AL I’m a fan of the original film, and would like to see a new, extended cut.
Shaun UK One of the greatest horrors in decades
Ryan USA Roswell NM Loved the original. More footage can’t hurt!
Christy USA Wakersville MD Would be great to release the extended version along with the sequel.
Bodhi USA Mount Perry OH The Blair Witch Project is one of the most uniquely original movies ever made, not just in horror, but in film history. I would love to see the directors’ fullest vision. With Blair Witch 2016 being released, now is the perfect time to revisit the original classic. A director’s cut is something I would pay hard earned cash to see.
James USA Baltimoir MD We want more!
Shawn USA Winston Salem NC As a relatively new fan, I love the film’s atmosphere and tension that builds up over time. It’s a true slow burn, and I think an extended cut could bring that quality out even more.
Kevin USA Frederick MD I’m clearly down for this!
Chris USA Mill creek IN I love the film and would love to see more!
Emma UK Grove Oxfordshire Z
Alex USA Towson MD I’d watch it
Marcel USA Keene NH Because as a fan I want to see more footage
Joseph USA Bolingbrook IL It just needs to be seen! The scariest film of all time even scarier
Lindsey USA Middletown DE It’s a classic horror movie and seeing the full footage would be incredible
Jovan USA Sterling Heights MI It’s my childhood movie
Teagan Canada Saskatoon Blair Witch is one of my favorite horror films. I would love to see all the footage.
Brandon USA Kirkland WA Because because because
Joe Malta Gozo Victoria This film is legendary – knowing that there is 19 hours of raw footage out there is just unbearable. An alternate or additional directors cut of this important work of horror cinema would be great for long term fans and rope in newcomers to the genre… please don’t let this extra footage gather dust!
Brooke USA Baltimore OH I use to watch this all the time with my cousine when we were little, we are super hyped about it coming out again!
Josh USA Bottineau ND One of the greatest horror films of all time!
Stuart UK Rawtenstall Lancashire Easily in the top 2 of my favourite horror films of all time!!!!!
Karis Canada Halifax Nova Scotia One of the greatest pieces of cinema in the 20th century. Would be fantastic to have an extended version available.
Meg USA Gaithersburg MD Let creative be creatives…power to the artists
Jamie USA Ellicott City MD It’s long overdue! Show us the footage!
Caroline USA Tucson AZ The single most important horror movie of the nineties! Of course I have to see an extended cut. Give it to us!!!!
Aaron Scotland Stranraer Dumfries and galloway I saw the Blair witch as a teenager on a date way back in 1999 the film stuck around with me longer in my memory than the girl I took to see it.
Randy USA Ennis TX Because it would be interesting to see some of the interesting story points that had to be edited out.
Craig Scotland Inverness Big fan of the original,  would love to see an extended cut
Coy USA Shreve OH I would buy the extended cut day one. Lionsgate would make a huge mistake by not releasing it…
Jonathan UK London International Because we deserve a it.
Daniel USA Van Nuys CA Because if Ed wants to do it, I support him!
Charlie UK London Surrey The Blair Witch Project is the greatest horror movie ever made.
Martin Scotland Glasgow Glasgow Best film ever.
Russell USA NY NY It’d be amazing to see the raw footage – I’d be glad to pay for it and I don’t see any advantage to keeping it hidden! 🙂
Mack USA Portland OR The time is right for an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project, which has proven it’s profitability and influence within the film industry.
Matthew USA East Liverpool OH Having been a fan of this film for a long time, I would love to see what else was left out. It’s what usually didn’t make it in the final cut that makes a movie that much more fun.
Klaus USA New York NY It’ll build upon the lore. Might help fill in some questions about the characters.<br /><br /> Make a ton of people excited to see more.
Chris USA Flint MI One of my fave movies. Please give us an extended cut.
Adriana USA Chapin SC IT ROCKS
Mike USA Frederick MD Make it so!
Bryon USA Salem OR Everyone would absolutely love a three hour Blair Witch Project!
James Canada Bowmanville Ontario Yes! Way overdue in my opinion. Should of been a Home Media companion release to the theatrical BLAIR WITCH (2016) in my opinion.
Boycey Ireland Dublin Dublin Release the footage!!!!
Alain UK Portsmouth Hampshire Because it’s my favourite horror film ever
joseph USA Baltimore MD heck yeah, amazing film that was one of the most unique ones I’ve ever had in a theater.
Zac Australia Hobart Tasmania Blair Witch is edgy
Phil USA Chester WV I have been waiting for this since 1999 when they said they have a 3.5 hour version, even though Eduardo Sanchez said it would be a pain to do, he COULD re edit the film. Hell put it ALL on a disc and let fans watch EVERYTHING and we would be happy.
Gavin Ireland Dublin Why wouldn’t I want to see that!
Raiff USA Boise ID The Blair Witch Project is the movie that made me a horror lover and found footage lover. It must be seen!
Aidan USA Los Angeles CA TBWP is one of the greatest horror movies of all time and I feel the fans deserve to see more footage.
Lucas USA Shoreline WA Because it’s an amazing film and I’d love to see a new version tbe director wants to do
Frank USA Amelia OH I love Blair Witch.
Mike USA St Louis MO More Blair Witch!  Blu ray!
Paul UK Milton Keynes bucks only horror that properly gave me the chills! need to see extended version to see if it can push my chills over the edge!
Ben Canada Toronto Ontario This movie was a game changer, release the footage!
Philip UK Basildon Essex It’s an amazing film &  facinating the way it’s made. I would love to see what additional footage there is & see how it could potentially change the feel of the film
Andrew USA FL Blair Witch Extended would be great.
Kai UK Bristol Somerset Because who doesn’t, for goodness sake?
Jennifer USA Chicago IL It would be the perfect prequel to the new film!
Sarp Turkey Ä°stanbul It is great from a marketing standpoint of making it look like this was real. It looks unique and fun, and I would watch the shit out of that if I can get my hands on it.
Beline Canada Mississauga Ontario Because I love the blair witch project and would love an extended cut.
John UK London Why do we have to sign a petition to get you guys to agree to such an awesome idea and which will make you money??!!
Ian USA Bellflower CA The theatrical cut scared the living crap out of me. I could just only imagine what the uncut version would be like.  RELEASE THE FOOTAGE!!!
Mike USA Gainesville VA Release the Footage! As historically relevant as Blair Witch is, it would only be beneficial to show the fans and the public what else went into this movie.
James Australia Young NSW The only movie to truly frighten me as a kid!! Would be too amazing to see an extended edition!
Tim Australia Sydney New South Wales it would be an amazing birthday present
Matt USA Palmyra PA The film that changed a genre and marketing deserves more of its footage to be seen!
Sean Scotland Glasgow RELEASE IT !
Nicholas USA Aurora CO I’d love to see an extended edition to what is already the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.
James USA Middleboro MA The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite horror movies.
Daniel Mexico Monterrey Nuevo Leon This is the movie change my life in so many ways. The thrill and chills it makes you feel from beginning to end is uncanny. This might be my favorite found footage movie ever. <br /><br />I would no doubt watch the 18 hours in one sitting an shit my pants multiple times.
Mike USA Palmyra NY It would be fun!!!
May UK Sheffield South Yorks Because it’s already a masterpiece and I’m intrigued to see more footage!!
Roy USA Prairie Grove AR I would looovvveee a extended cut of The Blair Witch Projecf because I am a hugeeee fan! Please Lionsgate! Please!
Jason USA Statesville NC I think this should be done to show the fans appreciation for supporting the franchise.
Gemma UK Lancaster This is such an innovative film, fans of this movie myself included would be so interested to see more of the work that went into it. We’ve loved the movie for almost 20 years, go on, let us see some more! <br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks for your consideration guys<br /><br /><br /><br />An English fan
Jeff USA Sacramento CA For the love of everything holy make this happen
Daniel UK I am a big fan of the blair witch project and feel that an extension of it would help to further allow fans to submerge themselves inside its world.
paul UK Mountain Ash RCT Please make this happen
Mike USA Manchester MD The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite movies of all time and I think an extended version would be very interesting.
Krystl USA Chicago IL I been a huge fan of The Blair Witch Project since day one and seeing this extended version would be like a dream come true,lets make it happen.
Lindsay USA Minneapolis MN A re-release would inspire a whole new generation of horror fans.
Mike USA Queens NY Its one of my favorite horror films of all time and I would love to see more footage that was edited down.
Colton USA Visalia CA More footage! More story and more to experience!  What better way to bring fans closer and more intimately engaged with the established world of the story?
Patrik Canada PA SK Cuz its the movie that first brought me into real horror movies, movies where its not about the monster but the atmosphere
Alex USA Wilmington DE Summer movies sucked. I need something to cheer me up.
Edreis USA Antioch CA I love film, especially horror and sci-fi
Zachary USA New York NY Been a fan of the film since it was released and always excited to see more from Eduardo Sanchez! Bringing a new release DVD/ Bluray of the original to stores would be the perfect way to celebrate the new film.
Tim USA Hampton VA One of the most influential horror films in recent memory? Why would anyone want more of that? 😛
Frank USA Austin TX Ultimate Cut of Blair Witch Project, Yes Please.
rodger USA springfield GA YES! YES!
Mike Canada Vancouver Why not? I think that would be a really interesting thing to see considering the original presentation of the film. The hyper realistic aspect to it lends to the idea of having access to all of the footage.
David UK Hamitlon Lanarkshire I don’t want to hits see it, I want to live through it.
Kev UK Because this film continues to bother me every time I watch it, which is exactly what I expect from a horror movie. Classic
Susynn Canada Saskatoon Saskatchewan Would be awesome to see the parts never shown.
Zombina UK Aylesford Kent Because as an avid fan that believes “Blair Witch” created the ‘Found Footage’ subgenre within horror, it should be given the limelight & respect that it has earned over the years!!
Tatiana USA Morris Plains NJ Horror fans love their “dessert”…& thayt is exactly why we want the xtra extended version
Chris Canada Winnipeg Manitoba My friend is a massive fan … And when she inevitably gets me hooked I will want to see more.
Mark Australia Melbourne Victoria The question is… Why wouldnt you?!?!
Robert USA Taylor MI Let’s see it.
Luis Mexico Guadalajara Jalisco This film is a turning point both in filmmaking and in the horror genre, and its importance has not diminished with time.
Jeremy USA Bloomington IL I just do.
Casey USA Elizabethton TN This would be so cool! I’ve shafts wondered what all was edited down.
Nicolas France Lyon Rhone Alpes I loved TBWP and I’m very curious to experiment this extended version
Richard UK Manchester Lancashire because this first one was sick and would love to see more of it.
Zac Canada Toronto Ontario Who wouldn’t want to see more?
Cody USA Charlotte MI My favorite movie of all time, I want to see all the footage.
Nathan USA Fort Wayne IN It would make my earth a better place.
Sean USA New York NY Because who doesn’t wanna see this???
Terry USA Johnstown PA The Blair Witch Project is one of the best horror movies of the 2000s era. I along with scores of other horror fans would love an extended version of this modern classic
Joss Canada Moncton NB Original movie is legendary, we want to see the rest of the material, GIVE IT TO US
Adam UK London London I want to feel that scare again. There has been nothing like it since.
Steven USA Austin TX Release the footage!
Matthew USA Steelton PA I love Blair Witch Project. Seeing it as a kid, I have incorporated it every year in my October film marathon. I would love to see some of the things that were left out, that were in the directors minds.
Marcus USA Oak Ridge TN It’s in my top 5 horror movies of all time, and was definitely my first real favorite. I would love to see what Eduardo Sanchez could do with the extra footage.
Erick USA MCALLEN TX I want to see it all.
Ruben USA Randallstown MD I have grown up watching the Blair witch project. Since my 20’s I have become really interested in watching alternate/directors/extended cuts of films that I have seen in the past and comparing them. I would love to see an extended cut of this film.
Alex Spain Madrid Madrid Because it would be so cool to see a bit more of the footage that didn’t make it to the final cut.
Jesse Canada Would absolutely buy a bluray with an extended cut!
Dylan UK Wigan Greater Manchester It would be awesome to see the ultimate cut of one of my favourite horror movies. The Blair Witch Project was one of the films that got me into the horror genre and it’s fantastic community.
Mikkel Denmark Vissenbjerg I’ve always been a huge fan of the film and seeing more footage is an incredibly exciting thought!
Bryan USA Wilmington NC It was one of the first three DVDs I bought and I played it so much it eventually stopped working.  Love to see more.
Peter USA Staunton VA I want to see more scenes. But only if it adds to the evil feeling.
Robert USA Middletown NJ Huge fan of the movie and would love to see any and all extra footage they might have.
Diane UK Liverpool England I went to see it at the cinema but it left me wanting to see more footage and I’ve always hoped they would release some in the near future so this would be a dream come true for me !
Justin USA South Glens Falls NY The Blair Witch Project has become a new classic and is a staple in horror history which has spawned an entire sub genre of first person horror. Especially now with the relevance of Blair Witch with the new film, the fans really want to see an extended cut of the original film in a nice rerelease package!
Jackie USA Denver CO Because it would be amazing
Joseph USA Edmond OK Because why the hell not?!
Kaylee USA Florence AL Because it’s awesome
Brandon Columbiana Wellsville Ohio It would be nice to see the extended director’s cut I will see things that wasn’t in the theatrical version.Maybe fill in some of the missing questions and maybe see what The Blair Witch looks like.
