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Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 1,000 to 1,999

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The Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 1,000 to 1,999

Below are the signatures and comments collected to date for The Blair Witch Petition.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

First NameCountryCityStateComment
AntonioSpainMadridMadridThe world is a better place with this movie.
JamesUKLeedsBecause it would be interesting beyond belief.
EdgarMexicoMeridaYucatanthe boss will be pleased
KherriUSAEdinburghINI love The Blair Witch Project, the original movie…It would be great to add it in, in conjunction w the newer movie!
SeanUSAWaringtinPAbecaus a.lot of people want that and  everyon in joys the Blair witch movies evin the frest one
MarkUSAFort WorthTXIt was one of the first films that scared the shit out of me!
MarkUSANew YorkNYI was a huge fan of the original ‘The Blair Witch Project’ when it hit theaters in 1999. I even saw it 2 or 3 times in the theater. I’ve never bought it on DVD or BluRay and would definitely pay money for an extended version on DVD or BluRay.
AnthonyUSAKearnyNJThis is a seminal classic, more detail would only shed light on it’s process more, if not reawaken the interest in making films that break traditional formats so widely open.
AndrewUSAAlbuquerqueNMWith renewed interest in the “Blair Witch”, the timing is perfect for an extended cut of the original.
CarlUSAFrederickMDCarl Glorioso-Director, Frederick Film Office- “The Blair Witch Project” made found footage a truly recognized genre in film.  The importance of this movie can not be overlooked, especially here in Maryland.  Can’t imagine what the Haxan crew could do with an opportunity at an extended cut with almost 20 years more filmmaking experience under their belts and so much more footage.  Really looking forward to this.
JohnUSAMoneeILThe Godfather of all found footage movies… Why would you not want an extended cut? Got to have a copy for my own. Money would be well spent!
MichaelUSAStaten islandNYBecause i loved the original film and i would pay for an extended cut and it would make me and im<br /><br />Sure many people very excited
SpenceCanadaMontrealN/ALove the idea, bring it on.
JoshuaUSAChattanoogaTNBWP changed horror forever. It’s so creepy and feels so real. I’d love to see more of the original footage!
DannyUKRedhill“I have to see , I have to know”.
sheaUSALong BeachCAif there’s more footage, I want to see a directors cut/revisited edition. myself and I’m pretty sure I could speak for others, that if it did get released, even to DVD/blue ray, fans will love it
LeonelUSAVisaliaCAThe original was a game-changer and started a new way to bring horror to life. Can’t wait!
MattUSAVIsaliaCAYES! Bring it on!
JustinUSAChevy ChaseMDLet the director express his art in an extended edition!
EliUSANorthamptonMAI love this movie so damn much, I always loved the constant suspense, and I even appreciate it more when I watch it now, when Hollywood is chock full of shitty found footage movies. I own a fan edit of the Blair Witch 2 and I liked it a lot. Needless to say I’m very excited for this extended cut and I wonder what 19 hours of “the scariest movie ever made” will bring to the table.
EduardoBrazilSão PauloSão Paulothis is my favorite movie of all time and see it would be a fantastic experience for me and other fans
PatrickGermanyHamburgLet’s rock the Blair Witch again – as extended version!
KateAustraliaPort HuonTasmaniaIt would complete the film.
DanAustraliaWolumlaNswThere’s more to the story than was initially seen.
GrahamUKAmpthillBedfordI’ve been a horror fan all my life and have been sick and tired of the same old teen based ‘horror’ that seems to be the mainstream these days. I can honestly say that the Blair Witch Project is THE only horror film that has actually scared me and given me sleepless nights. Bring it back
nicolasFrancepariscause it is , in my mind the best horror found footage movie ever and I would love to see it again, with a longer version !
DeanScotlandEdinburghMidlothianThis would be awesome
RyanUSAIthacaNYI think it’ll be a treat for all found footage fans to see an extended release of one of the most influential horror films in recent years
DanielUSABaton RougeLAWho wouldn’t want to see that .. the more the merrier
ShawnUSAStillwaterOKWould love to see extra footage!
RaphaelGermanyDillenburgHessenOf course i will! It was the first and the best found Footage movie and i wish it could be reality to see more of this wonderful movie.
KalebUSABaton rougeLANeeds to be seen!
jamesUSALos AngelesCAWhy not?
TaishaUSAHobbsNMThe Blair witch was one of the first horror films I saw as a kid I would love to see what else happened in the movie so many things were left unsaid
BrandonUSASignal MountainTNI’m a big fan of the original film and I would love to see a longer version of this incredible and groundbreaking film.
JuanUSAGermantownMDI want to see it
NeilUKNorwichNorfolkCos I love the film and would live to see the story expanded
NeilUKManchesterStill stands up today. Influential and still unsettling.
KevinUSAJolietILI’ve been a fan since witnessing this amazing movie in 1999 when it hit theatres. To see an extended cut of it? You have no idea how delighted the fans would be and to bring this film back to light, I think it would gain the following of a new generation. Think about it Lionsgate. LET’S DO THIS!!!
JonasBrazilItapiraSão PauloWe need extended version!! The Blair Witch Project the best film!!!
JordanUSAPhiladelphiaPAThe first film is amazing, I’d love to see what an extended cut could add to that!
dougUSALos AngelesCAgood luck to you all. this new one better be good.
ThomasUSASyracuseNYThe more Blair Witch, the better! Lay it on us.
AnthonyUSAMilwaukeeWIBecause the longer the better
LarsGermanyBraunschweigBecause it´s the best Found Footage Film!
MikeUSAPhillyPAPlz plz plz
matthewUSAwest hartfordCTIt’s a masterpiece of modern horror that started the ball rolling on some pretty awesome projects.
LeithUSASeattleWALet’s see it!
PedroBrazilRio de JaneiroRJpor favor
EthanUSASpringvillePALove the film and I want to see MORE!!!!!!
DavidUKPenrithCumbriaAs fan of The Blair Witch it would be interesting to see what been cut from the film and bring back great horror films again
RodneyUSARichmondVAFew films captured lightning in a bottle the way the TBWP did.  If there’s another version then by all means, bring it on.
DamonCanadaBrandonManitobaExtra footage of scary things
ChrisUSARandolphNJThe long form version of the movie wasn’t created to NOT be seen.  Release it for those that want to see it.
MikeGermanyDarmstadtHessenDon’t ask, just do it!!!
NicholasUSAAltoonaPALove the movie and would like to see the directors original vision
ManuelUSALilburnGAI grew up with this movie and I love it and I want  to see whatever footage there is of it.
BenUSAAmsterdamNYBecause horror
McKayUSASlidellLAIt would be very interesting to see what it would be like, especially if it is a nice collector’s edition release.
DavidUKDouglasIsle Of ManAll the hype surrounding the sequel got me to go back and watch the original movie again after a few years and i still love it. I think the movie gets some snark by  people over the fact you don`t see anything but that`s part of the power.SO as i look forward to the new movie i would love to see a new cut of the original.
GazSouth WalesCardiffCardiffThe Blair Witch Project is one of the greatest horror films ever conceived. Want more!
TedUSADelmarDEA Blair Witch Project extended cut would be awesome!
amandaCanadacalgaryalbertabecause, as a fan, I want MORE!!
JustinUSALenoirNCI like the film, and would like to see a new ponger cut of the film on Blu-ray.
EdwardUSALos AngelesCABecause im a huge fan of witches and the blair witch movies are no exception so i would to see an extended Directors cut of the film
RickyUSABarbertonOHBecause its a classic now and still scares the shit outta me till this day
tabathaUSAGaylordMIwould love to see more blair witch
JozefScotlandGlasgowI would love to see any new addition to this historic horror film.
ArmendEuropaPrishtinëKosovCause its Blair
AlejandroUSASugarhillGA“Because he told me tooooooooooooooooooo”-Patrick
ChelseaUSACarnegiePAThe original is awesome but I’d love to see even more.
BurcinTurkeyIstanbulIt’s an important entry for the horror genre and opened endless possiblities for the new films. New Blair Witch is on the way and if the early-screening comments (and some trustwhorty criticers) telling the trurth: it’s a bombshell project. So, why not to realese an extended / uncut version of the original story, gain new fans, spread the “brand” everywhere, like was 1999? Do it and we will buy it. Physical or digital copy, doesn’t matter. (Can’t say for a speacial box set, that’s for sure).
RandyUSAPittsburghPAI had the luck seeing it on the 20 screens opening night in Atlanta. I don’t even remember driving home 🙂 Love to see an extended cut.
ChrisUSASan AntonioTXI loved the original film, and I’m curious to see what was cut…and how that might shape an extended version of the film.
LuciaMexicoMeridaYucatanI remember watching this movie in the theaters and being very concerned for their families. I was legit scared. An extended version would be nice for horror fans and for film enthusiasts in general.
ŁukaszPolandSkierniewicełódzkieBecause I just love this freaking the movie
NormanUSARock HillSCI think it would be awesome to see the unused footage being a fan of the original.
CameronUSASacramentoCABecause it would provide much better entertainment for the die hard fans.
KatherineUSALoganvilleGANigga what I do on a Saturday night is none of your business
MichaelUSALos AngelesCABlair Witch is a cultural phenomenon, and the preservation and presentation of additional footage shot in its historic shoot would be a boon to genre fans.
KregUSANorth RoyaltonOHBecause I loved the movie and would love to see more of it.
BradUSAPoint of RoxksMDThis is only fair to the director and creator of the film, and to fans everywhere
ZacharyUSALewistonMESounds interesting. Even if it’s just a DVD release it sounds worth a watch.
CeciliaUSASyracuseNYI want this so badly!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! This is one of the most influential movies in found footage movie history!!
DyonUSAHonoluluHIBecause The Blair Witch Project is a childhood movie of mine, and with the extended cut, it will be an adulthood movie too!
S.Z.USAWest WarwickRIMade me want to get into movies.
DanUSAFrederickMDLove the movie and always wanted to see more of the story
JoshUSACincinnatiOHThese 19 hours are just sitting in a vault…. why not give us fans the holy grail of the film that started the fount footage genre! Now is the time, with the new interest in the original NOW would be the best time to release an extended cut.
chrisUSAst. louisMOi want to see what the makers original came up with as supposed to final product
JerimyUSAChicagoILYes I’d buy it in a heartbeat. It’s my favorite movie!
mikeUSAeast meadowNYBeen itching for this since 99.
AndrewUKLondonLondonI can’t wait to see the additional 40 minutes of people saying “Josh? Josh? JOSH? JOSH! JOOOOSSHHH?”
CaseyUSAWintersCAFor the nostalgia of seeing it all for the first time. It would be nice if it made it to some big screens in 35mm. The ones that still use 35mm anyway.
BrianUSAIndianapolisINPlease Lionsgate release the extended cut. Also update the mythology, making Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows real events. Re-Cut scenes in the Un-Real Documentaries and you can get it all to fit. The first film is a classic and I would love to see more footage. I love the tie in dossiers and enjoyed reading all the theories over the years.
DavidUSACoconut CreekFLTBWP still scares me to this day.  The more, the better!
AlexanderUSATampaFLShut up and take my money!
TaylorUSASeattleWAI’d be very curious to see what got left on the cutting room floor.
BenUSAAppletonWiWould love to see an extended cut been a fan of the original since it came out yearly Halloween watch for me
BrandonUSAAbileneTXI was about 7 or 8 when I first watched The Blair Witch Project and to this day I am still a die hard fan. An hour and 20 minutes is good but to know they were out in the woods for days and have up to 19 hours of footage is amazing and I believe we, the true fans, have a right to see in its original cut.
AlisaUSANew MarketMDPerfect timing to release the rest of the footage!  I would love to see it.
robertUSAbronxNYyes, i would love to see an extended version of the film
PhillUSADixonILOne of the greats. Would love to see an extended version!
KevinUSAWest HollywoodCAI”d love to see more of what went into the making of this movie classic.
CodyUSAOHI’ve been obsessed with the movie and the mythology surrounding it since it’s release, eating up any info I can get. An extended cut on Blu Ray would be a day one purchase from me.
OrlandoUSALos AngelesCAI must have seen The Blair Witch Project about 10 times in theaters, always inviting a different friend each time. I still don’t own it on Blu-ray and I think an extended version would be idle for my money.
jasonUKlondonmiddlesexThere has to be many more variations of the name “JOSH” shouted out that I need to hear .
KeithCanadaMonctonNew BrunswickRemaster it in 4k while youre at it. And cool bonus features, including that hard to find mock documentary about the blair witch.
LisaUSAFrederickMDI would like to see more to the story. All this time later and it’s still interesting and has more to give.
williamUSAbangorMIThe film is iconic. Any additional footage you could give to the fans would be gold, in our eyes. PLEASE!!!
AmberUSALos AngelesCABecause I love horror. This movie scared me shitless when I was 6. I believed it was real.
MatthewUSAPonte Vedra BeachFLGreat movie that I’d love to see more of. <br /><br /><br /><br />A new blu-ray/restoration of the theatrical cut, would be cool too.
KodyUSAWinterportMEIt’s legendary, I haven’t met a person who doesn’t know what the Blair witch project is, it’s a part of my childhood and 105 minutes is simply not long enough, it’s movie gold and needs a proper honor, and that honor is a longer version even better would be to have shout factory give it an uncut release with extras ect…
BrankoAustraliaGold CoastQLDLoved the original, would be awesome to see the footage that wasn’t used!
KevinUSAHoustonTXBecause the film deserves it.
JohnUSASummervilleSCThe original Bare Wench Project was hilarious. Pauly Shore deserves to see his vision through to the end.
AlfonsoMexicoMonterreyNuevo LeónYes!
BenUSADepoe BayORWhy not?! It was cool!
ScottUSAFayettevilleWVyes yes yes yes!!
JackieUSABerwynPAI love this movie and would love to see an extended version. This movie changed the horror genre.
DerekUSALee’s SummitMOHuge horror fan!  I would definitely purchase a copy of an extended version of The Blair Witch Project!
PatrickBrazilRio de JaneiroRio de Janeiroit’s a great movie
ChristopherUSAManitou SpringsCOOne of my all-times faves.  Still remember opening night.  A legendary experience all around!
AdamUSALong BeachCAWe want more information.
TimCanadaBellevilleOntarioIt’s a film I still love a great deal , and it still creeps me the hell out . I would absolutely love an extended version of this masterpiece in the found footage genre .
MarkUSADenverCOIt’s a great film. Would love to see a director’s cut!
ToddUSARichmondVAIf the film maker can do it, I’m all for it. This is a film that deserves an extended cut.
AlexUSAWest OrangeNJYes I would love an extended cut because I would love to see more of the story.
CallumUKLiverpoolMerseysideBest film horror film ever
JeremyUSAFort PayneALThe Blair Witch Project is among the films of my childhood that made me want to become a filmmaker. These days, I think it could be edited to be a little better. But of course I’d always want the 80 minute released cut as well, as that’s the version I first fell in love with.
BlackieUKNottinghamExtended versions are always better. I’d buy another copy of Blair Witch to see the extra footage.
JustinUSACleburneTXIt’s one of my top five favorite films of all time, and I’ve always wanted to see the extra footage.
CodyUSAKalamazooMII want to see more of this film!!!
ErinUSARutherford CollegeNCJust do it!
BradleyUSAgrandviewINJust curious
DamonUSAFort WayneINThis is one of the scariest movies of all time, if not founded perfected the found footage film and started all the rest as a genre, made an insane amount of money considering, and is perfect to reveal more of this unique (at the time) film to it’s loyal fans.  Now is the perfect time.  I was obsessed with it years ago and would love to see what more is revealed, or at least have the chance.
KyleCanadaThunder BayLoved the movie, would be awesome to see an extended cut.
JacobUSAWinter HavenFLReally loved the film, and would like to watch again with extra footage.
NicolasUSARochesterMIThe Blair Witch Project is one of the most groundbreaking horror films in history. It was one of the first modern horror films to truly terrify me. As time goes on, and more and more horrible found footage films are made, The Blair Witch Project stands out as a true horror classic. Viewing the additional footage that exists could only enhance the experience of this film.
VictorUSABogotaNJI’ll give you my credit card number right now to pre-order!  Let’s get this done.  So many crappy movies out in the last few years and everyone is trying to do a Blair Witch.  I say dust’em all with an extended version.
DevonUSANYNYBrillant and historically important film.
JosephUSAHonoluluHIBought the original and would buy an extended cut if you released it.
MarcUSANorth HavenCTI created and mod /r/BlairWitch<br /><br /><br /><br />Anything you can add, would be amazing!
BrittanyUSANew OxfordPABecause of my boyfriend, I really wanna see this!!!! 😀
ChadUSACollinsvilleOKI would to see a extended cut of the blair witch part 1. I would really love to see a trilogy box set come out with all 3 movies on bluray.
MichaelUSAChicagoILI want to see all the footage that didn’t make if into the final cut! The perfect gift before Blair Witch hits theaters.
PatrickUSADenverCOIt would be amazing.
GerardoUSAKenoshaWIThe Blair Witch Project was the first horror movie I ever watched, at the young age of 8 brought me into the world of horror. Now that I know that there can be more footage that i did not see when this film first released leaves me anxious to see what was kept secret.
MegMexicoGuatemalaGuatemalai love everything about this movie, and i love see more
DonaldUSACedar BluffVAI’ve been a huge fan of the original movie since watching it 8 times in the theater back in 1999. I’m also a fan of Curse of the Blair Witch. If there’s a unused film that the fans have never seen and the original creators are wanting to work something together, then do it!! Please!! I would love a collection with original theatrical and extended cut of the film, also Curse of the Blair Witch. Anything and everything. Run the extended cut in theaters too! It’s one of the great horror films. It deserves a nice treatment. It’s still talked about.
AndyUSASedanKSI want to see more of one of the best horror movies ever made.
ChrisUSATampaFLClassic horror film and I’d love to see more.
MatthewUSAAustinTXIt’s very exciting that the director would want to give us a new extended version of this landmark film. It’s a great opportunity to put out a new blu-ray edition of the movie, and the piqued curiosity alone would garner plenty of free publicity across all the film-news and entertainment-news websites.
VictoryaUSALas VegasNVI believe The Blair Witch Project has so much more to offer than what the current one shows. Possible secrets, spine chilling scenes, and nerve racking discoveries to name a few. It would be surreal if I got a chance to experience an extended version!
AlexisUSAStrongsvilleOHThe original Blair With is an iconic film and the first of its kind in the found footage genre. Please release the extended scenes!
RyanUSADuluthMNJust do it!
JasonUSAPinevilleLAI’ve always known of the extended footage filmed and was always wanted to see it but no such luck. It would be a great experience to sit through those scenes and for the next generation of blair witch fans.
SabinaUSAHoustonTXThe Blair Witch Project was the first horror movie that inspired my love for all things scary and sci-fi. I loved the found footage feel and how realistic it made the paranormal feel. Seeing an extended cut with raw footage would bring the spark back to modern horror that I think the industry needs.
ChristianSwedenGavleGavleborgI love this movie and would eat up any kind of alternate version.
ChrisUSASouth San FranciscoCAI love this film and an extended cut would definitely be something I would be interested in seeing. We need this now!
MeredithUSABowling GreenKYBest movie evar
ChristianUSADavieFLAfter hearing that there was originally a screening for a 2 hour and 30 minute version of Blair Witch Project, I thought it was surprising that it was never considered for a DVD release. If Lionsgate decides to release it, I’ll be one of the many fans who would buy it on the day of release.
JeremyUSAOtegoNYIt would be awesome to see any footage which hasn’t been released already to further my experience!!!
MattUSAJacksonMSThis is my favorite me and I’ve waited my entire life to see an extended cut. Please and thank you.
JoeyUSAHarrisonNYOne of my favorite movies that gave me nightmares in middle school.
MichaelUSAConcordNCI loved it when it first came out, and would an extended cut!!!
FabioBrazilSao PauloSao PauloThe Blair Witch Project was one of the most original horror movies made in the last decades and has influenced so many other films since then. An extended version is a must-see not only for the movie fans but for all cinema lovers.
AustinUSAHartsvilleSCBecause this is one of my favorite films and anything that could add to it would be amazing
JotinaUSABaltimoreMDI am from Western Frederick MD. I understand the history for Ed and the fans.
ChristopherUSASioux CityIAThink the film is highly underrated and doesn’t get the love it needs. I want to give my full support.
TinaUSAFrederickMDWe’ve been fans since the first movie and deserve to see each and every minute, whether it made it into the film or not. Our loyalty deserves a reward.
BillUSAOttawaILOne of the best horror films to come out since the Texas Chain Saw Massacre/
NateUSAMilwaukeeWIPlease release!
DaveUSANYNYBlair Witch is one of the scariest films ever made. Many of us fans are very eager to see more footage. Please consider this.
AidanUSAlas vegasNVI want to see it because the film is a horror and indie classic.
craugUSAsan diegoCAwhy wouldnt i want to see the extended cut from one of the most revolutionary horror films of all time?
LouiseUKBirminghamWest MidsBecause I need to see the extra footage!!
DerekUSAElizabethvillePANot only is the movie iconic but I think it could get even better!  It shocked and changed the entire industry.  It’s pure genius and was well ahead it’s time.  Horror fans and film buffs would love to explore the story and content more with the original team.
DonovanUSAWilsonvilleALThis is a no Brainer, just do it!
AnthonyUSASilver SpringMDThe Blair Witch Project is one of the seminal horror films of the modern cinema age. It was groundbreaking in many ways and became a part of both Horror and Popular culture. <br /><br />I find it to be one of the finest horror films of the last 30 years and one of the best and most original horror films ever made. <br /><br />The inclusion of an extended edition would be a boom to both horror fans and to the studio.<br /><br />We are nearing the release of Blair Witch, the sequel that everyone wants to see. This is the time to bring the film world the full filmmaker’s vision.<br /><br />We here at Widescreen hope to see it come to fruition.
chrisUSAframinghamMAThe Blair Witch Project started a trend in Horror movies that still is around till this day. Going back to the original and showing more footage would be like a walk through history. Please give us this version!!!!!!
SebastianArgentinaBuenos AiresCiudad Autonoma de Buenos AiresPlease.
NickUSADeer parkNY.
ScottUSAWinter HavenFLThe movie is great but an extended version would be amazing.
ErikUSAPacific GroveCAI hope Lionsgate gives Sánchez the opportunity to create an extended cut of the film, one of the most important horror movies ever made!
SethUSALee summitMOThis movie scared me so much I was scared to go outside after watching it. Would love to see an extended cut.
Leandro ImmylPhilippinesGeneral Santos CityI’m a fan of the film
KyleUSAALThis is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen, and finally getting to see the original cut would be amazing!
DerekUSANauvooILI think an extended BLU RAY cut of the film would be amazing. Found footage isn’t where it was a couple years ago but interest is still high and with the sequel coming out what better way to reinvigorate franchise interest and go back and re-cut the original and bundle it with the sequel or just release it by itself.
SarahUSATulsaOKI love the woods but because of the original Blair Witch film, I’m scared of the woods. Please make the film longer so I can vicariously spend more time in the woods without going there myself and getting killed.
KyleUSALos AngelesCAWould totally purchase and support this!
MattUSADallasTXPLEASE make an extended cut. TBWP is one of the only films in my life that has ever truly terrified me and still does, to this day. I would love to see an extended cut with further footage! This film is THE reason I have such a fondness for found footage horror!!!!!
ChristianUSASpringfieldILI would like to see it to see the things that did not make it into the final cut. I love this movie, and would love to see more of it.
KirkUSAAustinTXLoved the original!
michaelUSAorlandoFLwhy not!
CodyUSALittle RockARIt’s one of my favorite horror films of all time, and would love to get a bigger piece of it.
BastianGermanyNürnbergBavaria80 minutes scared the hell out of me. So what can 120 or 180 minutes do?