Micah USA Midvale UT The Blair Witch Project was seminal in my growth as a writer and visual artist. It changed my understanding of horror. To be able to see more footage would only increase that understanding. It’s a film I’ll always love. Please allow it to be expanded. There’s a built-in audience to exploit.
Andrew Australia Sydney NSW The Blair Witch Project was a milestone learning curve for movie makers and viewers alike. I would love to see an extended version as a long-time fan of the film and the direction.
Chris Canada winnipeg manitoba Now that it was proven to be a viable project would be good to see the extended vision of the creators.
William USA New York NY YES!!
Santiago USA Lincoln NE I need the full version!
Cary USA Vero Beach FL I love Blair Witch Project and would really like to see the extended version.
Ivan USA Santa ana CA Because I want to see the version we were meant to see originally
Mark Canada Montreal Quebec Research interests.
Alan UK Manchester Lancashire Because film is legendary
Steven USA Baltimore MD It was a classic
Damian USA Corona CA Because it would be awesome and nobody’s ever done something like this. So let it happen.
Jonathan UK Corby Northants Because it’s one of my favorite movies.
Ben USA Wallingford CT Hell yeah, that’d be sick.
Christian USA Orlando FL I need to see allllllll the footage. Film is a huge classic here since the students who filmed it were from ucf
Ken USA Napa CA Started a genre and remains the scariest movie I’ve ever watched. At the time, I totally believed it was real. I’ve always wanted to more tension between characters and scares created by the witch
Zack USA San Diego CA I would LOVE to see this Ken Burns style documentary of the whole 19 hours of the Blair Witch. A horror movie like that can not and will not happen again. With unknown actors and a marketing campaign that SOLD the myth. It’s amazing. RELEASE THIS
Justin USA Griffin GA The theatrical release was one of the best moviegoing experiences of my life. By the end I felt as if I had been hit in the head. I was disoriented and a bit nauseated and definitely scared out of my mind! More of this could only be a good thing!
Kristian Norway Åsen Nord-Trøndelag Love Blair Witch Project, very interested in seeing more of the material. Hoping that expanding the film creates even more mystery than the original.
Greg France Paris Pariso Been waiting for a longer cut for seventeen years!
Alex UK Isle of Wight Hampshire It is one of my favourite films and has been a huge inspiration to me throughout my life. I have always dreamed of seeing an extended cut. This needs to happen.
Michael USA Redford MI After having seen hundreds of horror movies, this is one of the 2 or 3 that still unsettles me.
Chris USA Philadelphia PA One of the best movies ever created and never gets old. It took me 5 years to finally figure out that these people were not still missing. Love!
Johannes Sweden Luleå N/A Found footage classic.
Neil Ireland Cork Cork The Blair Witch Project is a vital part of horror movie history. With the upcoming release of the sequel, it would be fantastic to revisit the original with a chance to delve further into the story.
Luan Brazil Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais I love The Blair Witch Project and I always wanted to see more of that film (it’s too short, 80 minutes!). Please, Lionsgate, release a extended cut, I will buy it for sure. More Blair Witch, better. And would be nice to see the original Blair Witch 2 Director’s Cut too.
Scott USA Brooklyn NY It’s a classic and what better time to release it!
Josh USA Lodi NJ It was a game changer.
Adam Scotland Glasgow Lanarkshire It’s one of my favourite movies.
Salvador USA San Antonio TX I’m a huge can of the original movie! I would LOVE to see an extended cut!
Greg USA Akron OH Would love to see a directors cut of this film. I still remember standing in line to watch this at the theater. This might be the first viral film in the era of the Internet. Always a classic and a film school mandatory.. Show us more?
Eric USA Corpus Christi TX Because it’s the scariest movie ever made.
Wayne USA Trenton NJ Explore the mythology further.
Cody USA Fargo ND Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite films of all time, and an extended version would be amazing.
James USA Auburn IL Because it would be a great way to experience the film.
Rob USA Aurora CO As a fan I would like to see this
John USA Dallas TX Do you really have to ask why? The Blair Witch Project is the greatest film ever!
Mark USA Wyncote PA Fans have had a long time to see past BWP as purely a horror movie and recognize it as a milestone of storytelling. The mild fans and new fans will have the original cut and Blair Witch, but there is a large subgroup of fans to appreciate a cut as long as the original crew wants to give us.
Joshua USA Auburn ME The Blair Witch Project defined a whole new genre of Horror film and spawned countless other found footage films. Not releasing an extended cut, especially with Blair Witch releasing soon, would be insane and a huge waste of potential.
russell USA Tampa Bay FL i her it is cool
Austin Canada Nanaimo BC It’s one of my favourite horror films, seeing an extended cut would be a dream.
Sara USA Westville OK Have been a fan since 1999! Would love to see an extended cut!
Tommy USA Creve Coeur MO Would love this.
John USA Houston TX I want to see the film as intended by the filmmakers’ vision. I am willing to pay either a movie ticket or buy a blu ray version of this extended cut if it becomes available
Joshua USA Madison FL I’d love to see more!
Elliot UK brighton Sussex its the greatest horror film ever
Chris USA Calabasas CA Love the series and always need more please give us an extended version
Jacob USA Mayer AZ The world needs more of this. #blairwitchbitch
Quinn Canada Hamilton Ontario Love this flick!
Alexandra USA Pittsburg CA It’s a killer movie that needs to be seen in all its glory!
kevin USA bronx NY because the film is great and should be extended
Jeff Canada Toronto Ontario It is one of the best films ever made and the extended scenes deserve to be seen!
Martin Australia Canberra ACT Yes please!! It is after cannibal holocaust a bench mark in found footage movies, and was the first genuinely scary horror movie to come along in years at that time. It is a piece of cinema history
Cole USA York PA It’s one of the first movies my Dad and I really agreed with each other about in terms of how good it was. Would love an extended cut to watch with him.
Matthew USA Belvidere IL This was a great movie! If there was more good material, I would love to see it.
Phil USA Mobile AL It is my favorite movie and I have been waiting for this!!
Michael USA Limerick PA More footage of a classic film with characters I would love to see more of.
Will USA Colorado CO I would love to see the original vision that the director had intended for audiences to see. I would like to see his art come into fruition in all of its complete and unedited glory.
Alan Slovenia Sežana I have been a fan of The Blair Witch Project for years and I would really love to see an extended cut of the movie. I have watched the movie countless times, played all 3 games and read so many things about it.<br /><br />Please make it happen
John USA Broomfield CO Most found footage movies are garbage. We need more of the best!
Josh USA Quantico MD I want to see as much footage as possible from this film, I think it’s an incredible film that was very effective for it’s time of release!
Matthew USA Schenectady NY Who wouldn’t.
Chris USA Salem IN Why not? It’s a special movie and a new cut creates buzz.
James USA Knoxville TN Please make this happen. A nice multi Blu Ray disc with an extended cut would be much appreciated.
Daniel USA Glen Burnie MD because why not?
Rob Australia Melbourne VIC The performances are the reason this film is so amazing. I’d love to see more footage!<br /><br /><br /><br />www.phanterrorvideo.com
Diego Peru Lima It’s an interesting experience to see the raw footage of a horror icon.
Chris USA Piqua OH Would love this so much!
Justin USA Boonville NY I NEED TO SEE IT!!
Rodrigo USA PICO RIVERA CA The best found footage film deserves an extended version.
Jose Maria Mexico Monterrey Nuevo Leon I would like to see an extended version of this cult classic, it would be fun to expand the Blair Witch experience with more thrilling footage.
WIlliam USA plymouth PA i love the first movie and if there is more it should be released for the fans.
Phillip USA Bremen GA Though the original stands fine on its own, I’d be very much enthused to see what else they captured, as there were some trailer/tv shots that I recall not being in the final theatrical version. Fingers crossed!
Fred Canada Fort Eire Ontario I really want too see a longer cut of this great film
Bob USA Kane PA Who wouldn’t want to see an extended  cut.
Israel USA San Diego CA Extra scenes were shot for a reason. Why not let Blair Witch fans take a gander at them?
Glenn Canada Mississauga Ontario I just do.
Mike UK Swindon Wiltshire I think it would be cool to see an extended cut, especially if it included more back story to the Blair Witch mythology.
Amanda USA Austin TX BWP started my obsession with found footage and has inspired much of my own art including our YouTube channel, Foundmedia23. Absolutely the scariest movie ever made, the world needs to see an extended version!!
Olaf Germany Big fan of the Blair Witch films. Please release an extended cut.
James Ireland Dublin Co Dublin In a time when we get extended cuts of mediocre films, true film fans would relish the opportunity  to see a longer version of a true classic.
Matt USA North Liberty IA To me, one of the creepiest horror films of the 1990s. I would be insanely curious to see what was left on the cutting room floor. I enjoy the 3 main leads and would love hear more of their dialogue and see more of their interactions.
Colton USA New Bedford MA Because some days, I just need to kill 19hrs with something other than Diablo III. But really, I super dig tbwp!
Sam USA Jeannette PA Please this is one of my favorite films and the extended version deserves to be seen. I honestly can’t even understand why people have to go through this to see it…like come on now…we all want it
Kody Canada Stoney Creek Ontario pls
Christopher USA Jamestown NY This movie was a game changer. If the creative team behind it feels that they can improve on it now, I feel they deserve the shot, and we fans deserve to experience it. Not to mention a rerelease of the original couldn’t hurt to promote the new film.
Astrid Canada Toronto Ontario It would be awesome is why
John USA Holland MI Why WOULDN’T I want to see an extended version??  I’d purchase that in a heartbeat.
Joaquin USA Peoria AZ I would love to see an extended addition of the movie
Joshua USA Chicago IL There’s nothing like The Blair Witch Project. Nothing comes close to the originality of this film. Seeing an extended version would make it all that much more real and original.
Devon USA Greenfield WI It is my favorite scary movie ever, I can watch it over and over again without it getting old.
Luis Alberto USA Burbank CA Being one of the best horror movies of all time and a landmark for independent films as well as the pioneer of found footage style, the world (and fans) need to see an extended version of this american classic and the most terrifying movie I’ve seen.
Christopher USA Huntington WV I’d gladly pay for a bluray copy of the Blair Witch Project containing the theatrical cut as well as this extended cut. I want the entire experience!
Dennis Germany Bremen The Blair Witch Project is easily one of my most favorite movies. Every few months, nostalgia hits me and I turn it on at night after going to bed. I have done so for over 10 years now, it’s become a bit of a ritual. Weird as it may be, if there’s a movie that makes me feel “at home”, for whatever reason unknown to me, it’s Blair Witch. Seeing this extended version become a reality would make me incredibly happy.
Maria Lucia Mexico Merida Yucatan Why not? One of the best films of all time.
Sofia Mexico Merida Yucatan An extended cut of this film will remember everyone why this movie is a landmark and a classic to horror cinema around the world.
Kevin USA Yukon OK It is one of my favorite movies and I’d love to see an extended cut! And more special features on a Bluray!
Charlie UK Edinburgh Edinburgh Would be lit
Richard USA Schnecksville PA Why not, would be cool to see another version of the movie.
Keith USA Pembroke MA The Blair Witch Project will forever be a landmark film in the history of horror movies so any, and all, versions should be considered especially with the director’s involvement.
Ivan Switzerland Uzwil St. Gallen It deserves it
Justice USA Orlando FL All fans of TBWP have wanted more of the original.
Stuart USA Dallas TX Please release Blair Witch in a longer version!   I loved the original and it deserves a longer cut!
Rose Denmark kastrup I love the movie why wouldn’t I want an extended version? <br /><br />Easily one of the best movies ever made. <br /><br />Ahead of its time.
Gerardo Mexico Mérida Yucatán Because the original was an excellent movie
Alexis USA Chicago IL A top favorite film, would be fantastic to see all the considerable footage.
Jesus USA Chicago IL Having seen the original and understanding that, while I may not have been old enough to experience the film with all its mystery and marketing, I can imagine what about the film makes it a sort of unique experience. With that said, it would be really neat to see an expanded view of the original film to experience it again.
Michael USA Edinboro PA I feel that an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” would help expand the lore of the film and bring the fans some more fear and answers than we had before.
Cindy USA Los Angeles CA I would love to see an extended version because it’s one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen❤️
Alex Australia Brisbane Queensland Because the original is amazing.
Mike USA Bensalem PA One of my all time favorites. Loved the promotion before it came out in theaters & the movie didn’t disappoint. I would love an extended version & a proper blu Ray release
Ryan USA Ramsey MN TBWP is one of my favorite movies. An extended version would be incredible.
Paulina Mexico Merida Yucatan The only movie to give me nightmares. I need longer nightmares.
Parker USA Aiken SC Blast witche was a massive influence on me growing up. New footage would be amazing to see!
Lucca Brazil Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro BWP is a masterpiece, and more is always welcome!
michael USA liberal KS because this movie is a big part of horror movie history and it would be great to see a longer version
Chris Canada Timmins We need this !!
Christopher USA Coral Springs FL One of my favorite films of all time, and the one that single-handedly started a new wave of horror. Less is always more, and TBWP defines that style of filmmaking and storytelling.
Abraham Mexico Alvaro Obregon Ciudad de Mexico Best horror story for a movie that has not been fully materialized.
Henry Canada Dartmouth Nova Scotia More Blair Witch, the merrier!!!
Claude USA Queens NY I love the realism and seeing more of their desperation grow will just heighten the horror.
Kevin USA Holtsville NY Because I think it’d be pretty cool
James USA Broad Run VA You know why!!!!
Jay jay New Zealand Auckland City Auckland The original brings back great memories of being terrified at the cinema and then all of the talk at school after, about it being real or not
Matt USA Somerset KY Because I love the movie and would like to see more of what was filmed!
Andy UK Swindon I’d like to see a new cut of the original Blair Witch Project as I always felt the story could have been more intense and it’d be great to see an extended re-edit to really capitalise on the opportunity for more atmosphere and scares.
James USA Brownstown MI Ranks in my top 10 of favorite horror films ever and I would love to see as much additional footage as possible!
Jose Adrian Mexico Tijuana Baja California I need it!!! please!!!
Leah USA Nampa ID I would love to see what else the audience has missed out on!!! I love love love found footage and I want to see more action recorded from Heather’s camera!!!
Brian USA Chicago IL It’s a the last good , original horror of 1990s .
Brendan USA Glenshaw PA This would make for an excellent blu ray re-issue with some commentary and maybe other extra features. <br /><br />Please do this!
Dan USA Oberlin OH Because I loved the original and I would love to see more off it,please and thank you 🙂
Patrick Lorenzo USA San Antonio TX I want to see the extended version because when I was little I remember watching the original version and I have always been curious as to watching an extended version.
Jarret USA Providence RI We all need this!
Starch USA Bayshore NY Give freedom to the director!!!…you can even be dicks and charge an extra 5 bucks for the extended version..ya know..for the fans
Steve Canada Chatham I love it
Tracy USA Walkersville MD It just makes sense!!
Shane Ireland Because it’s the birth piece of a whole sub genre
Kyle Canada Brampton Ontario It is the pioneer of found footage horror. It would be an honor to see this cut
Raylene USA Tulsa OK This is my favorite horror film and I feel that some things were cut in the original version that left question and things to be desired.
Justin USA Apple valley MN I would love to see this film complete with the new footage, it is a part of horror history and film history in general and deserves to be seen.
Kaid USA Barlow KY !!!
Mark USA LA CA Harambe 2016
Surya India Mumbai Maharashtra I saw “The Blair Witch Project” after i came to know it is one of the first of the found footage movies / and after I saw the movie I realized that “The Blair Witch Project’ is in comparable / the fact that this movie leaves you wanting to know more about what really happened to those 3 students is the reason Im signing this petition for the release of the extended version. x
Eugenia Mexico Merida I need it !!!!!!!
Agus Argentina Capital La Rioja I’m obssesed with this movie. My all time favourite horror movie!
Anthony USA Tulsa OK I want to see what it would add to a already great film
Raun USA Arvada CO Because, I think it is our right to watch a piece of art done by a artist.
Fernanda Mexico Querétaro Querétaro Because every extended minute of it is what my soul needs
Jonathan USA Naperville IL I’ve grown up watching this movie. It’s one of my earliest childhood memories related to film. It has always stuck with me. Hearing that a longer cut could exist is too much to hear, I would instantly see it in the movie theater again.
Matthew USA Loyalhanna PA I love the original and am curious to see what would be added into the extended cut
Tyler USA Pittsburgh PA Who cares why? I’d buy it, that’s what’s important.
Sterling USA Rochester NY I NEED TO SEE THIS
Justyn USA Long Beach CA I really do love the original film and with the new one coming out. It would be really cool to see it.
Ernest USA Petal MS All films and fans deserve a director’s cut!
Alethea USA Sugar hill GA The Blair witch project was a groundbreaking film style that spawned a new genre. Found footage style movies never would have been if not for this one movie.
Freddy USA Roseburg OR In addition to an extended version, I’d like to see a commentary by the cast and the inclusion of all the documentaries that were released on TV and video during the original film’s theatrical release.  Also, a retrospective documentary would be good too.
Joe USA Pittsburgh PA I think it would be badass
Jaime USA Chicago IL Because I was in high school for the first Blair Witch and it was such a different filmgoing experience. I’d love to see an extended or remixed edition of the original.
Jared USA marquette MI Why not?
Jeff USA Northridge CA As a horror fan, it would be an interesting addition to the lore.
Shawn USA Venice FL It deserves the extra attention for kicking off the entire Found Footage genre.
Derek USA Hanover PA I loved everything about this movie, so obviously the more the better. I really want to see all of the footage, I would buy this on blu ray!
Heather USA Medford OR My favorite horror movie!
Nicholas USA Hillsboro ND It was one the best experieces of my youth seeing that film in the theater I loved it and still do 🙂
Jay USA New York NY Cuz!
Christopher USA Carmel NY The archival, posterity value of this cannot be understated
Henry USA Pittsburgh PA It would be awesome! And why not?
Joseph USA Monroe NC Since, I was little, the first time I saw this film, I adored it. I loved it. I thought it was original. Suspenseful. Funny at times. Brilliant acting from the actors. Scary moments that terrify me to go into the woods and seeing an extended version of my all time favorite film growing up, it’d answer my childhood. this needs to happen ASAP. I know there’s more to this film and it would be amazing to see an extended version. Lions gate, please, you’ll make us Blair witch fans proud.
Derek USA Norwell MA It’s the stuff of legend! And the fact that it’s found footage makes the prospect of finding more footage even more exciting!
Eulalia USA Apopka FL It’s a cool movie.
Eric USA Valdosta GA I love The Blair Witch Project and even Book of Shadows and would LOVE to see more of the movies. Newly discovered footage found to coincide with the events of the new movie.
arturo USA San Jose CA I would like to see and extended version because it would be nice to see one.
Michael USA Las Vegas NV Why not.
Patrick USA Crown City OH The Blair Witch project is a historic film and one of my favorites. To see what else it could have been would be a dream.
Kathryn USA Freehold NJ I am very interested in seeing this.
Noah USA Hiddenite NC I think it’s a very smart idea with the sequel approaching.
kevin USA Appleton WI It started an entire genre and I’d love to see what didn’t make the final cut.
Amy USA Frederick MD I think it would be so awesome to see all the rest of the footage.
Heath USA NUNDA NY This is the movie that really set the stage for found footage films.  It deserves a revisit.
Taylor USA Meadville PA I have grown up with this movie. This movie tormented me as a child and to this day i can’t go camping because of it. I would love to see an extended version so badly so let’s make it happen!
Jason USA Prescott AZ It is necessary !!
Luiz Brazil Curitiba Paraná So much stuff was cut out of the original version, who wouldn’t be at least a little bit curious about what we’re missing out on?
Robert USA Los Angeles CA Please release, saw it in the theatre back in 99, awesome experience!!! Want to be terrified again!
Travis USA Nashville TN It’s a personal favorite and I have always been eager to see more from the original, seemed like a lot more to be explored there. Please make this happen!!!
Evan USA winnetka IL Please make it so , Such a classic movie way ahead of it’s time , as a fan would love too see more on what happens to the three through more footage .
Diana USA Los Angeles CA Such a great movie and it would be amazing to see more footage.
Jared Australia Newcastle NSW The 1st Blair Witch movie was the best horror movie of all time and has a massive following. We the fans would pay to see all this unseen footage
David USA Anchorage AK 90 minutes wasn’t long enough. Needs more snot.
Jesse USA Lupton MI The Blair Witch Project was one of the few “Holy Shit” movies for me growing up. I’d LOVE to see an extended cut with deleted scenes. Make it happen!
Deborah USA Elgin IL I just loved the.original. I rewatch it often and a new version would be great!
Robert USA Jacksonville FL Interested in what was cut, want to see more of what went on.
Jason USA Studio City CA Huge fan – more please!
Chris Canada Kitchener Ontario Because it would rock!
Oret USA Philadelphia PA What would be the extended impact on film making made by an extended version of The Blair Witch Project? <br /><br />Lets find out.
RJ USA Burbank IL Ellie Kedward LIVES! I love The Blair Witch Project… LOVE!!!!
Alberto USA Burbank CA Simply because the world deserves it. A reminder that it was made and it changed the landscape for horror movies. The first found footage, always worth watching. A new cut will cement it’s legacy.
Louis USA Los Angeles CA The only way to top The Blair Witch Project is a new cut.
Chris Australia Melbourne Vic Cos it’s the Blair witch project mate
Andrea USA Sierra Vista AZ No such thing as enough Blair Witch.
Kevin USA Effingham SC Please release this extended version of Blair Witch Project. This movie helped launch a new, upcoming generation to get in to horror and is the reason why horror has had a great 2016.
Eddie USA Philadelphia PA Why the Hell not?!
montserrat mexico puebla puebla it would be a great addition for the horror films
Devin Wise USA Virginia Beach VA I would be interested in seeing what the actually Witch looks like.
Jeff USA Parkland FL What is bettet than more of a good thing…
Darren UK Bournemouth Dorset Best found footage horror ever!
Matthew USA Etters PA Was an amazing movie
Taylor USA Nicholls GA It would be awesome to see what torment the filmers went through
Crystal USA Weslaco TX I want to see an amazing director be able to show the world his orginal vision not some watered down version prepped for the masses just because… $$.
Michael USA Philadelphia PA Seeing a longer cut of the film would be an exceptional treasure — giving more joy to longtime fans while introducing rookies to a whole new level of madness. WOULD BUY.
Jordan USA Memphis TN Why wouldn’t I?
Mark USA Halliday ND Loved this movie as a kid, all the way into adulthood. It sparked my obsession with video cameras!
thomas USA new york NY One of my favorite movies of all time.
Andrew USA Sweetwater TX Why wouldn’t you want to see an extended cut? It would be awesome.
Matthew USA Edwardsville PA Because I would like to see more of the things happening to the filmmakers.
Anthony USA Harrington Park NJ I’m not into the Blair Witch nor am I into horror as I used to be, but I will standby the fellow fans to get this version released, maybe in time for it’s 20th anniversary.<br /><br /><br /><br />You have my support!
Jared USA Seattle WA This would be awesome
Daniel USA Fontana CA I would love to see more of the original footage.
Vitor Brazil Santos São Paulo Because I’m a die hard fan of the films and the mithology – plus I’ve waited 17 years for a decent sequel and, of course, we fans deserve more material!
heath Australia port pirie south australia loved the movie and would really like to see the fall version
Charlene USA Summerville SC Love The Blair Witch….more would be awesome
Ligia USA Omaha NE I find it very intriguing!
Cameron USA Fort Wayne IN It’s a pioneer of a new genre! Let’s see a new cut of it
Igor Brazil São Paulo SP I love the film, bring more material!
Ralph USA Middletown NJ The Blair Witch Project was a game changer for me and many horror fans. It should be seen in its entirety and most complete form!!!
Paul USA Corpus Christi TX It’s one of the best films ever, man!
Aditya India New Delhi Delhi Hardcore fan from India!! This will be interesting, hopefully it happens.
Arturo USA Long Beach CA loved the movie
Rachelle Canada St John’s Newfoundland My all time fave film! Still scares me
Nick USA Houston TX More footage? Sure why not
Spencer USA Lexington KY It would be a dream come true for Blair Witch fans!
Nicholas USA homer IL I absolutely love the Blair Witch Project and think it would be awesome if there was an Extended Cut… Let’s make this happen
Jeffrey USA Manchester NH Can’t stop the signal.
Yan Canada Drummondville Quebec I saw that movie when I was about 18 years old. I took a walk in the wood with a friend right after we saw it and we were scared as hell. It’s a classic and I would love to see the extended version!
Pat USA Beaver PA Yes!! Please!!!
Jaime USA New Iberia LA Bring on the unseen footage!
Alexander USA Birmingham AL I love this movie so much. I would be ecstatic to know there is more footage out there to be seen! I have to have this now!
Walter USA Miami FL I loved the first one!! Really would love to see the extended cut. I think it would make the Blair with project the best found footage film ever!!!!
Will USA Highland Park NJ Sounds interesting! I like this as a film experiment!
John USA NY I’ve seen this movie more than 25 times and would love an alternative cut. Guaranteed dollars from me.
Keith USA Holbrook MA I greatly enjoy the film and would be very interested in seeing extra footage,never seen before.
Eliza USA Richland Hills TX 19 hours of footage for a 90 minute film is too large a number to ignore in terms of fandom. I’m signing this petition with hope that joining other fans like myself in signing will allow us to see this footage in its entirety.
Cassandra USA Astoria OR It was the first horror movie I saw in high school and I loved it. Would love to see what else the director envisions. Please release it, I would love to buy a copy to watch and compare.
David USA Salem VA Must see!
Karla USA Teaneck NJ Why wouldn’t I?
Malik USA Terre Haute IN It was an incredibly influential movie and I really liked it, having watched it a myriad of times when I was younger.
Efren USA Seattle WA I love BWP that’s why
Justin USA Scranton PA It is my favorite horror film and I would love to see everything that was shot.
Travis USA South Bend IN This movie blew my 16 year old mind in 1999.  Would love to see a cut that contained more of the lore found only in the supplemental resources.
Justin USA Hastings NY please make this happen!
Jon USA Lexington KY Love the original, would be excited to see an extended cut!