CSUSAPortlandORI liked the movie a lot and an extended version would put the cherry on the cupcake for me!
ericbelgiumjumetcharleroiLogical, I want more footage !!! I love this movie so much !!!!
ElizabethUKHarrogateNorth YorkshireOne of the scariest, most original films ever. We want more!
StephanGermanyHeilbronnBaden WürttembergBecause i love this movie.
AndreasGermanyBraunschweigNiedersachsenIch will wissen wieviel mehr Fragen, das zusätzliche Material aufwirft oder beantwortet.
ManuelDeutschlandHemhofenBayernIch love this movie
JonasGermanyMainzRheinland-PfalzBlair Witch was the first horror movie that scared mehr like hell. <br /><br />Furthermore Blair Witch is for  me one of the best found footage movies ever and i would bei very happy to see an extended version of this film.
KevinUSAAstoriaNYI would love to see this.  Make it and take my money!
MikeUSAQueensNYIt’s been my favorite horror movie and inspired me to want to become a writer and filmmaker
StefanSwedenGagnefDalarnaIt would be silly for Lionsgate not to greenlight this. Releasing an extended cut, especially now when a new movie is being released, is an opportunity that they just can’t miss.
DannyGermanyIdar-ObersteinRLPGreat movie!!
billGermanyThats my film i will it
PaulThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNorth HollandTBWP is the first horror film that left a huge impression on me. I’ve always been a horror film fan and TBWP raised the bar very high. As a big fan of the original it would be amazing to see extra footage.
ChrisGermanyMainzLove the first movie! Want more of exactly this!
MarioGermanyEuskirchenNRWIts the best Horrormovie since the last 25 years!!!!!
KennyGermanyFuldaHessiaI was really blown away by the movie at the time and I´m really curios about seeing more of the filmed material – besides that I am a total movie entusiast and this here is a classic!
JohannesGermanyFlonheimRhineland-PalatinateIt is just one of the best horror movies.
albertFranceparisI want to see the long version because i love the movie franchise !
TroyUSARoseburgORI love extended versions…give us more!
TomFranceLyonFor me this is a chance to add more tention and more background !<br /><br />And also a chance to finally have a blu-ray version in France, don’t dub the extended version !
SebastianGermanyFrankfurtHessenLove this movie
MichaelUSAChicagoILWould love to see it. As well as a blu-Ray director’s cut of the sequel.
TanjaAustriaSt.ValentinNieder̦sterreichI loved the 80-min movie a lot, it felt real and i got goosebumps watching it Рreally hope we get a longer version!
KarstenGermanyPritzwalkWeil Blair Witch einfach toll ist
ChristinaGermanyLübeckSHBecause it`s a masterpiece! It`s still fantastic!!
MilenaGermanyMarburgHessenIt’s a great movie and i love the story
leeGermanyberlinberlindo it ffs 😀
SimonAustraliaSydneyNew South WalesAs this movie is again coming into focus with the new movie it would be great to have an extended look at the original which spawned all found footage movies!!!
JordanUSAMariettaGAdie hard fan.
DavidUKEdinburghIt’s what the fans want! The more Witch, the merrier!
StefanSwizerlandDottikonAargauBecause you want to see more and more
HeikeGermanyWestoverledingenLower SaxonyThe blair witch is classic. Would love to see an extended Cut!
NateUSAChicagoILI think an extended re-release would whet the appetite of the horror fans who never got their fill from the original. This is a film that kickstarted a genre that dominates the film industry to this day. <br /><br /><br /><br />Perhaps this new footage would also serve as an important gesture to those who want to see what a ‘found footage’ film truly is.
RobUSARussellvilleARliked the movie, interested in seeing more… you know a lot more people would sign this petition if we didnt have to comment on why we are signing it…. i mean its pretty obvious why we are taking our time to sign
NickUKMartockSomersetThe Blair Witch Project was terrifying to me when I was younger. Now I am older I have come to appreciate how the film was made, edited and promoted. I find it fascinating, knowing how much footage was shot and cut down to the version of the film we see today. I would love to see the “lost footage”. Also I am glad that Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch has set the social media world on fire and brought back the Blair Witch for a younger generation.
davidUKnewarknottinghamshirebig fan oif the original would also like to see it at cinema again
RobertUSASmithsburgMDBlurred lines between movie and reality with great mythology and marketing before that became mainstream. Put more locals to work and have released with Blair Witch!
MichaelGermanyHamburgHamburgDo its! I wants my preciousssssssss!!!!
PhilippeFranceEglyEssonneI don’t like found footage in general. But I think that Blair Witch is a great great film. A very great film. I’m curious about a long version. I hope it will not make it loose it strenth…
JennyUSABurkittsvilleMDit is necessary at this point to release the footage.  We need to know more.
ManuelÖsterreichWienWienwäre interresant zu wissen was sich ämdern würde
AndrewUSASpring LakeMIA re-vamp of this influential horror masterpiece would be a smart move to introduce new fans to the film.
AndrewUSAIt’s time. Just release it already. You would have profitable sales if you marketed it correctly, which you’ve found success with in the past, and if you added surprise, bonus items. I’d pick this up without hesitating. What are you waiting for? The new flick comes out in a week. Cash in on this opportunity.
ChristopherUSAMemphisTNIn a day & age where we sit through 3hr theatrical cuts of bad movies or 8hr documentaries about the making of a film series, I can only imagine how AWESOME an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project would be. Hell, I’d by a bluray set of the full 19hrs edited into a semi-cohesive feature.
AndreasGermanyBeverungenNorth Rhine WestphaliaBecause it´s one of these Films where you feel uncomfortable whithout seeing violence or “monsters”.
VictorEspañaMalagaMalagaBecause is my favorite found footage film
NilsDeutschlandAschaffenburgBayernI love the film and it would be great to see more of it.
MarkusAustriaViennaThe Blair Witch Project is legendary in the found footage genre. <br /><br />I would love to see an extended version released<br /><br />We want more! Show us.
KevinGermanyBerlinBerlinAfter so many years and the hype still goes on. I love this movie and would appreciate an extended version for my collection <3
MikeUKReadingBerkhsireIt defined and shaped the beginning of the found footage genre, developing on from The Last Broadcast. The entirety of the film has to be released.
PhilipUSAAnaheimCAI love extended cuts and director cuts.
ChrisUSANew YorkNYWould be such a fantastic experience to relive this amazing movie with ever more footage!
ChristianGermanyRonnenbergNiedersachsenBecause it´s the Best Found Footage Movie.
KateUKManchesterNAThis would be such an amazing thing.
KarlUKCardiffGlamorganThe fans are long overdue a “special” edition of this groundbreaking film. Lionsgate should listen to the fans.
GEORGAustriaViennaAustriaOne of the best horror movies I saw on my youth days
StevenGermanyCologneDon´t ask. Do !
ManuelGermanyWinningenRheinland PfalzThe Blair With Project was one of the first horror movies I’ve ever seen.<br /><br />I think there could be a lot of good stuff to bring more dark, scary and thrilling scenes.
MauricioUKLondonDo it!
ElijahUSAElizabethtonTNBlair witch is good. Extended cut is good.
ChrisAustraliaSydneyNSWWe make this happen and it’s bigger than one movie, it will effect our whole genre
ChrisUKPershoreWorcestershireI love the Blair witch project, I’ve wanted this ever since I saw it in the cinema!!
JanGermanyBarmstedtSchleswig HolsteinWho does not want to see a longer version of one of the best horror movies in history?
JenniferUKGlasgowN/ALove the movie, I have seen some deleted scenes and alternative endings on YouTube and would love to see more of the film! Example: when heather sees something running alongside them during the chase scene – is it possible to see what her camera caught?
StefanieGermanyPleas do it!
JesseUSAClevelandOHWhere will his mind take is?
SandraSpainBarcelonaBarcelonaBecause this movie changed everything.
ChristerNorwayStavangerRogalandbest movie ever
ThomasAustriaSt. ValentinLower AustriaIt would be awesome to see an extended version of the movie again in cinemas and at home. This classic masterpiece would be really great to watch.
SamUKLondonEnglandThis would be amazing to release so we could re-watch the original in the lead up to the new sequel. It would be even better if you remastered it in 4K,<br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks!
ChristopherFranceNice6800It’s à classic movie !
CoryUSADurhamNCBlair Witch is one of my favorite horror movies ever. Please don’t keep this away from your fans!
ChrisUSAWaukeeIABlair Witch was an awesome movie! Lot of memories.
GabeUSAFrederickMDEd Sanchez owes me a dimebag, release this so he can afford it
MattCanadaShelburneOntarioWould love to see an extended cut , the Blair witch is one of my favorite movies
AlbertoSpainBilbaoBizkaiaThe original film is not enough
ChrisUSAWinstedCTI absolutely loved the movie and was totally engrossed by the mythology and would love to see more!!
RichardUKChelmsfordEssexTBWP is one of a small collection of horror movies that can be said, changed the way in which movies are marketed and filmed. A longer version would be interesting to see and worth being used as an excuse to re-release the movie ahead of the sequel’s home release.
MikeUSAjefferson cityMOIts would be a breath of fresh air to see the extended version and would give the move a bit of newness, I love the movie
JörgGermanyHemauBavariaThe Blair witch project has me at that time a lot of fun, but also extremely shocked.<br /><br />I love the idea that there could be an extended cut here.
KirstenUSADes MoinesIAIt’s a classic and any true horror fan would want more movie!
ValeriaMexicoPueblaPueblaI’m a witch of Blair proyect fan. I would die if I don’t see the extended version
ThorstenGermanyMainzRLPWould be very cool!
JózsefHungaryVeszprémVeszprémThe Blair Witch Project literally changed what people think of low budget filmmaking. I would love to see its extended version.
RiccoGermanyStamsriedi would like to see more of the movie.
DeanUSAPlainviewTXI’ve remained a fan since I saw the original, and want to see more of the amazing film.
TuomasFinlandHalikkoVarsinais-SuomiThe footage deserves to be released. We need this unseen version.
BryanUSAEastpointeMII love the original so much and can’t wait to see part 3. It scared the shit out of me and still makes me afraid to go into the woods.
FrankUSAHoustonTXDO IT!
SebastianGermanyBochumNRWWhat are you waiting for?
JoeyUSAAlbuquerqueNMI want this because getting more of one of the best movies ever filmed is always a good thing!!!
BrendenUSAPortlandORNeed to know what heather saw while they were running from the tent.
Markus AmaltheaSwedenSkärholmenStockholmMake it happen! The original inspiration for an entire subgenre in its current form deserves this treatment.
JasonUKManchesterI just feel there was so much more story to tell. Directors cuts and ultimate editions prove lucrative and answer fan questions.
CarlUSAWilliamstownNJHuge fan of Blair Witch. I want to see what the directors vision of the film is. <br /><br />Please do it! Release the footage.
JonathanUSACharlotteNCPlease do this.  Please.
DavidUKGlasgowThe big daddy of found footage. An extended version would be a must-own.
AmandaUSADenverCOThe Blair Witch has been a favorite of mine since the first time I saw it in theaters. The creation of an entire new legend and watching it unfold was masterful to me. Knowing there is more footage out there that could channel back even more memories and not getting to see any of it hurts!!!
TomUKBirminghamWest MidsBlair Witch Project still remains one of the most genuinely frightening films I have ever seen. I would love to learn more about the characters and visions of the film makers that made the original movie so special.
ShawnUSABaltimoreMDCould be interesting
JonasCanadaNiagara on the lakeOntarioLet’s make this happen!!!!
AndrewUKLondonBecause Blair Witch is quite simply the finest horror film out there.  STILL.  We want MORE!
MichaelUSAWilmingtonMAI’m curious to see the ” missing” footage
BriceUSAMartinsburgPAONe of my favorite films of all time. Would love to see a 3 hour version!
HaydeeMexicoMeridaYucatanIt would be amazing
ChristianAustriaKremsmünsterOberösterreichDo it!!!
AlecUSAResedaCABecause after watching the original very often over the last ~15 years, I’m ready for new footage! Take my money please. Thanks.