Alex USA Raynham MA It was a landmark film for both the horror genre and independent cinema. I would love to see  an extended version.
Lenny USA Crown Point IN Would love to see what else they came up with
James USA Valley Grande AL This was the original found footage film that sparked legions of others. It would be an interesting study to see what wasn’t included!
Amber USA Johnson City TN To say I’m a fan does not say enough. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the film, and now that I have a teenager, I’ve been able to share it with her. I’m glad to say you can add another fan to the list. I would love to have the chance to see more footage, to enhance the experience and possibly enrich the already endearing legend. To add to the existing mythos would be a gift to all of us who love it as much, if not more, today as the first time we saw it in the theatres.
Thomas USA Rochester NY The Blair Witch Project is one of the greatest horror films ever made and I want to see an extended cut as the creators intended
Nick USA Austin TX Cause it’s dope
Jesse USA Boonville NY Because this movie was literally better then any other movie similar to it. It’s friggen amazing and this better happen!
Craig Canada Winnipeg Manitoba Very curious to see what else could be added from the unreleased footage
Andre USA Seattle WA The Blair Witch Project is one of the essential films in the iconic steps of horror cinema. Just knowing that there’s footage unused that could be reworked in an extended edition is an exciting prospect, especially given the intriguing nature of how this film was actually made. Every fan’s curiosity is peaked at this point!
Jason USA Maumelle AR It needs to be seen.
Ren USA South Whitley IN I would love to see an extended cut, Benin a fan since I seen the original in theaters in 99
Roy USA Dallas TX Because if it answers some questions then bring it!
Christopher USA San Antonio TX You screwed up Blair Witch 2, do right by the fans.
Ryan USA Chicago IL Curious to see how much was cut, and it’s a genre changing horror classic.
Calum Australia Glenorchy Tasmania Because I am always interested in seeing new versions of films I know well in a different light. It’s always a thrilling experience. Please release it.
Dominic USA Winter Haven FL It’s a movie that has remained relevant to this day, and with an extended cut, fans will come out in droves to buy it
Max USA Santa Monica CA RELEASE THE EXTENDED FOOTAGE! It’s a perfect time to build hype for the sequel.
Seth USA Ooltewah TN Interested in seeing other scenes.
Ken USA Powder Springs GA Love the original and would LOVE to get more footage for a better experience.
Brian USA Frederick MD just because
Denise USA Baltimore MD While I loved the original  I’d love to see what the director could do with an extended version.
Wesley USA Granville OH Because I want to see a great long horror film.
Rob USA Bloomingdale NJ Huge fan of the movie and would love to see the extra footage and decide whether i like the original cut or the new one. Some films (apocalypse now) are best left to the original cut but would be nice to see what hit the cutting room floor.
Britney USA Minneapolis MN One of the most revolutionary horror movies of all time? Yeah, we need to full story that the director intended…
Argus USA Coeur d’Alene ID I miss the screaming.
Kyle USA Philadelphia PA Would love to see a extended edition.
Tom USA New York NY The Blair Witch Project is the greatest horror film ever made and one of my favorite films of all time. I’d love to have the entirety of it.
isaac USA Oklahoma city OK I’ve been chasing the proverbial dragonever since I saw Blair Witch the first time. I saw it on the opening weekend and I was movedby it in a weird way. I still vividly remember the way it made me feel after watching it. I had to hop on a pay phone and call a loved one, no cell phone yet, just to shake it off.<br /><br />I ended up watching Runaway Bride right after it just to cleanse myself. A new cut would be an incredible way to possibly relive that moment all over again.
Therese USA San Diego CA Because I want it!
Ville Finland Joensuu Joensuu Interested to see more
Louie USA San Antonio TX Just really really really curious to see what others stuff they shot while filming
Sebastian USA Bloomsburg PA I would love to see an extended version of the movie that has given me my lifelong affliction with horror movies.
Fer Mexico Merida Yucatan Because I really like the movie
Spencer USA Cincinnati OH It would be cool idk
Justin USA High Point NC I would love to see an extended version of The Blair Witch Project, who wouldn’t? It’s such a horror classic, and one of the first I saw as a kid of the 90s. I think it would be awesome to see at least a bit of all of that footage that was left on the cutting room floor.
Michael USA Middletown CT Please release an Extended Cut!!
Jordan USA Dayton OH It was a unique movie, and a fresh look at the film could be very interesting
Patrick USA Ferrum VA Huge fan. I want all I can get!
Jake USA Horseheads NY Do iiiiiiiiiiit
Michelle USA San Jose CA Because it would be awesome!
Andrew USA Long Beach CA Please authorize an extended version!
Tyler USA Gainesville FL Because it was the scariest shit i have ever seen at 14 17 years ago in the theater
joshua USA yazoo city MS i think it be cool to see it i am a huge fan of the blair witch project yes we need extended version of the film i agree please make this happen love to watch it
Chad USA Muskegon MI It would be so interesting to see a version of the classic movie in new light
Chris USA Lakeville MA It’s a classic horror film that deserves to be seen the way the filmmakers initially intended. It’s influence is just as important as such films as HALLOWEEN, THE EXORCIST and so on – it deserves the same respect as those and other films in the same canon.
Jacques Australia Melbourne Victoria Do it. Do it now… Because the found footage genre wouldn’t exist if not for The Blair Witch Project.
Edward UK London I think that the film could benefit from more footage, particularly in the latter half to ramp up the suspense etc
João pedro Brazil Belo horizonte Minas gerais Because Blair witch project is one of the best horror movies of all time, and it would be cool to see some unreleased parts of it
Jorge Eduardo Mexico Merida Yucatán Ya firme pinche luis
Daniel USA El Paso TX As a long time horror fan I love to experience the film as it was originally done.
Joseph USA Williamsburg VA It would be awesome to see more of this movie. Love the original.
shaun Australia lismore nsw loved watching the original in the cinema would love a new version
Juan Mexico Mérida Yucatán Listo!
Alex USA Aurora CO TBWP is an important horror film and deserves extended versions, if only for academic purposes. Also the current releases of the film have very little in regards to the actual making of the film or unseen footage.
Lawrence USA Fort Mill SC I love the movie and all the work put into it, I’d love to see more of what they filmed, an extended version of the events would be great to see.
Ricardo Mexico Merida Yucatán Esta buena
Wes USA Louisville KY I am an old man now, but the summer of 99 I was drunk on The Blair Witch Project juice. I am one of the loyal, long time fans. I would love to see more. Fuck, release all 19 hours; I’ll buy it. If nothing else, Lions Gate will make money. Embrace the greed and fulfill the need of 30 something fan boys with a long rooted crush on Heather.
Yan Brazil Santos Dumont Minas Gerais I’m a fan of the movie and it would be really great to revisit it after such a long time, with new material and surprises.
Erick Costa Rica San Jose San Jose Blair Witch Project is an iconic found-footage horror movie that started a whole genre, if it was able to captivate viewers with just 105 minutes of footage, just imagine how much more will an extended cut get!
Jason Canada Toronto N/A I would love that
Alfredo Mexico Mérida Yucatán Do it for Harambe
Bryce USA Fishers IN The Blair Witch Project inspired me to start writing/making horror films. I’d love to see the full cut for the movie that inspired me.
Jonathan USA Bolingbrook IL I would really like to see an extended and longer cut for The Original Blair Witch Project movie. I also would love if Lionsgate would also release Joe Berlinger’s Director’s Cut for Blair Witch 2 on blu-ray.
peter USA new york NY i have been a fan of TBWP since day 1, i would love to see the extended cut! I will buy it if its made!!!
tim USA omaha NE I would kill for an extended cut of this. Top 5 horror movies. Get it finished to coincide with the new blair witch home release. Don’t skimp on the extras too! The definitive release. Shout factory anyone?
Brandon USA Casper WY As somebody that loves the original film this would be somethings I would be interested in seeing. Wouldn’t mind having a longer cut of a fantastic film.
Cinthya Mexico Merida Yucatan Ya deja de chingar Luis. Atte. Huayo
Sarah USA Roseville CA This film changed the horror genre forever and will always be one of my favorite films. The fans deserve to see an extended version!
Sam Canada Banff Ab Bc it would be amazing to watch 19 hours
Stefanie USA Grantville PA I absolutely love this movie; it scared the pants off of 17 year old me. I would love to see the extended footage because I love this movie and any new material is more than welcome.
Nicole USA Tigard OR I’m a total horror junkie and this would be amazing! So many people would be interested!
Melissa USA Chandler AZ One of my favorite horror movies of all time & no “found footage” film since has come close to this original. Yes more please!!! Slept with a night light on for a month after watching & was a grown ass adult at the time. I really thought it was real footage. 🙂 Seems so silly now. Would be great nostalgia & pure entertainment to get the original & more.
Daniel USA Dacula GA Because it’s one of the most influential horror films of all time.
Andrew USA Sarasota FL In my top 3 favorite horror films of all time. Such an important moment for independent filmmaking. Also love that the directors are from my hometown of Sarasota, Florida! Would be awesome to bring it home and have an event at Burns Court Cinema where it all started.
Brandon USA Greer SC The released version was spectacular. The rest needs to be seen
Raj USA Santa Clarita CA Supportive of the arts.
Liam Australia Ipswich Queensland Because as a diehard fan of The Blair Witch Project, the idea of an extended cut makes me so damn excited, it hurts.
Carl USA Auburn AL I have to see this.
Lakin USA Tahlequah OK Because Whether you love it or hate it, Blair Witch Project paved a new road for horror films. Die hard fans deserve to see the other 19 hours even if it’s 19 hours of snot and ugly crying.
William USA San Jose CA I have been a fan since opening day and would LOVE to see a restored version of a film and mythos I already love.
Rene USA Phoenix AZ Would love to see an extended version that expands on the mythos.
Kevin Canada Surrey BC Loved the original, would love to see more footage from it.
Taylor USA Los Angeles CA Do it!  Do it now!
Michael USA Berwyn IL Awesome!
Hunter USA Apache Junction AZ Bc its killer
josh USA Irvine CA still the best found footage film ever made.
R UK London London curious
Rafael Mexico Mexicali Baja California Because I’m a horror fan and I’d love to see it.
Ryan USA Mountain city TN Me and my mom always wanted to see more gonna see Blair witch on the 16th release all extra footage hype us up for the new one which looks amazing btw pl
John USA Portland OR I want to see more of the most terrifying film ever released.
Victoria UK Merseyside I just love Horror Films 🙂
Joey USA Frankfort KY Please!
Adam USA Houston TX it<br /><br />d be really COOL
Chris USA Valencia CA All for director’s making extended cuts.
Jude USA Marietta GA I
Raub USA Arcadia CA More at the end?
Brian USA Lincoln IL Please release an extended version of the Blair Witch Project. It’s a classic and the fans want to see everything that we can.
Stephen USA MO This is the mother of all found footage movies. It’s 2016! the audiences deserve to see this unused footage.<br /><br /><br /><br />It will probably make you a lot of money too.
Gertjan Holland Bergen op zoom Noord Brabant After 16 years of chasing found footage garbage, we deserve to see the rest of the movie that kept me up at night.
Alexander USA Keller TX Because I fucking love TBWP
Big USA COMPTON CA Because this was promised in 2000 ever since the invention of the DVD and now fucking UHD4K is coming out.  Can we finally see the UNSEEN footage!!! I’m going crazy here!
Kyle USA Springfield OH With the new “Blair Witch” film coming soon, I believe interest in the original will pick up, what with a new generation and all. It would be nice to see more of one of the scariest horror movies ever made.
Chris USA Center Valley PA Because it’s over due.
Logan USA Wrightstown NJ This would be cool, the longer it is the more it would get into your head.
Doug USA Secaucus NJ The Blair Witch project is as much an art project as it is a horror movie. Its a rare opportunity to get to revisit such an influential movie in a new way. A Director’s Cut of this film would be extraordinary.
Brian USA Anchorage AK Cause it’s gonna be awesome!
Gergo Hungary It would be a must have for all fans of found footage films!
Jason USA Tucson AZ One of the best tag lines from the The Blair Witch Project’s poster was: A year later their footage was found. It was an incredible way to lure the viewer into the story and to try to find out what happen.  Seeing an extended version of this movie would be like finding more footage and allowing the viewer to become immersed again in this world.
Jon USA Kaneohe HI I’m a huge fan of the original B.W.P., not just the film, but the mythology as well.  I’d love to see an extended cut in theaters (preferably) or on Blu Ray, I’d be there opening night or pre order the disc on day 1!
Christopher USA Elk grove village IL Why not, with 19+ hours of additional footage there’s bound to be some gem scenes that didnt make the original cut
Jordan USA Portland OR Phenomenal movies need to be seen as the director intended.
Kazi Canada Toronto Ontario Will watch any good extension for the original film
Jeff USA Tukwila WA This movie is a classic, and the fans would love to have more insight into the mystery. The hype from the upcoming sequel makes this the perfect time.
Andrew USA Las Vegas NV Well obviously I love the movie and over the years have obsessively sought out every little detail about the movie so this would be fantastic.<br /><br /><br /><br />I’d buy it probably no matter how much it cost.
Shaun USA Tampa FL I love seeing full cuts of films and this is no exception.
Pietro Cepagatti Pescara Italu ‘Cause I’m a big fan of it
Jay Canada Vancouver BC It’s a classic film and needs to be seen the way it was intended!
Emalie USA Seattle WA DUH
Brant USA Phoenix AZ I love this movie, man. Would kill to see a longer cut of it. Would pay any price for that.
paul Germany oberaurach bavaria because i love the original movie!
Thomas Germany Salzgitter Lower Saxony Blair Witch Project changed the horror movie industry in my opinion! The 90s horror industry were pretty much dead and then came BWP and BAM! Found Footage was born and has become amazingly popular! <br /><br /><br /><br />This is one of my favourite movies of all time. The mix of having a low budget but making the best out of it due to smart marketing impresses me for years now!
Shawn USA West Columbia SC The correct and only answer to this question is….WHY THE FUCK NOT!!??!!
Geoff USA Dayton OH Would love to have a deeper look into what happened in those woods!
robert USA troy IL Please do this!!!
Marten Germany Lübeck SchleswigHolstein Yesssssss!!!!! I wanna see that;)<br /><br /><br /><br />Its an awesome movie and Extended    =         more awesome;)
Ryan UK Cardiff South Wales I love found footage, and this movie was the godfather of the entire genre, I need to see the uncut version!
Ronny Sweden Karlstad Värmland Why not? Just do it!
Peter Germany Langenselbold Hessen Yes! That would be awesome!
Steven USA Clarksville TN Make younger generations understand why this was such an amazing experience when it was initially released!
Marcel Germany Hamburg Because i am a big fan of the original movie.
Alex UK Derby Derbyshire They Blair Witch Project is one of the best horror films ever made. Who wouldn’t want to see an extended cut?
Javier Spain Madrid The Blair Witch Project changed my life…I had never seen anything like it before! Since then, I love every found-footage movies…<br /><br />The fans of TBWP need more…we want the extended version, please!
Justin Australia Brisbane QLD Would love to see all the additional footage compiled in/with a retrospective documentary ala ‘Crystal Lake Memories’ rather than just an extended cut. Either way, good luck!
Matthew Germany Aachen Please do it =)
Tim Australia Daylesford Vic My wife & I saw this movie at the theatre when it first came out and it blew us away. We have just allowed our daughter to see it and now we’re all getting ready for the Project to start again.
Jeremy USA st. Petersburg FL people want to see it!
Peter Germany Krefeld NRW I Love the original Film and i would ne glad to See more of it
Craig UK Farnborough Hampshire This is still on of the best horror movies around and started off viral campaigning. It deserves to have a directors cut release.
Reece UK Manchester Greater Manchester Massive fan of BWP; think the editing was perfect; want to see what else was filmed.
Chris UK Southport N/A I want to see what hit the cutting room floor. The original cut!
Andy UK Southport I am a massive fan of the film and feel that seeing a modern day edit would bring a whole new level of fear to it.
Stefan Deutschland Hamburg Hamburg Mega gruseliger Film, den ich gern noch einmal in einer erweiterten Fassung besitzen und sehen möchte.
Sam USA Tarzana CA I would love to see what the director has in mind to add to movie.  I’ve loved The Blair Witch Project since it first came out and I’ll periodically watch it until today.  Let the man work his magic!
Marcus Germany Dresden Saxony The Blair Witch Project is an amazing movie and I want so see an extended version 🙂
F France PARIS Please !
Christian Germany Luebeck Germany because its one of the all time best horror-movie…there should be an extended version!
Alyssa USA Oconomowoc WI It would be awesome!
Juris Russia Moscow The more, the better. Please release ALL the footage available.
Dylon UK Heacham Norfolk Hell and yes !
Michael Germany Nürnberg Bayern I thing it would be very interresting to see a another version  of rhe movie after all the years.
ian Australia hervey bay queensland PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,<br /><br />PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,<br /><br />PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
Gav UK I have never had a cinematic experience that has rivalled how I felt watching The Blair Witch Project. With all the renewed interest in the franchise, having an extended cut makes total sense. It would be great for old and new fans and after the shockingly bad Book of Shadows, Lionsgate should make it up to the fans by commissioning this extended version.
Christoph Germany Munic Bavaria Like many people, The Blair Witch Project was the first Found Footage movie I watched. Now is the perfect time to rediscover this cult found footage classic in a very new way
Brad USA Midlothian VA Scariest movie ever!
Zakk USA Valdese NC DO IT!
Keith Germany Meldorf Schleswig-Holstein yes, yes, yes, yes, ….
John Canada Vancouver BC WE NEED IT
Matthias Germany Cologne NRW DO IT
Hayley UK Bournemouth Dorset I would love the see what happened after the house scene at the end! The police finding bodies etc
Søren Denmark Frb Because it sounds like there’s a lot of potential for an original and superlong edition of BW
Alex UK Ipswich Suffolk It’s still the best found footage horror movie by a million miles. I’d love to see more of it!
Hilmar Norway Bjørkelangen Akershus Because I want more.
Lee UK Grimsby I love the original movie the way it is – but it would be interesting to see an extended cut, with more horror – not just trees and bickering.
michael USA casa grande AZ The original film was a masterpiece in marketing, using the available social media, internet, books, magazines and so forth. I have met people today who still believe it is a true story and I’m not alone in wanting to see more of what began an entirely new film genre.
Glyn UK Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil This full version of the movie needs to be seen uncut and in it full glory
Patricia USA Ashburn VA Would prefer the extended version.
Jack Scotland Glasgow great movie
X. USA Boiling Springs PA Because I love this movie.
Jessica USA Omaha NE *breathes heavily into camera
Timo Germany Baar-Ebenhausen Bayern It was one of my first horror movies and it was the best. It is so scary and every time i watch “The Blair Witch Project” i have so much panic and want to close my eyes…^^
Sarah Australia Melbourne Victoria Spook
Rachel USA Sandy UT I would like to see the extended version because I am a big fan of the original movie and would love to see the scenes that were not included in the release.
Pablo Spain Madrid Madrid I love the blair witch project
Jc USA Downey CA It Would Be Very Cool To See An Extended Version & It Would Be Awesome If The Blair Witch Could Be Added So We Can Finally See Her!
Stephen USA Taunton MA The original gave me nightmares for weeks. Would love to see how scary it could have been.
Florian Germany Blankenhain Thuringia I’m a Fan of this movie
Benoit Canada Mascouche Québec Because the original is a modern horror classic.  The production is almost mythic and I’d love more info on Blair Witch lore.
Joe UK York North Yorkshire After so many years of found-footage I believe it’s the perfect timing for such a release and would please the cult followers and introduce younger audiences!
pawel Ireland navan meath DO IT!!!
Stephanie New Zealand Auckland Auckland It’s my all time favourite horror film!
Connor Germany I love the first one. Scary as hell. Id love to see how it would be extended and how you can explore more of this World
Andrew Canada Edmonton Alberta Saw Blair witch when I was a kid. Sparked a love for horror and really hoping for the extended. Come on lionsgate
Pedro USA DURHAM NC This is a fantastic idea and would greatly boost both interest in the franchise and sales.  Please consider allowing Sanchez to give us a delux cut of The Blair Witch Project.  <br /><br /><br /><br />Thank you!!!
Marius Germany Bergkamen NRW I would love to see more of this classic movie!
nathan USA bath ME I would buy this the day of its release. A classic horror movie.
James UK Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear It would just be an amazing opportunity to revist a film which has become slightly overlooked in recent years.
Bruno France Saint Quentin Aisne More Blair Witch Project
Lee USA Jupiter FL id like to see all the recorded footage
Chris USA Farmington MN Please let this happen!  It would really enrich the experience, especially with the upcoming new movie about to be released!
Darrin USA Lincoln CA Because the film is huge part of my child hood. The film is in my top five scariest of all time (for me personally), and because of these things, it deserves to be re-released as an extended version, one for the fans and two for new audiences that will become fans with the release of the newest movie, The Blair Witch.
Matthew Ireland Belfast Antrim The Blair Witch Project is one of the first horror film I ever watched (when I was far too young) and it still scares me to this day, so an extended cut just has to happen.
MOON France paris ile de france #ThankYou
Geoff USA Frederick MD This would be great for all the fans of Balir Witch!!
Collin USA Binghamton NY With the amount of usable footage there was for the movie, and the fact its first cut was over two hours, proves there are things the film maker wanted us to see that we never saw. The fact this movie hasn’t received a directors cut is a shame for fans of the movie.
James K USA Destin FL Let’s make this happen. Extended editions are the rage.
Bob Germany Mandalo Eqiels Heimat i want to see it!!!
William USA Hickory NC Favorite horror film
Aimee UK London Fan of the original film, and horror films in general, so interested in seeing more footage
DAVE Ireland Dublin DUBLIN Because I LOVE the movie. 🙂
Gower USA Charleston WV I want to know if there was more to the mystery
Ally Scotland Glasgow Make it so!
Geoffrey Belgium La Louvière I love the film. An extended cut would be amazing.
John USA Levittown NY I seen the original cut in the movies by in 1999, and I loved it !… because it made you use your imagination instead of in your face gore or monsters…not that I don’t love gore and monsters but I also like films that let the viewer use his or her imagination like the old classics did ( and anyone who has been in the woods at night knows it can be real spooky). I also enjoyed the Documentary they included in the original DVD , which further explains the legend of the witch. So with that being said I would love to see more material to this Classic piece of Horror Cinema
Mike Germany Duisburg NRW The Original Is still my favourite Movie of all Time. Just so real. I’m really stoked to see, what Else there Is too see 🙂
Jake UK London London Because the original was fantastic, need more!!
laust Denmark Saeby Norjylland It could be amazing!! Simple
Matheus Brazil Salvador Solteiro PLEASE <3
Matthew USA Peabody MA This movie was unique in its introduction of “found footage” which introduced us to a new sub-genre of the horror movie.  When it came out, it’s cultural impact on movie goers was up there with the Exorcist and Halloween.  In a time when word of mouth was still a viable marketing campaign I remember people lining up to get tickets in NYC.  As the “first of its kind” I would think fans, film lovers and cinephiles alike would love to see an extended version of this film.
Daniel Brandenburg Luckenwalde Deutschland Im big Fan of blairwitch.im like to see this extended cut.
Rick USA Taverse city MI Because I love this movie. I even have it on vhs.
Scott USA Cape Girardeau MO Love the original and would love to see more of it.
Michael USA Yorkville IL Because I love extended cuts!
Marcel Germany Dueren NRW Favorte movie
Mathieu France Paris île-de-france Because is one of the best horror movie I ever seen in my life ! JUST DO IT !
Khalid France Paris this is the most scary movie I know for a long time !!!
Timm USA Alliance NE It’s always interesting to see what happens to a film when some of the unused footage is edited in. I think it’s especially true in The Blair Witch Project as it is the defining found footage film that sparked an entire genre. The creators evisiting it after all this time and editing in the footage is intriguing.
Kristin USA Melbourne FL I loved the movie, an extended version would be mind blowing!
Joël Switzerland Gunzgen Because BWP is one of the scariest films ive ever seen and ill take any additional material  i can get my hands on.
Damien Australia Canberra ACT Favorite film of all-time.
JULIANO Brazil SAO PAULO SAO PAULO This is a movie that must have a director cut so we all can see in its full glory.
Markus Austria Graz Styria Loved the original movie, an extended version would be great!
Steve France Indre Loire-Atlantique Because i want to be scared again !!
Kevin Austria Vienna Yes for the Extended Version.
Michael USA I would love to unravel more of the mystery!
Anit Nepal Kathmandu Because I love scary stuffs.
Arne Germany Duisburg North Rhine-Westphalia Cause it’s the creepiest film ever shot! It is so worth seeing more of it!
Josh USA Chicago IL If they can release extended versions of everything else, why not Blair Witch. Don’t make all thay footage shot go to waste.
Scott Canada Bowmanville Ontario The bigger question is “Why WOULD’NT you want an EXTENDED cut of the film…
Josh USA Winston Salem NC Would love to see this, the original found footage.
Stephen USA Port Carbon PA This could be a really interesting project, a way to preserve the footage of the original film, which was a unique experience for all involved. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another filmmaking venture like “The Blair Witch Project,” in which the actors used video cameras to capture footage in the woods, anticipating surprises while trying to stay in character.
Nicolas France Rouen Because i want to be thrill more longer !
Jan Germany Offenbach HE An innovative piece of cinematic art with a lot of open questions… guess it’s only understandable with background information (f.e. the connection to Rustin Parr), so please answer a few more questions!
Michael UK Hartlepool Durham I’m a huge fan of the original film, it would be amazing to see an extended version, or even a longer re-edited version to give us a chance to see the old classic from a fresh perspective 🙂
Lucas Argentina La Plata Buenos Aires I never thought I could even fathom the idea of an extended nightmare, and now there’s a slight possibility it might happen. Of course I want to go back to the woods with Heather, Mike and Josh, bring it Lionsgate!
Daniel Germany Göttingen Niedersachsen i love the original. a longer version must be there
Faris Germany Twiste Hessen I want to see an more intense version of the movie. I think there are a lot of good scenes for the extended cut. I will buy it again in extended version.
Marco Germany Mannheim Baden Württemberg Because, i like directors cuts and i often miss cut scenes and sometimes the films are to short.<br /><br /><br /><br />Thx