WilliamUKGuildfordsurreyBlair Witch is one of my favourite horrors of all time, what I’d give to see an extended cut.
RyanCanadaOshawaOntarioAs one of the most important horror films ever created, an extended version would be wonderful to see in honour of its status in the genre.
KevinUSAIowa FallsIABWP remains the very pinnacle of outstanding found footage horror films. Genuinely terrifying. If there’s more to the story, it needs to be seen. It could only improve on the legend of Elly Kedward and the fate of the missing 3. DO IT.
KristianNorwayPorsgrunnTelemarkBecause it scared the crap out of me as a kid and it would be really interesting to see if a new cut could add to an old experience.
ChristophGermanyRegensburgBavariaBecause it’s the Most scarefull walk throuhg the woods
ScottUSALong IslandNYSuch an influential piece of cinematic history, original and scary! Loved this film!
GrahamUSAPiquaOHI’d just like to see what the director would do differently after years of experience and changed perspectives.
PaulUSAWest ChesterPAThis movie is a masterpiece and I would to see an extended cut.
AlexUSAGreenvilleSCAn extended cut for one of the most influential horror films ever made? Yes please
JoanVenezuelaLos TequesMiradaBecause we deserve to see more of this cult movie.
RichardUSALindenhurstNYI have been waiting so long for a Blu Ray release of TBW and I would love to see the extended cut cause who doesn’t want more !
ThiagoBrazilSão PauloSão Paulo.
JeffreyUSASan FranciscoCADuh, it’s the Blair Witch Project. Who wouldn’t want to see this?!
BretonCanadaHalifaxNova ScotiaAn extended cut could probably bring more to the table than the theatrical cut.
JamieUKLondonLondonOne of the greatest and iconic films ever made deserves a special edition release.
ChristianGermanySaarbrückenSaarlandThe Original Blair Witch is one of my favorite Horror Movies of all time but to know there is still so much to see that I can’t watch bothers me soo much.
JacobUSAOklahoma CityOKThe Blair Witch Project is an iconic film, and one that has always fascinated me. I would love to see more of the film.
KDUSAClevelandOHThe original cut is pretty close to perfect but I’d be interested to see how the filmmakers think it could be improved by the inclusion of additional material.
OwenUKLiverpoolThe first version was great!
Jean-BaptisteFranceSaint-LôOne of the best horror movie ever made, it deserves !
BradleyUKMorecambeLancashireThe Blair Witch Project is one of my all-time favourite horror movies and I love it despite its strong negative criticism. I can understand why many people think that it’s an underwhelming film and now is potentially the perfect opportunity to prove that there was more to it to make it slightly less underwhelming.
VictorMexicoMéxico CityMéxico CityThe original is a relly great movie,  and an extended versión would only be better!
AdamUKBlackpoolLancashireThe Blair Witch Project is undoubtedly one of the most influential horror movies of the last 30 years. Please please PLEASE, if additional scenes are out there, they need to be found. A lot of horror fans would be very happy (and willing) to buy an extended cut of this iconic movie.
BrianUSASan DiegoCAEven more ‘found footage’ would be a great way to re-enjoy this awesome film.  Please re-release this film for another generation to savor a thriller.
SamUSAAny more footage from the film is essential. It’s a key movie in horror and modern film.
DanCanadaVictoriaBCMore about the lore of the Blair Witch.
OwenUKBuryBlair Witch Project is one of my favourite movies and I need to see this
ShaneUSALawrenceburgTNBeen wanting to see the full version since I first heard there was an extended cut in like 2000. This would be a great re-release, and not only make a lot of people happy, but also make a lot of money.
ChrisUKLeedsWest YorkshireThis needs to be done!!
BenoîtFranceLyonRhoneBecause it’s never enough !
OscarCosta RicaI mean, who wouldn’t like to see it? It’s THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!
MichaelUKLiverpoolMerseysideAnything that may enhance the viewing experience of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ is something I would like to see. I will certainly pay for the Special Edition if it ever happens.
SuzyUKMaidstoneKentThe Blair Witch Project is a brilliant film and I’m betting that there was some proper decent footage that got cut that could completely change the film. Obviously for the better 🙂 There’s never been a bad extended version of a film
MiroslavCroatiaSlavonski BrodBecause the original was one of the best horrors for me, such a creppy masterpiece.
CaseyUSANYNYBecause I want to, okay?
jasonUKbrightonWhat else happens?????!!!!!
AlbertPolandWrocÅ‚awDolny ÅšlÄ…skEverybody’s being waiting for it, like, forever.
AlexUSANashvilleTNI want to see it
TaylorUSAFlower MoundTXIt’s a great film and this is the perfect time to release an extended cut, as well as a remastered BluRay!
BjörnGermanyBerlinBerlinI would love to see an extended cut. The original movie is a gem in the entire history of the horror genre and needs to be polished!
MannyUSAWoodhavenNYI saw the original in the theaters and loved it, loved the second, can’t wait for the new one. I have all the original tie-in novels, the dossier, the Book of Shadows, the videogames.. I love BWP and I’d LOVE to see a longer version of the original!
CameronUKCastlefordWest yorkshireAn extended version of this modern day classic would be fantastic, please, make this happen.
thomasThe Netherlandsutrechtutrechtmoar bwp!
TimoDeutschlandBad ZwischenahnDeutschlandShut up and take my money
MichaelGermanyOldenburg (Oldb)Its a Great movie
ChristopherFranceAuxerrele projet blair witch est le meilleur film d’épouvante de tous les temps. Uune version longue de ce film nous renverra a l’epoque de sa sortie et nous changera des films d’epouvante actuels qui sont tous ressemblant.
DonnaUSADeltonaFLWhy do you want to see an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project”?  WHO WOULDN’T?
LauraBelgiumAntwerpBecause it’s the only scary movie I’ve ever seen.
JaquelineMexicoTuxtla GutiérrezChiapasIt would be great to see more frighting footage, the way it was filmed was amazing.
ChrisUKBathIt just seems a waste to have all this footage lying there, when there is obviously an audience for it. It just makes sense.
HenryUSALouisvilleKYI love the movie and would like to see more.
ChrisUSAOrlandoFLThe amount of work from the filmmakers and actors involved was above and beyond normal films, and it is worth utilizing as much of it as possible, making that footage available to fans for years to come.
CarterCrawfordTiroOhioI love the film to death and I want to see much more of it.
CodyUSARadfordVAOne of the rawest horror films ever deserves an extended cut, especially now; now is an important time in the American horror genre.
JesseUSAAnkenyIAThe original release changed the entire landscape of horror. Let’s watch it do that all over again with this extended release!!
NicholasUSAPort ChesterNYBackroud true story about the woods! In super detail!!!
SandraGermanyHernethe movie is an milestone in the horror genre. the first movie i got nightmares when i was 12!
JasonUSAHoustonTXThe original release gave me nightmares for weeks and I wanna see what the extended version will do
MichaelUSAMonteagleTNHuge fan of the film! I would love to more!
TommieUSAYukonOKBecause a longer version would make the film even more amazing!
mariaGreeceAthensbecause we can!
amandaGreeceAthensfor the reasons stated below
michaelUSAparisTNI would pay BIG for Bluray full of all the footage.Special features,etc..PLEASE and THANKS from the fans.
JaredUSAVirginiaMNIt’s already scary and would be even more intense if it was an extended cut!!
JonUSASan FranciscoCAYou know
jeffUSAFlorenceALBlair Witch Project was the first movie that made me tremble as a kid so to see an extended version is something I would pre-order to make sure that I get a copy of it
JoshuaUSAMoorheadMNI’m always interested in seeing alternate versions of important and popular films, and few films of the last twenty years have had the same ongoing cultural impact as The Blair Witch Project. Let’s see this new version!
MauricioUSANaplesFLI bleed a passion for horror films. This film was one of the earliest influences of horror for me as a child.
MichaelGermanyBochumNRWIm a big BW Fan
SaschaDeutschlandFinnentropNRWWeil er diese Langfassung verdient hat.
NadineUSATroyNHYes please would love to see it
MarioGermanyHerneNRWIts a legendary horror movie and it deserves it
EoinIrelandFermoyCo. CorkI think the movie is good.
GriffinUSASeattleWAWhy not get a better version of an already decent movie?
RussellUSAEnglewoodCOAs someone who enjoyed the film in theaters and at home, I’d love to see a version more true to the director’s original vision. I think this movie really started the popular found footage genre and a new release would be welcome, especially with the new film releasing soon
NathanCanadaVictoriaBCI love the movie, and would like to see the unreleased footage!!!
AveryUSAFort MyersFLPlease release it as I absolutely LOVE the original and am excited about the new film. This would give a lot of us a great chance to see this horror classic again or for the first time on the big screen.
AdamUKMargateKentLove the film, not seen it for years though! I would definitely purchase the extended cut! To see what I haven’t seen!
IanUKCardiffGlamorganI’d love to see an extended cut, preferably with more of the b/w documentary segments of heather discussing the mythology 🙂 (ps. also an official directors cut of blair witch 2 please)
JonathanUKAccringtonI love the film! It’s terrifying and would love to see more.
chrisUKsouthamptonshirley warrenit was an awesome movie when it was first released , but getting an extended cut of the film would be awesome to see, cant go wrong with some extra added footage
EduardoUSAFrederickMDOf course I want this to happen!
ChristopherGermanyBüdingenHessenBecause I loved the movie and new unseen material is always interesting imo
SteveGermanyBerlinBerlinIt was my first real horrific experience 😉
MichaelAustriaSalzburgSalzburgThis needs to be released!!
LukeUKLondonLondonI really want to see if there is more to this story.
AlissaUSASan JoseCAI, as a fan, would like to see the complete tale of the blair Witch Project I would like to see what didn’t make it in the official release.
MandyUSAGainesboroTNThis movie is everything. Please release an extended version!
StephenIrelandBelfastThe woods have never so scary.
EricUSANew SalisburyINFans of the film need and deserve to see this cut.
JohannesGermanyFrankfurtHesseBecause it might be even better than the theatrical cut.
YorkGermanyHusumSchleswig-HolsteinStill big Fan of the ’99 Movie, its one of the best Horror Movies of all Time for me. I rewatch it regularly and would love to see the longer version…
UweGermanySchöllkrippenBayernBecause the fans deserve it!<br /><br />Time 2 some new longer blair witch
KatieUSAMinneapolisMNI would love to see more of this fantastic film!
BobAustraliaHampton ParkVictoriaWould love to see this become a reality!
janieUSAkansas cityMOi just think it would be a great movie
NickUSAMilwaukeeWIThe Blair Witch Project is a landmark entry in one of my favorite film genres, albeit one that doesn’t exactly churn out quality films as often as they don’t. To see further work in what I consider the pioneer of found footage would be quite literally a dream come true.
EricUSAAltoonaPAIt was the first ever horror film that I saw back in the early 2000s on DVD and I liked it! Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing what the Blair Witch looks like in the movie! Also, if you have any gory footage between the parts of when Josh runs away from the campsite and when Heather finds his missing teeth, blood and tounge wrapped up in the twig gift, I wouldn’t mind seeing that too! Oh and another thing, please release the extended version in theaters and on DVD/Blu-Ray! Me, my Dad, and my two brothers would really enjoy it! 🙂
JoshuaUSABroomfieldCOGreatest horror film of all time
HillaryUSASnohomishWAI think it would be wonderful to have an extended version available because it would enhance the story more.
AnthonyUSAPhiladelphiaPAThis movie has been a staple in my childhood as one of my favorite horror films of all time. Its timeless; who would think that a film made so simple, would be so iconic. I wanna see more!
GunterGermanyLübeckSchleswig HolsteinI would pay fpr it, sp please let a estended cut happen! In the Cinemas, Direct to DVD wahtever but i want to see it.
AdrienFrancePoitiersBecause it’s a lovely forest !
RachelUSAWashingtonDCI love all things Blair Witch! It’s the only movie that I’ve ever had to pause (and four times, in the middle of a sunshiny day) out of fear. I’ve even traversed to Burkittsville and the Black Hills to explore the lore. Additional footage would be a true gift!