Kirk USA Sanger CA This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid, and a chance to see an extended cut would be awesome!
Greg USA Bakersfield CA I would love to see an extended version! Lets do it!
Ravet France Carcans Gironde Hey !<br /><br /><br /><br />The project of a long version of the movie The Blair Witch Project, now cult, must exixter for the fan, but above all for the true version of the film director.<br /><br /><br /><br />Then, personally, I feel like a beautiful HD version (or UHD) just to enjoy again of this small monument cinema football footage.<br /><br /><br /><br />Thank You .
Jake USA Shreveport LA Longer cut!!!!
PEJOUX France Vichy i would a alernative end because <br /><br />the end pose full of questions
Stephen USA Temple GA If you make it, I will buy it.  I don’t know what else to say.
Nelson Australia Sydney New South Wales Amazing movie. Would love to see more!
Florian Germany Itzenbüttel Niedersachsen Yes, I want it!
Brian USA Pittsburgh PA The Blair Witch Project is one of the most important films in the history of horror.  The fans deserve to see this new vision of the classic.
Michael USA Birmingham AL Because I love Blair witch
David Australia Newcastle New South Wales 19hrs of usable footage?<br /><br />There’s got to be some gold in there.
Dan Germany Berlin Berlin I want to see an extended version because I think it will be much more intense. It has the potential that you lose yourself in the forest and feel hunted by the witch itself.
Philip USA Johnstown PA When I saw this at 12 years old. It was the single most scariest cinematic experience  I ever had to this day. And it still holds up. I would love to see what Ed & Dan held back that we the fans may find interesting.
andrew USA Brandon FL i would like to see an extended cut of the blair witch project but also I would like to see the directors preferred cut of blair witch 2 also without the death scenes mixed in the whole movie and everything that was in the original version
Stephen USA Huntington WV I would definitely love to see unused footage added in to the original film.  I found the deleted scenes very entertaining.
Dennis Germany Altenbeken NRW After over 15 Years this Classic Horror Movie deserves the longest possible Version. Just as the Fans.<br /><br />I’ld love to see every Minute more of this Movie.<br /><br />And: Hey it’s a promotional Win/Win Situation for the Adam Wingard Film.<br /><br />So bring it on!
Stefan Germany Hamburg Hamburg Please make it happen. <br /><br />Please let us see the real horror behind the blair witch.<br /><br /><br /><br />Please give us all the Extended Cut of this cult classic!<br /><br /><br /><br />best from Germany,<br /><br />Stefan
Alexander Austria Spitz / Donau Lower Austria I’d love to see an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project because it’s one of my favorite found footage films ever.
Jan-Andreas Germany Reinheim Hessen It’s the best horror movie ever, the atmosphere is so great!
Fernando USA Van Nuys CA Come on lions gate, make it happen! Been waiting a long time for this.
Steven UK Birmingham West Midlands Long overdue!
Markus Germany Gelsenkirchen NRW One of the best ff films of all times. Loved it.
Adam USA Bowling Green OH No reason not to make it happen!
Adam USA Dallas TX I have never wanted to see any movie re-released with extended footage as much as I want to see the original Blair Witch Project.
Vladimir Russia Yekaterinburg I want more Heather!
Jeffrey USA Kannapolis NC It would be great to see a new take on a film that has had a historical impact on the way movie are made today.
Marc Germany Cologne NRW Best Horror Movie
John USA Norwell MA Fans love the original and would love to see what was left on the cutting room floor. Please give us an extended look at one of the most influential horror films of all time.
Daniel Canada Sudbury Ontario I’ve always been a big fan of the film.
Ashley USA Port Huron MI The Blair Witch Project was the first horror film that I ever fell in love with. I was ten and absolutely obsessed. I wore a stick figure necklace for years and blame the film for my interest and eventual initiation in paganism. I used to spend hours researching the lore and watching documentaries. At that young of aan age, I so wanted the film to be real. Having an extended edition of what has been a defining film for me, would not only be a nostalgic ode to my childhood, but a more perfect version of an iconic masterpiece.
Kevin Germany Essen Nordrhein-Westfalen ..
Marcel Germany Bonn Nordrhein-Westfalen Im a Big Fan from Blair Witch Project. The Extended Version makes me Happy!
Dominick USA New Rochelle NY I first saw The Blair Witch in a movie theater in southern Westchester, NY, when I was (I think) 13.  This was when it first hit theaters here.  The hype and build-up to the movie was like nothing I had experienced before, but even that did not prepare me for how much this movie would terrify me.  I’ve watched horror films and read horror literature since I was 6 or 7, but The Blair Witch trumped everything that I had experienced before it.  I think it also helped that, even at that early age, I had been an avid camper for years, spending time camping around the Adirondacks and Catskills with my father.  I knew intimately what it was like to be lost in the woods, and to be miles from civilization and the only light source is the moon and your flashlight (I’m talking about the late 80’s/early 90’s, so no modern cellphones lol).  The Blair Witch was/is an amazing movie, and a seminal element in my development as a horror fan and writer.  I would love to see more of it.  Please grant us this opportunity.  Thank you.
Peter Germany Osnabrueck Lowe Saxony Making the best Horror Movie ever even better.
Carmen Germany Bad Vilbel Hessen Because it’s an amazing movie and to see an extended cut! Would be soo cool und i think it would turns the movie to another level.
Richard UK Cheltenham Because the Blair Witch Project was a masterpiece and I’d like to see a new edit of it!
paul UK Hatfield Hertfordshire Please! <br /><br />The original cut was great.  An extended version can only be better!
Philipp Germany Düsseldorf NRW Because I love the original movie and would love to see more of it.
Matt Canada Calgary AB To experience the fear again, in a different way. And the fact Sanchez is inspired enough to recut his film because of the new Blair Witch.
Dean UK London London Because more of a good thing is a . . . good thing.
jesse USA Beaverton OR More of a good thing is a good thing
Thomas Canada Lethbridge Alberta Bring it on!
Seamus USA Ithaca NY Sounds badass.
Fabian Germany Stuhr Because we haven’t discover all the secrets yet!
Christopher USA Princeton Junction NJ Who wouldn’t want to see an extended version?! Give me more, please!
Humzah Canada St. Catharines Ontario Because I loved the first one to this day and seeing more amazing footage would feel like a dream to me.
Wilfried France Paris IDF Well-balanced & extended versions usually deepen the atmosphere and characters, leading to a superior viewing experience. Getting lost in the woods would feel so much more realistic if the movie took more time to tell this properly.
John USA San antonio TX I would love to see whats in the extended version,who doesnt want more of a good thing?
Chris Canada Ottawa Ontario This would be amaze-balls.  Loved this movie.
mike USA bernardsville NJ It’s a classic film. I want to see more of it.
Steven  R. USA Bellmore NY Great and Ground Breaking Movie and it deserves a Re-Release with the Longer Cut.<br /><br />19 Hours?<br /><br />Maybe a 1 Season Series.
James UK Northants Saw The Blair Witch Project at the cinema and loved it. Watched it again very recently and would love to see a longer cut. It paved the way for so many films and was the true original.
Marcel Germany Duisburg Nordrhein-Westfalen “The Blair Witch Project” started a complete new genre that evolved through the years and inspired many, many filmmakers. I’d love to go deeper inside the story and rediscover this chilling experience.<br /><br />So… Release the Footage!!!
Chris USA Taunton MA Fan
Daniel Germany Hohenstein-Ernstthal Saxonia In a time where many good and not so good films get a extended version, i think it would be cool when Blair Witch Project also get such a version. It could be that this make the movie even better.
Josh USA Washington UT The Blair Witch Project is the scariest film I have ever seen. I would love to see more!
Steven USA Burlington WI Best idea ever.  Always thought the original movie was way too short!!
Colton USA Great falls MT Because I think it’s interesting
Zachary USA Birmingham AL This film was monumental not just for the genre but for burgeoning filmmakers. It showed what could be done with so little and I’d love to see an extended cut of BWP.
Nicole USA Lake Stevens WA Blair Witch Project is what got me into found footage and started my horror movie addiction! Seeing the extra footage of one of my favorite horror movies would be amazing!
Mark USA Columbus OH Because reasons.
Philipp Germany Chemnitz Saxony It´s Time for it <3
Ken USA Strongsville OH Would love to see some unanswered questions covered in an extended version.
Jeff USA Arvada CO If one of the scariest movies EVER can be made even scarier with an extended/directors cut…….PLEASE do it!!!!!!
Daniel USA Pawtucket RI Love this movie would love to see more
Soeren Germany Halle If it deserves a film, then this Movie 🙂
Christian Germany Kaiserslautern Rheinland-Pfalz I want to see more, because i like this movie 😉
John Germany Munich Bavaria Love the movie
Tim The Netherlands Amsterdam Has always been one of my favourite films. When I grew up Heather, Josh and Mike were basically my best friends (I was a lonely kid…) so would be nice to see more of their characters. Please make this extended cut happen 🙂
GiaRose USA Sherman Oaks CA Please release the 3 hour version!!!!
Joël Germany Berlin Berlin In times of loud jumpscares, nearly no character<br /><br />building at all, remake over remake etc..<br /><br /><br /><br />We all should support a classic horror movie, which was worth the name.
Julien Germany Hamburg Hamburg loved that film
Greg Canada Toronto Ontario The first blair witch was great but a little too short.
Benedict Germany Dortmund Nordrhein Westfalen I love this movie and definitely want to see more of the footage.
Cody USA Somerset PA Great classic film and want to see more of it.
Andrew Wales Rhondda Pentre I want to see the full 19 hours! But I’ll take what I can get.
John USA Denver CO One of the best cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. I need more!
Philip USA Staten Island NY The film was Groundbreaking for the found footage gene
Christopher USA Richmond VA Becaue The Blair Witch Project is an important landmark in found footage/horror film, and any extended cut deserves a proper release!
Zachary USA Portland ME Blair Witch is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen!! Please release the extended footage!
Christian USA New Haven CT Make it happen! 🙂
Christopher USA New York NY Would love to see the extended version. The original scared the hell out of me and I can’t wait for the sequel!
Francisco Mexico Yes!!!please!!!
Jonathan USA Brooklyn NY Just because, who wouldn’t? Could explain so much more, and give people a deeper look into why things went terribly wrong in the forest.
Michael USA Jacksonville FL YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first movie was extremely creepy and I would be remiss if I didn’t see all that the directors had for me to bare witness to!
Jordan UK Keith Moray Would love to see an extended cut as well as a remaster from original film elements. I think the current HD master is just an upconvert from an entirely SD source.
Jeremy France St Alban Midi Pyrénées This movie was really excellent, even if it does’nt scare me anymore the mythologie and the mysteries about the blair witch is very interesting and exciting.<br /><br />Just trust the fan comunity, we love Blair Witch and we want to see more of it.<br /><br /><br /><br />(Just think about the extended versions of the lord of the rings)
Thorsten Germany Frankfurt Hessia Blair Witch Project and its story behind the movie is one of the scariest things I have ever seen in a cinema. I want to see more footage!
Mike USA Grayson GA why not?
Steven Deutschland Waltrop Nrw Weil es einer der besten Filme für mich ist 🙂
Tosja Germany Hamburg Hamburg This hellride through the forrest is one fine piece of horror movie. Was the first one i ever saw, now that i think about. Scared the crap out of me and is up for a good thrill even after all these years. Would love to see a longer version of this to get me some goosebumbs once again!
Tom Canada Cambridge Ontario I remember watching the original and I couldn’t sleep for two weeks (probably because I was around 10 years old) but I got so into the story and background of the whole movie. I’d love to see all that unused footage. It would be great
Christoph Australia Brisbane Queensland Releasing an extended version would be doing the lords work.
Sam USA Birmingham AL The movie made the studio so much money that they should not even hesitate to bend over backwards for anyone involved with this film.
Katy USA Carson city NV Would love to see more of the footage!!
JD USA Livermore CA It always seemed there was more mental torture the original case member has to endure.  It has always seemed that the bean counters said ” ok let’s not waste film here, let’s stop now”
Priscilla USA Diamond Bar CA I feel like them not showing the whole thing is just us being deprived of it.
Matthew USA Toms River NJ One of the most influential films in cinema history deserves this endeavor.
Manuel Germany Breitenbach a.H. Hessen Blair Witch Project was a great Movie! Very scary
Douglas USA Mesquite TX I’d buy two copies….
Declan UK Devon Torquay Because it would be interesting to see an expansion of the original and it might bolster the appreciation for it
crespo USA ny NY i would love to see what wasn’t shown in the original
Dan USA Avon MA The original cut is still one of the scariest movies to come out in my lifetime.  I’d most certainly pick up an extended version.
Lukas Germany Münster NRW Please make it happen! I am very curious which other scenes will include the extended version! I’m a big fan of the Blair Witch Project 🙂
Jörg Germany Boppard Germany 80 min. + 80 min. = 160 min.! This is a correct Runtime for a Movie!
Deya USA Chicago IL The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite movies of all time! So to know there’s unseen footage out there it really makes me happy! Make this happen!! 🙂
Andreas Germany Bruchhausen-Vilsen Deutschland I love Blair Witch! I need more of it!
Gerd Deutschland Flensburg An Extended Version of this Film is a really good Idea.<br /><br />Please let it happen.
John USA Melbourne FL Great Idea for a game changing movie!
Hannah USA Somerville MA can’t wait to see this!
Tommy Sweden Norrköping Östergötland Län Since my earlx teenage times I’ve been a fan of the blair witch lore wihtin the movie.<br /><br />It is such an exciting and wonderful movie; capturing the realism and tension together with the deep dark forest atmosphere.<br /><br />I’d love to see the extended version.
Kev UK Ushaw Moor Durham Make it longer this film was amazing loved it I also loved Blair Witch 2 and I’m looking forward to the new one
Adrian UK Worcs Kidderminster Because it would be good
don USA Los Angeles CA would love to see this!
Chris USA syracuse NY I’ve always had a sense of wanting to know more about this movie & the lore behind it. This is a perfect opportunity.
Martin Czech Republic Prague Czech Republic Great movies should be longer.
Ryan Canada Newmarket Ontario I would love an extended version on this movie. The interactions between the three characters was extremely well done, and if there is more to see, I want to see it!
Marcel Germany I love the original but a extended cut could be amazing!
Dennis Germany Flensburg Ist just an amazing idea
Alex USA Indianapolis IN It’s sick
Max USA NYC NY Cause I’m sure it would be even more terrifying !
Lukas Österreich Klagenfurt Kärnten More of the same
Brian USA Winder GA The prospect of an expanded version of The Blair Witch Project is very exciting. It would be interesting to see what was trimmed initially and the impact the footage would have on the film. A definite purchase for me should it materialize.
Chris USA Royal Oak MI I need it, my body is ready.
Daniel USA Acworth GA I saw the Sundance cut of the film which contained additional scenes but omitted some others.  In particular, it included a longer scene of Heather in close-up where she says “I am so scared”, which was cut for the theatrical version.  I’ve always missed that.
Simone Germany Krefeld NRW I want more, more, more…
Jay USA Clanton AL Lionsgate, please do this. Thank you.
mike USA goshen NY So many questions
Tomas Argentina Buenos Aires San Isidro It’s a cult classic that should be revisited
Nicholas USA Westerville OH Curiosity. I like the first film. It brought ‘scary and mature’ back into horror after all those Scream-esque movies.
Chris USA Pawtucket RI I would really like to have more lore building in an extended version.  And also I’m just curious as to what was left out of the final theatrical release.
David UK Glasgow I prefer extended editions of movies 100%
Cliff USA Salyersville KY I would DEFINITELY pay for a blu-ray release of this in extended form!
Sarah UK Birmingham Loved this film and need to see more!!!
Kevin USA Hayward CA Because I would buy it
Kai Sweden Stockholm Make it happen, Lions Gate!
Michael USA Randall MN I would love to see an extended cut of the first.
Maik Germany Uelzen Lower Saxony I want it
Blake USA Chicago IL Loved the original and would love to see more!
Michael USA Glendale AZ Blair witch has been my favored horror movie of all time and when I seen this post on Facebook I freaked out lol
Ismael USA Brownsville TX This movie is amazing!
ray USA cleveland OH Great movie make it happen
Scott USA Berlin CT The creator has said he has the footage and is more than willing to do it; there’s no reason NOT to do it
Jean-Nicolas Canada Québec cuz it lewks nice
Tim USA Jacksonville FL With the guaranteed success of the upcoming ‘Blair Witch’, it would be a mistake NOT to do this!
Connor USA Broomall PA bc holy fuk yah
Martin Germany Sure, why not.
Cewin Germany Essen Im just a huge fan of Blair Witch and would love to see the whole project with all unreleased stuff on DVD!!
Kip USA Red lion PA My all time favorite film. I need to see the unused footage!
Peter USA Toms River NJ Awesome movie, an extended cut would be awesome to see !
Darren USA North Towawanda NY Make it happen captain!!!!
Kevin USA Erie PA I almost always prefer extended cuts of films that I enjoy. If Lionsgate listens to fans then I will reward them with my money. I would like a nice extended cut of Blair Witch on Blu-Ray to add to my horror collection. Make it so!
steve USA Gaithersburgh MD everybody else is doing it, we can handle all 19 hrs, we’ll take extra doses of dramamine, and we’ll actually buy the DVD AGAIN! it’s a win-win.
Christopher USA Walnut Creek CA I would like to see some of the stuff that was deleted from the finished film. A 90 minute version doesn’t necessarily do it justice.
Eugen Germany Hamburg Hamburg Yeahhhh please do it :))))
Eli USA Berlin CT For the love of art!
Steven USA las vegas NV 3 hour cut please
James USA Eugene OR It’d be interesting to see what wasn’t included
Matthias Germany Peine Ns Do It OMG. Please DO IT!!!!
Eric USA Denver CO Just because
ChihJou Taiwan Keelung non As a horror lover and creator, totally support it!!<br /><br />Please make it happen!
Christian Germany ….
Chris USA Richmond MI This film is a classic and an obvious influence on the modern horror genre, in the manner that “Halloween” influenced the genre for a decade. This film was executed SO brilliantly, and it stands as one of the few TRULY scary films of all time. Please allow fans the opportunity to see the film in a new way!
Jimena Mexico Mérida Yucatán Luis
dan USA Toluca Lake CA We would LOVE to see a new, longer cut of the film we loved so much.
René Germany Berlin Berlin Because for a fan like me it would be a total must-see!
Florian Germany Merzdorf Brandenburg I am very excited to see a new version of the classic movie Blair Witch Project. Always important to generate a good product is to show the version the creator, in this case the director, wants to show.
Niels Denmark Aarhus Aarhus C ..
Shelby USA Indianola IA Blair witch is one of my favorite films because of the raw emotion. The pure cleverness of the directors idea to not use a script or warn them before the tent scene. It’s so original everybody wants to copy cat what Blair witch did first, unveiling that 19 hours of unseen footage would further increase the respect I have for everyone involved. Also bring on the scary!
Robert USA Gloversville NY What could it hurt? Fans of horror and found footage tend to not be pirates either. DVD sales, especially special editions would make bank. You made like 85 Saw films. Hook it up on the BWP : Extended Project
Robin USA Bella Vista AR Please, please, please make this happen!!
Joseph USA Chicago IL I’m a huge fan of the Curse of the Blair Witch faux documentary and would love to see if more of that lore was incorporated into the film. Please release an extended cut of the Blair Witch Project.
Evan USA Strongsville OH who wouldn’t want to see an extended cut of one of their favorite movies?
Monica Mexico I really loved the first one, i think its one of the best films!
Justin USA Queens NY It’s a terrific and pivotal movie in horror cinema, and I’ve been a huge fan since I was a teen.
William USA LAKEWOOD WA I just do
Stephanie USA Bay City MI It woups give us fans options to watch…
Bryan USA Silver Spring MD Too good to leave on the shelf
Claudina Mexico Merida Yucatan Listo!!
Alex USA Bethel Park PA It’s a fantastic film that deserves to have more footage released. Make the fans happy!
Joliene USA Jamestown PA Been a fan for years. I absolutely love the Blair witch movies. Being the horror movie finatic that I am, I love checking out the extra content and feel that if it’s available, it should be offered.
Marco Germany Cologne One of the scariest movies
David USA Arkansas City KS Because it would be very interesting to see.
Ryan USA Los Angeles CA One of my favorite and fondest memories of horror growing up. This is a film that doesn’t get enough recognition and I’ll take anything I can get!
Michael USA Bartlett IL One of my favorite movies
Ana Mexico Merida Yucatan It is my Friends fav
Christian Switzerland Breitenbach Solothurn I only want to help 😀
Sébastien France Challans Vendée Project blair witch is one of the most horrific film I know and I very interessing To have more details to this story.
Charles USA San Diego CA Blair Witch project is still one of the best found footage movies of all time, and I think a lot of it has to do with the way it essentially is a compilation of real found footage (just of staged events). If there is attentional footage that the director thinks is good enough to stand beside what was released, I’d be really interested to watch an expanded edit.
Paul Ireland Dublin Wanna see the ultimate cut of the classic that started it all
Andrei Romania Bucharest Bucharest I want to see an extended version because for me, when it came out, “Blair Witch Project” it was a highly influential movie.
Joe USA Fort Myers FL I would definitely buy an extended version of this film.  I think it would be great after having been a fan after all these years.
Manuel Germany Munich Bavaria Because it’s a classic horror movie and everyone would like to see more about its favorite classic.
Carlos USA East Boston MA I would love see an extended version of ‘The Blair Witch Project’. I’m not sure how much different it will be, but I’m definitely curious. In the mean time could we also get ‘Book of Shadows’ on blu-ray. Thanks! 😉
John USA Brunswick MD I would love to see an original,  I live about 5 minutes from Burkistville where it all got started
William USA Irving TX I love the film as it is, one of the last ones to frighten me in a theater. Seeing more would just be aces!
Lewis USA Syreville NJ Hope it happens.
Myles USA Forest Hills NY A new take on an existing classic. Yes please.
Mario Germany Essen NRW <3
Manuel Spain Viladecans Barcelona Because it’s a classic!
William USA Woodbridge VA it sounds awesome
Fredrik Sweden SKultuna Västmanlands Län Hell yeah i wanna see the FULL CUT!!
Bryan USA Cincinnati OH I think it would be a disservice to the fans to deny them the countless extra hours that remain locked away somewhere, unseen.  Recent success stories to compare this to would be the “Producer’s Cut” of Halloween 6 recently released.
Jeffrey Canada St john’s I am a huge fan and would love to see more of the footage.
Tom UK Southend-on-Sea Essex Modern classic that can only get better with additonal footage! Come on Lionsgate, milk it for all it’s worth!
Pierre-Antoine France Chamalières Loved the released version of the movie. It intrigues me to that day, I want more
Milan Slovakia Nitra Slovakia Because I could hopefully get to see The Witch!
Christian USA Orlando FL Because I have to know more!
Alan USA South Hill VA Just want to see what could be added to it.!
Michael Canada Toronto ON this film is a classic, I love it, I eat up anything I can read / learn about it’s production — I think this film deserves this treatment as an act of preservation.
Ricardo Puerto Rico Camuy PR We need it asap.
Quinton USA Mountain Rest SC TBWP has meant a lot to me for a good portion of my life. It inspired me to pursue a future of filmmaking and it continues to be one of my favorite horror films. Seeing an extended cut would be incredible and a perfect way to complement the release of the new sequel!
Adie UK Beverley East Yorkshire The film was famous for not showing anything, I’d like to see more hinting towards what’s really going on.
Corbin USA Friendswood TX This would be an excellent addition to my blu-ray collection as the original film is a seminal piece of american history now. A longer cut would be excellent viewing material.
Michael UK Barnstaple WE at DUHD will support this release 100% loved BWP in 1999, scared the living shit out of me, left a mark on me i’ll NEVER forget!
Ian The Netherlands Rotterdam South-Holland Because TBWP is a masterpiece and a very important movie not only in the horror genre but also in general. If there’s more from the original footage to be shown, then we need it!
Robert USA York PA This is what we want not some watered down version
Paul UK Stanley Durham The Blair witch is a classic releasing an uncut/unedited/extended however you name it would be the greatest thing ever.
Peter Scotland Edinburgh I’ve always wanted to see more footage ever since 1999 and the DVD releases have been relitively skimpy
Wim Belgium STOKROOIE België We want it.<br /><br />We need it!
David Canada Red Deer Alberta I think fans deserve to see the hard work of films they enjoy. Be cook to see a release for the fans.
John USA Gun barrel city TX It would be awesome to see a longer cut
Caleb USA Oakland CA Release it!
Diego Brazil Porto Alegre RS one of the greatest recent horror movies. of course i wanna see its extended footage!
Chris USA Lake Charles LA I would love to see a version with only a bit more camping footage, but with a lot more Burkittsville footage. I loved the interviews and interactions before they got lost. I’d also love to hear a new commentary by the directors and cast.
Steven Scotland Dunfermline Fife Love this film and feel there is more to see.
Russell UK Hockley Essex One of the greatest horror films ever made, would be fascinating to see more of the as-yet unseen footage.
Simon UK London It might not be the first found footage movie, but it’s certainly the best. The time is now right for a full, extended cut.
Rob UK Weston-super-Mare Avon A seminal horror movie that I always return too. More please!!!
Horror USA Atlanta GA Keep up the awesome work guys!<br /><br /><br /><br />Horror By Proxy<br /><br />Horror@horrorbyproxy.com
Samuel USA Cullman AL Blair Witch is one of the most influential and truly terrifying horror films to come out, ever. Seeing even a few more minutes of footage would be a massive treat for fans who still praise this film, even after so many years. What makes the original so amazing is the lack of answers, it makes it so much more realistic and easy to immerse yourself in that story. We’ve all been in the woods, we’ve all heard things that kind of spook us but can’t quite figure out why, and we have all had these experiences so it’s easy to look at this film and put yourself in the characters’ shoes. Also, having spent so many years with Heather, Josh and Mike, it’d just be nice to see more of them.
John USA Hampton Bays NY As a huge fan of The Blair Witch Project, I would LOVE to see some of the additional footage that was shot but never used. It’s out there, and we deserve to see it.
Dan USA NY NY Would absolutely LOVE this! Especially if the original 16mm film portions are re-scanned and the original “vignette” aspect ratio is restored too, unlike the current blu ray.
Adam USA Yadkinville NC I want the extended version very badly. Blair witch is one of my favorite movies of all time and I’m really excited to see the sequel in theaters(opening night!).<br /><br /><br /><br />I already own the original on DVD and blu-Ray but if there was an extended cut I’d buy it again no questions asked.<br /><br /><br /><br />Please make it happen. Thanks.
Gordon Ireland Meath It’s one of the greatest horror movies of all time; influential and iconic. The full version needs to be seen.