PascalSchweizZürichBülachI would like to have a cut extendet
LucasCanadaHalifaxNova Scotiai loved the original and i would like to see what was edited out of it
NickUSAPhillyPABecause I love the film so much and I want to see more footage. I want to know more about this world.
AlineFranceHazebrouckCENTRE¡Gracias por compartirlo, y lógicamente por compartir este blog post si te <br /><br />ha gustado!
RobertGermanyMagdeburgSaxony-AnhaltLove ”The Blair Witch Project” so much, please release an extended cut of one of my most favourite films. I own the english bluray with the never before seen alternate scenes, because a german bluray is not avaiable. 😀
JoshUSABangorMEMost great movies get at least an extended version or a Director’s cut. As pivotal as this movie is it deserves to get the same treatment. Releasing the footage would be prime to help boost the franchise especially with a new movie coming out.
JonathanCanadaSaskaatoonSaskatchewanBecause it’s about time!
CameronUSAKilgoreTXI would love to see an extended cut because I’m a huge fan of the movie and seeing even more of what was filmed would be great.
RashadUSAJacksonvilleFLBecause it’s one of my favorite movies ever! I would love to see what else was shot
AgustínArgentinaCampo SantoSaltaThe Blair Witch Project was THE MOVIE that introduced me to the Horror genre at a very young age. It impacted me with fear but also with intense emotions and later inspiration to, hopefully one day, tell a story with such powerful craft and creativity.<br /><br />Any more footage of the film would be a joy to behold-
STEPHENUSAFreeholdNJLove this movie, want more.
MichaelUSALos AngelesCABy over editing the movie they could potentially ruin the integrity of the film, it’s a common occurrence (suicide squad) rendering the whole experience pointless.
MartinAustriaViennaViennaI love the original movie for its creativity, atmosphere and groundbreaking use of the found footage style. That most of the movie was improvised adds to the realism, you can feel the characters and actors getting more and more mad.<br /><br />I also included the film on my favourite movies of all time list.<br /><br />I have read so much trivia on IMDB about what was cut from the film, I’d be really interested in seeing more of it, and understand better how the characters evolved the way they did throughout the movie.
patrickGermanykronach96317The movie is great
WendyUSAErwinTNThe movie has become legendary. There are still scenes that fans have questions about. We are hoping for this version in order to get those answers.
NickUSATempeAZOne of my favorite horror films of all time. Would love to see deleted scenes, and a DVD documentary looking back at the making of the movie and the aftermath of its release.
BryanUSAAnnapolisMDWhat was there was great, but I’m sure there’s more to see!
RonaldUSABel AirMDThe Blair Witch Project has been one of my all time favorite films since I had first seen it in theaters and had to walk home through the woods with my sister. The excitement around the new Blair Witch film makes this the perfect time for an extended release. A special edition bluray would be fantastic!
BorisGermanyKrefeldNRWWhat can be wrong about, to extend a fantastic movie?………right, nothing. SO DO IT!!!
MichaelUSAGoldsboroNCI LOVE The Blair Witch Project! The more, the better! Hours of entertainment!
MallikaIndiaNew DelhiDelhiBecause even though it revolutionised film marketing, I’m sick of idiots complaining about how the film was scary only because many people thought that it was real. I saw it in 2013 in my room on a laptop and was so scared I couldn’t breathe. This film is a masterclass in building atmospheric dread, and engaging with the true source of horror: the unknown. <br /><br />An extended cut would be an even further revelation for anyone who enjoys horror.
VeronicaUSAMinfordOHIt was my first found footage movie, and I’d love to see the extended cut.
johnCanadamontrealquébecPLEASE make this happen! 🙂
TizianGermanyFreckenfeldRheinland-pfalzAfter 17 years it’s still an awesome movie and i definetely want to see it in the extendet version!
AleksanderUSALa JollaCAWould be great to finally be able to see all that footage that didn’t make it into the film.
SteveUSABrooklynNYAs a fan I’m curious to see what else was shot and see if it changes anything about the film.
CharlotteCanadaVancouverBCBecause the Blair Witch was groundbreaking and we need to see all of it
DanielGermanyPaderbornNRWExtended cut for the blu ray please
Sarah LouiseUSAMiltonNYI need more!!
MichaelUSABlacklickOHDo want!!
BrettUSATroutvilleVAIt would be amazing too see extra footage from a movie that is already an amazing horror film.
BrookeUSAWilmingtonDEI would love to see what the extra footage captured
GarrettUSANorth HollywoodCABecause the movie was amazing and I’d love to see all the scary scenes and mythology left on the cutting room floor
MathewUSAOrlandoFLI would buy this day one.
ChrisUSAAshlandKYI want as much Blair witch as I can get. I would also love to see the original directors cut of Blair Witch 2 book of shadows.
HughCanadaCoral HarbourNunavutI loved every second of the original and if there is more to see, I NEED to see it!
BrianGermanyRemscheidHau drauf die Szenen. Immer her mit dem Extended Cut. Greetings from Remscheid. Brian Bloody
AdamGermanyPforzheimBaden-WürttembergI am interested for extended version.
LuisMexicogreat movie, if 1 1/2  hour version can make me feel like that, i would love to find out what a 2 1/2 hour version can make me feel
ChristopherUSAMiamiFLBecause bigger’s better. America ya’ll!
Daniel C.USAChicagoILI absolutely love the film as it is now, and would love to see an extended version.  More tension.
brianUSAsalt lake cityUTit would be intriguing to see a lot more of what heather and her crew endured!
DylanUSAFort CollinsCOI love this movie. I want more!
RicardoUSAPalmdaleCAI love this film.
YannikGermanyHamburgHamburgBlair Witch is what you can call a modern Classic! To see an extendet version with all the lost scenes would be not only a perfect way to celebrate This flick as it would be a present for all the fans around the world!!! Do it!!!!
NaderGermanyI just love this movie.. it still feels fresh and new and frightening. I want to see more of the three very interesting characters. We got so many Extended Versions of so many bad, bad movies, why not a great one for a change??
PatrickGermanyBerlinBerlinWould love to see/buy an extended cut, go for it!
KristyGermanyHellenthalNWPara reformar por completo su residencia de forma sencillísima, <br /><br />cuente con unos 30.000-35.000€, mas jamás bajo esto.
RaphaelGermanyTübingenBaden-WürttembergIt makes my dreams come true!
AaronUSAColumbia HeightsMNIt’s about time they release this.  Two other cuts of the film exist, one that was another hour long.
JensGermanyMalchowSilzI love this movie. I want more!
JannDeutschlandSöhrewaldHessenExtended Material should alway get released
JesseUSAOdenvilleALYes yes yes HELL YES.
RobertDeutschlandLeipzigSachsenWow. i will see it!
HasanGermanyHannoverNiedersachsenBlair Witch Project is great
MartinGermanyHell yes!!! Please make this happen!!!
AndreasGermanyDonauwoerthBavariacause reasons
TobiasGermanyBoernsenSchleswig-HolsteinYes! Give us more! Pleasepleaseplease!
DuskoGermanyIngelheimRheinland-PfalzThe Blair Witch Project was a groundbreaking horror movie in the late nineties. As a fan of the original movie it’s always nice to see more “found footage” :-). I would definately buy an extended cut.
AndreGermanyGifhornNiedersachsenI loved the first one !
MarcoGermanyAugsburgBayernThe movie is part of my childhood.<br /><br />Would love to see a longer  version of it.
JoeGermanyHambührenLower SaxonyThis is the best idea of the year!
PatrickDeutschlandYEAH!!! PLEASE!!!!
MichaelGermanyHamburgHamburgI´m nosey what the extended version of The Blair Witch Project offers
RodrigoBrazilRio de JaneiroRJThe Blair Witch Project was a groundbreaking cinematic experience. It’d be great to see it receive a proper Blu-Ray release.
JamieUSABroadwayVABecause I hunger for it! I love the Blair Witch and would absolutely love to add an extended cut to my collection.
IsaacUSACollege StationTXI loved the original and love found footage type films. So extra lore on the Blair witch is a must see
KayDeutschlandFrankenbergSachsenIch würde gern eine längere Version dieses fantastischen Films sehen wollen.
RobertGermanyNurembergBavariaIt was the first movie which scared me a lot. I thought it was a great movie and an even better camapaign. I would love to see more.
TobiasDeutschlandSaarbrückenSaarlandplease make it happen! and release it in Germany! 😉
HannahUKLondinPlease, we all really wanna see an extended cut version!
JaimeAustriaZaggingBURGENLANDI couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!
EverettUSAFrederickMDWhy not?
KennethUSALos AngelesCAIt would be terrific to see more footage from this landmark film… I’ll never forget seeing a screening of this a month before it opened and returning home with my partner afterwards. We left the lights on all throughout the house that night… We were both so scared and thrilled.
AndreasDeutschlandRosenheimBayernEiner der besten Horror-Filme aller Zeiten hat einfach eine Extended Version verdient.
ChristianGermanyFellbachBaden-WürttembergThe founding father of found-footage and still one of the best of its kind. Really curious what the additional material adds to the story and if it might de-mystify it.
ScottUSAHalethorpeMDIf a film with such a impact has a extended cut it should be put out for people to see and enjoy or hate.
MatthewUSAMilfordNHBecause it’s one of the greatest horror movies ever made hands down!!!!
MarvinGermanyWürzburgBavariai love blair witch project. germany loves it<br /><br />a great number of german fans is behind me saying ‘release it’!
WilliamUSAMint HillNCIt seems interesting.
LiamScotlandEdinburghEdinburghBecause there’s so much more of the story to be told.
BillUSAMint HillNCDo it!
RobinSwitzerlandLiestalBLPlease release the extended Version of the movie. It should always have been longer. Now`s the Chance !!!!!
BenjaminGermanyUlmAn extended version would be nice because longer is better than shorter
ArminGermanyEislingenBaden-WürttembergIt is a great movie. I would like to buy the Extended Directors Cut on Blu-ray!
Edgar JossaphatMexicoTuxpanVeracruzBecause is a really good movie, and I know that the extended version could be better.
MichelleUSAMDBecause why not?
StaceyUSAHuntsvilleALThis was my first found footage film. I can clearly remember the way I felt when the first frame came up. Although I have a tiny bit of trepidation about seeing new footage (bc I don’t like change), I think it’s time.
GeorgeGreeceAthensAtticaBecause the original is proboably the mos horrifying film inn history and im intrigued to see what else is in store
NealAustraliaOrangeNew South WalesOne of the best movies ever. I am a big fan of found footage and this is the original and the best. It’s the movie that pretty much spawned an entire genre.
AndrewUSAColumbusOHRemember: No cheese.
BenjaminGermanyDelmenhorstNiedersachsenI would be very much interested in watching that! BWP is the mother of all mockumentary movies and an absolutely great one! I’m really excited to see whether or not the extended cut can add useful and enlightening content. So, yes, please realize it!
kieranUKmanchesterBecause it would be fucking cool
ShawnUSAWestminsterMDI’d buy the hell out of that!!!
JohannaUSAstantonCAGive the people what they want 🙂
ChadUSAMarquetteMIPLEASE!!  I want more footage!
DaveUSAMartinsburgWVi’d definitely buy a multi-disc deluxe version of BWP on DVD or Blu-ray
AdrianArgentinaBuenos AiresBuenos AiresI want to see more of the lore and great acting!
NickCanadaRockwoodOntarioThe Blair Witch Project set the precedent for many horror movies that tried to follow in its footsteps.  It created the genre of found footage and continues to be one of the best examples of a movie done right.  Let’s get an extended edition out in the hands of the fans, I would love to see what else got left out.
TreyUSAStone MountainGAIt’s my favorite movie of all time, and I would love to see more!
MartinGermanyChemnitzSaxonyThis movie can’t be long enough.
FrankUSAAddisonILI’ve been asking for an extended version of The Blair Witch Project since the original film was first released in 1999.<br /><br /><br /><br />This would be an INSTANT pre-order for me.  Here’s hoping it happens.
RobertAustriaViennaViennaCurious about it
SteffenGermanyBerlinBerlinDo it !! I love the movie !!
BastianUKManchesterEnglandBWP 4 Ever
JonUSAHoustonTXThe original was so much fun. I was in high school when this came out and everyone had the idea that it was real. Hard to believe so many fell for that then. Being able to see an extended version of a movie I enjoyed growing up would be amazing!
DanielGermanyEssen/Because its awesome.
AriUSAWashington, DCThe Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite Horror Movies. I would love to see an extended version of it. I would also like to see the alternate endings.
MiconGermanyHagenNordrhein-WestfalenShut up and take my money!
LarsGermanyKielGermanyIt’s One of the best Films i ever saw.
MarcoGermanyNeumünsterYes! I want a longer version of this great shocking movie-!!<br /><br />The original is great but a little bit to short. A few more thrillling and scary moments would be awsome.
EltonUSAhialeahFLTo see more footage from one of my favorite and iconic movies
jayUSAhanaHImy favorite movie if all time!! would love to see more of it!!
IanUSAAtlantaGAIt´s a movie that defined Horror in a hole new way !
MARKUKLONDONLONDONAs good as BLAIR WITCH was, The Blair Witch Project is the most unassumingly terrifying horror film ever made…I for one want to see more of it!
ScottUSABettendorfIAFantastic movie!  Pioneer of found footage horror!  Have to see more of the original!!!
MerlinGermanyOsterrönfeldSchleswig-HolsteinBecause it’s my favorite movie
MarcelGermanyLeipzigSaxonyWhy? Because we all want to see an extended version of the Blair witch Project 😀
DaveUSADenverCOI got to see it in the very limited original release and got the companion booklet and all of it. I can’t get enough Blair Witch.
RandyUSAWebb CityMOWhy not view it as he originally wanted it.
MatthiasGermanyNürnbergBavariaWe want it as soon as possible.
JonathanUSARock TavernNYThe more of creepy happenings, the better! Fan of the film and would love to see more of it
MarcelGermanyPirmasensRheinland-PfalzBecause its The Blair Witch Project …….
TimUSANew HavenVTIt will be awesome
AndreGermanyMühlhausenThüringenYes…please did IT!
FrankGermanyFrankfurt/MainHessenI like every frame of that great movie and I’m thirsty of much more footage! So please spend the die hard-fans more/additional footage!!!
JayUSABrandonFLYes, please.
MarcGermanyKasselHessenCause the actual version is to short. Please more shocking scenes.
JeremiahUSAClackamasORLet’s get a longer cut!
GéraldFranceAbbevilleBecause it’s now a classic to me.
MarkusAustriaGrazSteiermarkI want to see the Witch!
SebastianDeutschlandHofheim am TaunusHesseneiner der besten Horror Filme die es je gegeben hat. <br /><br />Und es gibt noch so viel zu entdecken in einer Längeren Fassung
IanCanadaPeterboroughOntarioI’ve heard of a number of rumoured scenes that were shot for BWP. I’d love the chance to see them in a new cut of the film.
oriFranceparisPlease extended version of the blair wtch project.<br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks.
SusanUSABoonsboroMDthis needs to happen – the story is a perfect fit for an extended version.
RhysUKCardiffWalesGet it done! Even as an 11 year old boy watching the film in secret (because parents didn’t want me to see it back in 99) I never found it scary, but the lore of this film and the way it was shot stuck with me forever. I’m buzzing for “Blair witch” and an extended cut of the original would be amazing! 🙂
LanceUSAWinonaMNPlease yes.
BjörnGermanyHamburgHamburgI wanna be shocked. Would love to See the witch.
SebastianGermanyPlease make this extended version possible!<br /><br />So much facettes will may be discovered…
LazarusUSAAnsoniaCTGive me this movie!!
KyleUSAIndianapolisINI freaking love this movie! I’d love to see an extended cut!
LeeUSASummervilleGABecause the original was brilliant and I would love to see an extended version.
JonathanUSAPell CityALI love this movie!
SaschaGermanyratheowBrandenburgBecause its a great movie!
NikkiUSATinley parkILBlair witch project is one of the best horror films ever made. It started my favorite type of horror: found footage. I still watch blair witch project often and I am stoked for the newest one this September. Would love to see more of the original and so would many others. Pleaasssse make this happen! Would warm my horror obsessed heart!
DonaldUSAPotosiMOI absolutely loved watching The Blair Witch Project when it was first released. It was nothing like I have ever seen before. And although many many films have tried to imitate what they did very few have succeeded. Please release this extended cut!
TomasGermanyNürnbergBayernBlair Witch New Unrated Director’s Cut Movie… uAmazing Thrill, Amazing Horror Adventure. Please, Make this Project. Is Beautiful Idea. Thank You Lions Gate, Thank You All Fans <br /><br />ψ(`∇´)ψ
FernandoMexicoMeridaMeridaI love it
JasonUSAValparaisoINWhen I was 15 ( 1995 ) I saw Man Bites Dog, years later I saw a trailer that had a similar feel ( found footage esk ) called Blair Witch. The experience of seeing it in theatre left an impression. ( Then a week later I finally saw cannibal holocaust ) The mood of Blair Witch is so capturing and would love to see more !!!!!!
EvanUSAdes MoinesIAKeep the franchise alive
JoseUSAHoustonTXIt’s one of my favorite horror films so of course I’d want to see more footage.
SchulerUSAMyrtle BeachSCI’ll give you money for it. That seems to be the only reason anyone in Hollywood needs to do anything. I will give you money for it. I’ll preorder it, pledge it, whatever. Take my money.
JoshUSASCExtended version NEEDS to be seen
DocUSAApexNCI am a long time fan of found footage films. It is time to give the Grand daddy of the genre its due. The film is fantastic, the director remains passionate to the project. Let’s see what he still has in store for us, 16 years later!!!
AlexUSALos AngelesCAWould buy this in a heartbeat.
JustinUSATamaquaPAWe NEED and WANT this. Stop beating around the bush and let this become a thing.
AlUSABrooklynNYI’m a huge fan
AndrewUSADenverCOI need this
NickUSANorthbrookILI  Grew up with The Blair Witch project. An have wanted to become a film maker cause of it. An extended cut is a wonderful idea and should be done.
MichaelUSADowneyCAI remember seen some clips back in 1999 on ET where they had an “exclusive clip” not shown in theaters. And surprisingly, it wasn’t released on the recent Blu-ray. So with that being said, I would LOVE to see an extended cut!! Please Lionsgate, make it happen!!!
ShaunUSABridgetonNJAn extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” would be amazing because I’d love to see more of the original characters. I’m dying to see the rest of the story.
StefanGermanyHamburgHamburgThe Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite, in my opinion most scariest horror movies, I watch it once the year at Halloween. I’m very interested to see more footage.
MarcelGermanyIserlohnNRWPLEASE DO IT!!!!!!!!
DanielPortugalOvarAveiroI love this movie!
MaikGermanyPeineNDSBlair Witch Project is a Masterpiece
BradleyUSABakersfieldCAI think this extended edition would be very important in the genre of horror. “The Blair Witch Project” changed horror forever and an extended edition could let us see more of the magic.
RichardUKLondonSuch an iconic movie, so if the director is willing to produce an extended version then why the hell not? 🙂
timmyUSAsan diegoCAI’ve been waiting for an extended cut of this film since for over a decade! It is time.
RaphaelAustraliaCanberraACTI would love to see what else that director Sanchez has in store for us who have already seen and loved the original cut of the film.
WilliamUSARockfordILThe original is one of the best horror movies ever made.
PedroBrazilBelo HorizonteMinas GeraisFound footage is an important, if not essential, aesthetic of contemporary image artistry and has a wide field of studies in Image Theory.
MartinArgentinaBuenos AiresBuenos AiresIt’s one of the most important horror movies ever made and it deserves a proper director’s cut, not only for the fans but also for film students
jimmyUSAharrahOKI am obsessed.
SantiagoArgentinaCiudad Autónoma de Buenos AiresIt’s not what the people needs, but what it deserves.
AlUSAGlendale heightsILIt would be Awesome to get to see the extra footage
TreyUSAWinfiekdIAMore footage = scarier = full appreciation of the original found footage master piece!
BrandonUSAPortlandORI would love to see the stuff deemed “inappropriate” at the time. Times have changed – and with enough footage to re-make the film I feel like it would be a huge success!
CarolinaBrazilSao pauloSao pauloPela criatividade, pelo cinema
JennyUSARichmondMOLove “The Blair Witch Project” movies. I say Do It. The more the better. The better acary movie ever made. I could watch it all the time if i could. Extend it!!!!!
JoshUSALas VegasNVBlair witch project is one of my favorite horror films and is a landmark in horror cinema if there is a version that was unreleased I have to see/own it. I want to know as much as I can about the lore and see if there were things in the original that were not shown on the first run of the movie.
AndreasGermanyVilshofen an der DonauBavariato get more of the atmosphere
PruvostFranceI really want a see an extented version because I’m a huge fan of the movie. For me it’s a masterpiece of the scary movie, and discover a long version would extend this masterpiece in mere object of terror.
CarlosUSAHartfordCTThe original film was so groundbreaking and ahead of its time that it has, rightly so, garnered a wide and passionate fan base. Because we will undoubtedly give u the box office numbers you need, I believe it’s only fair for us to get the fullest and most complete directorial vision possible.
JonathanFranceMarseille“The Blair Witch Project” was the first FF i watched…and one of my firt REAL scary moment in cinema in my adult life…So i think  an extended version is maybe a good opportunity to rediscover this masterpiece (if there is a real artistic ambition behind this Sanchez’s idea of course).
JohnUSAEdmondsWAwho wouldn’t want to see a scarier cut of the movie
JoshuaUSALas VegasNVIt would be a fan’s dream to see a extended version of the movie!!
ThomasUKLondonLondonMy favorite movie!  I would love an extended version, especially if it goes deeper into the lore. Really hope this happens
MichaelUSAWalnutCA“The Blair Witch Project” is an iconic horror classic and set a milestone in cinema. People need to see the rest of the footage. The way the original was produced and marketed was absolutely genius and expanding the mythology would only make it better.
TonyArgentinaBuenos AiresItuzaingoI need it!
LukeCanadaBarrieOntarioThe Blair Witch Project was a groundbreaking film. Seeing the unreleased footage would be amazing.
AustinUSALehightonPAWould love to have a double feature of this and the new one!
JamesUSABILLINGSMTWhy wouldn’t I need to see it. It’s The Blair Witch,,,it has to be seen.
SiaUSALos AngelesCAIt’s about time! The Blair Witch Project is such an iconic movie!
KyleCanadasudburyONBlair Witch needs an extended version Give it too us!
ChrisUSASanta BarbaraCAYep…this a good idea
DanielUSADaytonOHBlair Witch Project really affected me when it first came out and if there is an extended version of it then we need to see it.
YvonneGermanyEssenNRWI want to see more!
BjörnGermanyEssenNRWI need it!
joelswedenvästerÃ¥sIt’s one of the films that got me hooked to horror when I was very young and I still lovet it today. Because almost <br /><br />all new horror films suck today it would be wonderful to<br /><br />explore  the Blair witch universe some more with unused footage from the original film. No sequel/remake/whatever will ever match what sanchez accomplished in the 90’s.
daniellePhilippinesmanilaPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
MarvinGermanyMerzenichBecause I need it.
GeoffreyUSADeKalbILAs someone who purchased Josh’s Blair Witch Mix just to get an additional six minutes of footage, this would be my nightmare come true! How they got this down to only 88 minutes is beyond me!
ArturGermanyWaldsolmsHessenthe more footage the better!
HenriqueUSADaytonOHIt’s a film that changed every film made after it, there aren’t many films that can say that.
OwenCanadaWellandI hope this version has more, “JOOSHHH?!?!?!”