The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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Oren Peli, Director Paranormal Activity (2007) – “As a long-time fan of found-footage movies and Blair Witch Project, I would love to see an extended version released!”

Jamie Nash, Writer Lovely Molly (2011), V/H/S/2 (2013), Exists (2014)  – “BWP was a master class in ‘leave ’em wanting more’. We want more! Show us!”

Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting  – “I think it would be a really interesting experiment and exercise in filmmaking. Recutting the found footage film that started it all AFTER 15 years after the evolution of the Subgenre would be so surreal.”

Dean Alioto, Director The McPherson Tape (1989), Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) – “Having made two found footage films of my own before Blair Witch Project, I didn’t realize what an exciting new genre I was working in until I saw Blair Witch. Would love to see the raw, uncut, version of BWP!”

Amanda Gusack, Director In Memorium (2004) – “I would love to see an extended edition. Blair Witch gives me chills to this day.”

James Cullen Bressack, Director Hate Crime (2012), To Jennifer (2013), Pernicious (2014) – “An extended edition of Blair Witch would be amazing. I remember the first time I saw the film was with a group of friends and everyone thought it was real!”

Tom Jorgensen, Director St. Osmund’s (2013) – “The Blair Witch Project isn’t just a horror masterpiece, it’s a cinematic landmark. To get an extended cut of the movie would help fans and filmmakers for decades to come get a more complete understanding of this piece of cinema history.”

Johnny Macabre, Owner, TheBlood-Shed – “Blair Witch is one of the most important movies in the horror history. Few other films have changed the genre upside down like this film about 3 kids in the woods with a camera.”

Jay Kay, Host, Horror Happens Radio, HorrorHappens.com – “It’s not a question on where this film belongs and sits on the list of the most influential horror films and found footage in history…  It is the list and has been a hallmark of what horror has been about for the last 15 years that will extend with this needed footage .”

Doc Rotten, Owner, Gruesome Magazine, Host of Horror News Radio – “16 years ago, The Blair Witch Project scared me silly. As a fan of found footage films, an Extended Director’s Cut would scare me even more today!”

‘Tweek’, Owner BlairWitch.net – “Dying to see the rest of the story. The more footage the better. Fans have wanted this for years. Let’s make this happen.”

Rob Hauschild, Owner, Wild Eye Releasing – “The Blair Witch Project is a milestone for independent horror. Every unseen frame should be made available for fans and filmmakers alike.”

Nicolas Sébastien Landais, Director On Vous Ment (Mockumentary Film Festival, France) – “Like many people, The Blair Witch Project was the first Found Footage movie I watched. Now is the perfect time to rediscover this cult found footage classic in a very new way.”

Dustin Austen, Showrunner, Haunted World of CW – “Seeing an extended version of Blair Witch would be a revelation to film students and cinema fans alike. This version needs to be seen.”

Gav Chuckie Steel, Director Preternatural (2015) – “The Blair Witch Project is legendary in the found footage genre. To NOT see a longer cut is almost criminal.”

Javier Attridge, Director Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) – “Just to think of an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” gives me Goosebumps; this movie has inspired so many of us to go beyond the just making of a movie.”

John Heatz, Owner GamersSphere.com – “Such an iconic horror movie as The Blair Witch Project deserves an extended cut, even if it is 16 years later”

Michael Varrati, Screenwriter Tales of Poe (2014), Flesh for the Inferno (2015) – “The preservation and presentation of this additional footage would be a boon to horror fans and a great addition to the Blair Witch legacy.”



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