AntonioAustriaViennaAustriaI would love to see an extended version
ScarlettUSACocoaFLI remember seeing BWP when I was a kid and just being astonished by it. This was the film that birthed my love for found footage and mockumentaries, blurring the line between fiction and reality in the most interesting and scariest ways possible all the way into my adulthood.<br /><br />So, needless to say, I really want to see more of the footage that started it all.
DustinCanadaCalgaryABFilm could be life chagning again!
PollyUSAMooresvilleINI’m a huge fan of the original film and the director, Eduardo Sanchez. An extended version of the film would be so amazing!
JamieUSAClevelandTNThis film changed the horror genre to what it is today.  An uncut version would pay respect to the die hard horror fans that still talk about this film to this day.
AndrewUKWould love to see a extended version of the film that i think made found footage movies so popular
DylanUSAFarmingtonMOBlair witch is an amazing movie, with an Extended cut it could be even better
MarkUSAAuburnGAOne of my favorite films
NickCanadaRELEASE THIS!!!!
AlfredoUSALos AngelesCAWould love to see the deleted footage. Also an actors’ commentary with the 3 actors would be great.
NichelleUSAGainesvilleFLit would be cool to have an ultimate edition with the theatrical and the extended version.
NoahUSAAtlantaGAThe film is amazing, the extended version NEEDS to happen!
RyanUSAFalmouthMABecause the creator thinks it would be a good idea.
JordanAustraliaBrisbaneQueenslandcuz that would be rad
ThorstenGermanyBielefeldI Love this Movie, I have seen it many times in Cinema
AndreasGermanyEppertshausenHessenI love this movie, bacause that was the first horror movie I’ve seen.
BruceUSASeattleWAJust because.
BarbaraUSALehigh acresFLWho wouldn’t ? The Blair witch was one of its kind and I would like to see more !
DennisUSAFontanaCAPlease please please!
jacobUSAvalricoFLI love The Blair Witch and I want to see an exteneded cut!
GregUSAReedleyCAI’m a huge fan of blair witch
SimonUKBarrowEnglandWho wouldn’t?
Louis-PhilippeCanadaMontréalQuébecThe Blair Witch Project is one of the most important movies in the horror history. An Director’s Cut would scare me even more today…
JoeUSAPittsburghPAWhy wouldn’t you want to see an extended version?
andrewUSApocatelloIDwhy not?
DeanUKRomfordEssexInterested in sub plots and back story etc and hope to find out more about the mythology
ZacharyUSASeneca FallsNYI want more of Heather, Josh and Mike slowly losing their minds. The scariest thing about this movie is that the acting was done so well that I still can’t watch it alone without feeling like something is behind me even though I know what’s going to happen. I want to see what else the cast was able to bring to the table with their acting abilities. It’s a shame that we didn’t get the 2 and a half hour film in the first place. I say RELEASE THE EXTENDED VERSION!
JesseUSAHoustonTXOne of my favorite horror movies, I would love an extended cut
NelsonUSARaleighNCIt’s one of my favorite horror movies, and the original dvd didn’t have many special features/deleted scenes, so any chance to get more of a classic is worth my time/money
JustinUSACape CoralFLHorror fans all over the world would absolutely love to have an extendend version and it would make good business sense. Just Do It!
TimothyUSASalemMAThe Blair Witch Project was a daring and highly effective experiment in horror movies, using a highly improvisational style of filmmaking and a unique collaboration between directors, actors and editors. Any chance to see more of the amazing material they created is an exciting prospect.
GavinUSAWest BendWIFor me, this is the truly last great horror film that was made before we went down the route of silly jump scares accompanied by music stings and loud, obnoxious sound design. That stuff just leaves me cold. An extended version of this seminal film would be most welcome.
AndrewUSASan AntonioTXI want to see all the raw footage to see more scary scenes.
JoseMexicoDurango30060Because TBWP is like my favorite horror movie. I just need more of it!
VeronicaUSAChicagoILI’m interested in seeing the whole version
Juan RafaelMexicoTolucaEstado de MexicoIt’s a Classic, a cult movie for all Horror Lovers, this needs to get a Limited Edition like this
KeitonUSAFarmingvilleNYThe original cut was great and I’m sure extra footage would only make it better. I will pay money for it.
MichaelUSAMt. PleasantMIExtended versions, especially when done by the creators/writers of a film, are 9 outta 10 times better than the released film 🙂 Curious as all hell!
MitchelUSACarlsbadCABecause Blair witch project is one of my favorite movies! An extended cut would be amazing!
ClayCanadaOshawaOntarioIt would be perfect to coincide with the sequel.
JeffUSAHowellMIThesis one of my all-time favorite horror films I know it like the back of my hand and would love to see more!
MariusSouth AfricaJohannesburgGautengI really really enjoyed the first film. I wis still in primary school when it released and I watched it with my friend (without our parents permission of course) on VHS and it was the first and last film that really had me believing it was actual found footage. Needles to say I couldn’t sleep for weeks but it was totally worth it as this was THEE movie that got me into my love of horror films. Having an extended cut would just be so f*cking cool!
ThomasBelgiumEupenPlease release the extended cut
KelseyUSARio RanchoNMDo it!!!!! I love this movie
GrantUKNewcastleBecause there is always more story to be had.
JakeUKSittingbourneKentI love everything about the movie, the history, the behind the scenes stories and I am always up for a bit more Blair Witch in the woods!!!
XavierFranceTOURNUSBecause it’s a great movie, the best found footage ever, I’m a big fan !
AdamUSADoverTNWe need this! It would be great accompany to the DVD/blu-Ray release of the 2016 Blair Witch film!
DerekCanadaBarrieOntarioI really need to see this. Please make this happen. It was a sweet surprise in ’99 and I could totally watch 19 or 199 hours of uncut BW footage. I am not alone.
davidUSAspringfieldMOI love the film and would love to see more.
MelissaUSACarpentersvilleILBecause this movie was one of the first to truly terrify me as a kid and the found footage aspect of it makes it seem like it could be anyone in their shoes
salcédoFrancemarseilleBecause i’m a great fan of this movie.<br /><br />and i’d like to see an extended version on screen, even in France.<br /><br />it would be amazing to watch a new version.
LeonGermanyLübeckSchleswig HolsteinIt could be good.
JamesUSAStephensonVALove this movie, would be awesome to see the rest of the footage and would gladly pay for it!
DanielGermanyLeipzigSXThis movie was the reason i fell into this genre and still can’t get enough of. I would so love to see the extended version.
JohnUSAWaterfordMII freaking LOVE this movie and knowing these extra scenes are out there, they have to be unearthed and shown for the fans sake.
BatuTurkeyIstanbulPlease make it happen. Even if there is a couple seconds of total trash, I wanna see it from top to bottom. I want to see every frame and I believe all fans do. Don’t even edit them just release the full 19 hours. We love Blair Witch Project and the new one is coming up made our hearths full of it again so it would be a good time to do such a thing. Adam Wagner actually sucked with his films before and I’m not expecting so much from the new Blair Witch so please bring us our love, the original. Please.
MathewUKStoneStaffordshireIt’s been long enough, and we all really wanna see the extra footage.
JackieUKStoneStaffordshireAny self-respecting horror fan would want to see the missing footage.<br /><br /><br /><br />How can we not want more found footage?
JamesUKNottinghamNottinghamshireBeing such a huge fan of this cult classic, it would be greatly satisfying to delve further into the mystery around the Blair Witch. I believe the fans would be desperate to throw money at a DVD/Blu Ray release.
gavinUKlondonlondonits unfair if theres more footage out there that we cant see
JoeUSARedlandsCAI thought the original was so awesome because it was the first of it’s kind and I would love to see more of what went on.
CharlesUSABrookynNYThis film is a landmark in horror and I’d love to see an extended cut.
ChrisUKDunfermlineFifeLoved the theatrical release and a promotional ‘documentary’ about the filmmakers.
simonUKexeterdevonone of my favourite films,would love to watch an extended version
SadieUKKentKentNeed to see it !!!!!!
JimesiaUSAMontgomeryALBecause, awesome!
JessicaUSAGrapevillePAIt was such a fantastic movie so having more to watch would be even more fantastic!
RebeccaSwedenOskarshamnBecause the movie is a great thrill to watch and would be nice to see more of the characters interracting.
AnnUSADurhamNCI think that, after years of supporting this awesome film, we deserve a chance to see the extended version.
JulienFranceThe Blair Witch Project is such an amazing film – exciting story, great characters… Of course we all would love to see other scenes from this Project! Go on Sanchez!<br /><br />Clapping from France
BrittainyUSAWichitaKSI’m a huge fan of The Blair Witch Project and would love to see more footage!
BrigetteUSAPhoenixAZI Always loved the original. I think it would be awesome to see more footage
brunoFrancelimogeslimousinIt will be a shame to loose this filming materials. They must be viewed by the audience. It’s their purpose.
somesunnydayAustraliaYou asking me why? Cause it’s the best horror film ever made and I wanna see more!
IanUKNew FerryMerseysideThis is one of the few films that actually puts you right in the middle of the fear and paranoia. I’d love to see more of it.
CarstenAustraliaMelbourneVICThe original Blair Witch was so much fun and the atmosphere of the film was amazing. No score was required to create the dread that the characters felt. It would be absolutely amazing to see more of this footage.
MatthewUSAEast ConcordNYOut of interest to see what was cut. Would love a box set with all the blair witch movies, an extended edition of the original, and all 19 hours on a seperate set of discs in the set.
PaulUKManchesterSaleIt’d be interesting to see other scenes whether they worked or not
IsaacUSANashvilleTNI’d like to see what gaps in the story or extra subplots the extra footage might have attempted to fill in.
CarlUSAClovisCATo revisit this classic with new scenes would be interesting
VincentUSAFlushingMII have heard rumor of a longer version since the original DVD release in 1999. I have been waiting patiently. Day 1 purchase!
JosephUSAEmersonNEI would like to see what might have been missing from the theatrical cut.
TyUSASan AntonioTXIt’s such a phenomenal film. It’d be amazing to see an extended cut!
RaffaelNordrhein-WestfalenGummersbachGermanyBecause it’s awesome
ValerieUSASt peteFLYou guys want to make money on an older movie without having to hope the sequel breaks even? This is how.
DarrickUSARenoNVIt’s always nice to see new footage from an older film. #ReleaseTheFootage!
VernonUSARancho CucamongaCAI like to be scared!
UlisesUSALos AngelesCAHuge fans of the original cut, but it would be great if we can see more of it! Specially the alternative ending!
ShaneUSALos AngelesCAYes please, one of my favorite films, would love to see what Sanchez could do with an extended edition!
PrestonUSALakeaideAZBecause why wouldn’t I? One of my favorite movies if there’s more I wanna see it
AnthonyUSAModestoCAThe original was done very well while keeping a tight pace. I think it would be even better if the story were paced a little more slowly, a slow burn thriller with a riveting conclusion! I would love to see it, I would pay money to see it. Make it happen my friends!!
SteveUSASt louisMOI saw it in theatres when i was 11 it changed my life
DevUSAGainesvilleFLIt’s an iconic film.
LiamUKSittingbourneKentIt’s an iconic film that people are craving more of.
RalphUSAWarwickNYOne of the most influential movies of the late 90’s. Always wanted to know what other possibilities existed in the Blair Witch universe!
TomUKLondonLondonThe Blair Witch Project was my first venture into being a film fan. I spent hours upon hours disecting every scene in the film looking for clues or anything I missed. An extended cut would make the 16 year old kid in me just as excited and obsessed. 17 years later.
MartijnNetherlandsZwolleOverijsselLionsgate, if you don’t make this happen, I will invoke the Blair witch to haunt you for life.
KeithCanadaCharlottetownLove the Blair Witch Project for its uniqueness.  I think fans deserve to see the extended cut of the film and it would also get a new generation of kids to experience this great horror film.
HeatherUSAOlympiaWAI want to see more of the movie because it was a BIG DEAL.
JakeUSAEl PasoTXOne of my all time favorite movies!
RichUSAPittsburghPAWould make original more epic
AttilaSwitzerlandZugPlease make this happen! The movie changed my life. Its still my favorite movie of all the time. In 2012 I went all the way from Switzerland to Burkittsville;)
AldoUSAGreenvilleTXTo see the footage that was cut.
JonUKLove it or hate it, there is no denying that The Blair Witch Project had a huge impact on popular culture. Releasing an extended cut is a no brainer. The fans would be happy and Lionsgate would profit. Everyone’s a winner baby
DanUKLondonIt’s the godfather of found footage cinema and deserves greater attention
HeatherCanadaTorontoOntarioThe movie was totally awesome!! It would be incredible to see more scenes that were filmed that we have not been able to see. Many times when these deleted scenes are added back in it adds more clarity to the film.
BryanUSAJolietILI am SO on board with this! Greatest found footage movie EVER!
NatachaCanadaLavalQuebecI really liked the first one and if there any other scene that I didn’t see I would definitely pay to see it!
MatthewUKStaines upon ThamesSurreyBecause it’s an epic movie that deserves a new cut
Juan PabloMexicoMexico CityThis film changed the lives of thousands who had the opportunity to witness the social phenomenon that caused this film in 1999 , for that people and for future generations is that a longer version is needed.
JamesUSATivertonRIPlease release the extended cut of Blair Witch 1999 so all the fans can enjoy. If the footage exists, and the filmmaker wants to put it together, then why not do it especially with the new sequel coming out. Thanks!
AdamUSAVernonTXI love the movie and would love to see what else was going to be included in it’s rightful place in the film.
MarcelGermanyRecklinghausenNRWThis is a Classic Movie. <br /><br /><br /><br />I want to see more from this Movie.
BrianUSAHighspirePANeed to see the Extended Director’s Cut!!
PeterUKBerkshireI wrote a book on The Blair Witch Project which you can buy at Amazon here if you’re interested!<br /><br />Would love to see an extended cut PLEASE!!!
DaveNederlandHornLimburgI trust the director.<br /><br />Maybe more scary stuff!
DaveUSAWoodbridgeVARevive this underappreciated classic!
AntonGermanyVillingen-SchwenningenBaden WürttembergThis Movie is awesome
RoyUSABuzzards bayMAPlease release an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project! I saw it on opening weekend when I was 13, and am still a huge fan! Can’t wait to watch the sequel
StaceyAustraliaAdelaideSouth AustraliaWhat can I say?<br /><br />I freakin’ love found footage films!!
ChristianeGermanyKaarstNRWgreat story and i love that kind of movies<br /><br />thumbs up
ChrisUSARichwoodKYTo learn more about the lore
chrisUSAclinton townshipMIThis movie affected me as a fan of cinema, it was one of the greatest movie experiences of my life, to see more of the footage and delve deeper into the story would be amazing after all this time.
JuanUSAMiami LakesFLI would like to see the extra footage and see what they didn’t get to show in the original
DaveUSAVirdenILIt would be cool for them to expand on the story some.
KatherineCanadaWinnipegManitobaThis was one of the first horror movies I saw in theatres as a teenager, and the very first found footage movie I ever saw. It will always hold a special place for me because of that. Each time I watch the film, I find I have a greater appreciation for the subtleties and suspense, and my desire to see the actual Blair Witch hasn’t subsided, even though I know with each viewing that she won’t be revealed. Found footage is now my favourite film style. I hunt these movies down yearning for the same experience and re-watchability. Few compare to Blair.
MattUSAWilliamsportPABecause it’s an extended version of The Blair Witch Project!
EvanUSASan DiegoCAI love the Blair Witch Project, it is my favorite horror movie of all time. I would love to explore more of the lore and see some new things from the classic film.
JeffUSAChampaignILTBWP was a once in a lifetime movie and to see more video would shed more insight into how the film came to be.
samUSAnew yorkNYBecause the original is already scary as $#!7! and would love to see a longer cut
PhilUSAMount ClemensMIPLEASE release an extended cut of BWP! It’s a modern masterpiece that has set the standard for found footage!
KennethSwedenKarlshamnBlekingeAlongside the original version, this additional, optional cut could prove to be interesting. Whether the original was tight and contained just the right choices for the story and therefore an extended might be considered a nice bonus. Or it will reveal layers being a slow, long burn.
BenUSAChattanoogaTNWho wouldn’t? Good movies always make you want more, and TBWP has always made me want more.
LouiseUKCardiffWalesI would love to see the additional footage and how it could change the experience of watching the film. It’s always worth watching a directors cut of a movie as it’s usually a very different experience to the theatrical cut
DanielUKHorshamWest SussexThe new film saw the witch. I want to see the footage we should have seen.
XavierNew ZealandAucklandI’ve always loved the mythology of the Blair Witch & just the mystique around the movie. I’d love to see an extended cut of the movie because not only could it answer some of the questions I have asked, but it could give me more questions to try to figure out the answers to!
AnnieUSABaltimoreMDLoooovvveeeee the first one. I actually saw it before it was released to major theatres and only playing in the local artsy ones. Seen it a ton of times and it would be awesome to get some more. That movie ending was one that’s stayed with me for 17 years!
DevinUSAProvoUTBecause it’s one of the best horror movies ever
JasonUSAFranklin FurnaceOHWith the new film hitting theatres, now’s the perfect time to capitalize on the franchise by giving fans more of what they love.  Give us an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project!  And, while we’re at it, Joe Berlinger’s director’s cut of Blair Witch 2!
ManuelThe NetherlandsAmsterdamcentraalStill the best one Made . extended version is a Must with more scenes of the witch would be huge and wise te bring out. Hope  this Signature helps out. name at credits would be Nice
DaneUKNottinghamWhy wouldn’t I?
MichaelUSACantonTXWatching this movie opening weekend was one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had!  I went into it semi-blind, so I truly believed what I was about to watch was actual “found-footage”!  Now 17 years later, it still stands as one my favorite movies ever!  I, like most fans, have always wondered about the “unused footage”.  It would be epic to finally get to see this raw and lost footage.  WE NEED IT!
RonUSAPortageMIRemake sucked. More of the original would be awesome
BenjaminUSADyerINExpand the mythology. supports this petition!
BruceCanadaOttawaONI never knew this was an option.  TBWP was amazing.  It was a unique horror experience.  To know that there’s an extended cut out that hasn’t been made available to fans makes me sad.
LunaUSAJacksonville BeachFLThe Blair Witch Project has been one of my favorite movies EVER since it came out, and I watch it at least three times a year. I would die of excitement if I was able to see an extended version!
RenaldoPakistanBecause Blair Witch Project is one of the greatest horror films ever made, and one of the greatest films of the 1990s. Being able to see more footage is thusly a riveting and joyous prospect for anyone interested in the possibilities and triumphs of horror form, and of cinema in general. The footage would shed light on what made the final cut work, what could have made it work not as well–an incredibly instructive an revelatory insight into a masterful, rare landmark work–a clarion call and educative event for fans, artists, and scholars across the world. This content is of invaluable cultural significance.
AndyGermanyBrandenburg an der HavelBrandenburgI love this movie , please please let Eduardo Sánchez make this version again again and Halloween would it be the blockbuster . Hab home also camcorder with night vision if I could turn back time I would like to do so with these INCREDIBLE PERFECT COOL FILM , please let him the 19 hours again about work . Love greetings Andy
LeilaniUSAAnchorageAKThe Blair Witch Project inspired my love for good horror movies-I’d love to see so much more of it!
SeamusUSAWoodstockCTOne of my favorite films!
IainCanadaPickeringOntarioThe BWP is one of my favourite horror films of all time, and the first horror film to really scare the SHIT out of me when I first saw. I like to think that seeing some of this extended footage may help rekindle some of those frightened feelings, nothing is more fun and enjoyable than having the living daylights scared out of you from a film, especially if it’s a classic like the Blair Witch!
TobiasGermanyKemptenBavariaBig fan since first hour!! Saw TBP over 500 times. My personal all time classic movie, it scares me every time again
DonUSAMuncieINWhat is easily the most influential horror film of the last 25 years Blair Witch has garnered the love and respect from so many. Those same fans still constantly watch the other faux documentarys that accompanied the release and I like all of them would relish any new unseen footage. It also deserves to be preserved considering its place in film history.
AidanUSASouth Glens FallsNYI’d really appreciate seeing footage that builds upon new elemts in the Blair Witch lore.
anthonyUSAbridgeportPAit will be good and scary because I want to see the alternate endings and deleted scenes they put in the extended version of the Blair witch project
ChrisCanadaSt. John’sNewfoundlandLove the film. Fans deserve best extended edition available.
BrendanUSABrookylnNYIt would expand the film and add more to the story and artistic value of the film. It would also make more money of lions gate
StephenCanadaMount PearlNewfoundlandI would love to see an extended cut.
JakeUSAAvisPAI want to see an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project because I believe the movie has more to say and as well as more to show in order to truly understand the lore and dark history it has to offer.
MarcosUSASunland ParkNMI was 9 years old when this movie came out, I was very gullible at age, what kid isn’t? All the promo this movie had leading me to believe it was real just like everyone else, since I had cool older sisters growing up they let me watch horror movies with them, The blair witch project was one of them, I was left terrified because I believed a real witch with that much capability existed in our world. The three actors of this film did an amazing performance which was one of the main reasons I believed this was real, they’re acting skills were unique and very believable. I immediately became obsessed with the whole blair which phenomenon, I would log into the blair witch website while my sister was at school and mom would be busy with cooking and such. It was just a unique film as well as the promotion and hype that was used for this film, so 20 years later I want more I want to see more of these student film makers journey or “last days” I want to still believe this is real even though I know it isn’t, so an extended version of this film would probably satisfy my craving for in my opinion one of the best horror films of all time.
PaulUSABurlingtonKSIt’s my all time favorite horror film….the mythology and world they created is unbelievably ingenious and extensive.  Of course I want to see more!
JacobUSABeckleyWV“The Blair Witch Project” is my favorite horror movie, and I would love to see more!
ViníciusBrazilBelo HorizonteMinas GeraisI would love to see this new version !!!!
AndrewUKSouthamptonWe as fans deserve this
StuartUSABeavertonORI wanna see more
StephenUSAThere are several films I want to see extended versions of and The Blair Witch Project is one of them. It’d be fascinating to see how the added footage would change the film. The scariest element to me was watching the kids slowly go crazy as they’re continually lost in the woods.  More of them going through that I think would punch up the film even more.
OwenUKGreat film tbh
MarkUSAColumbusMSMY favorite Reality movie. Please give us TRUE fans more of what we love!
BrianUSANashvilleTNI would love to see extended The Blair Witch Project footage!
RUSAMeridianIDIt was a great movie that was and has continued to be talked about! Of course we want more!!!! It resonated with the audience and EVERYONE knows about The Blair Witch movie whether they’re a horror fan or not.
JeffUSABuffaloMNThe movie is fantastic as it is, I think adding new footage would elevate the experience even further.
AlexAustraliaSydneyNSWBecause a YT comment told me to
MichaelCanadaRichmondBCAs a fan of the original film, I’d definitely pay money to see an extended cut put together by Eduardo Sánchez.
DanielUSAGreenvilleSCLoved the original film. Would love to see more footage.
JerimiahUSADes MoinesIAThe Blair Witch marks a truly personal milestone in my life and being able to see the film in all its original glory would mean the world to me. The Blair Witch is one of the truly great films of my generation and the idea of seeing an extended cut is a dream come true to us fans
RobertCanadaCalgaryAlbertaLoveD the originial
AlexUSAGreenwoodINBring it on!
PaulUKStoke on TrentStaffordshireIt would be great to see more footage that could expand the mythology of the original.
Resty MervinPhilippinesMarikina CityMetro ManilaI wanted to see the deleted scenes, as well as finding what really happened to the 3 people that went to the hills of Blackwoods, MD.
SpencerUSAClaytonNCLet’s be scared even longer this time! Keep us out in the woods and let’s get this done. Extended!
RichardIrelandDublinThere’s 4 films worth of footage lets do it !
CharlesUSAForty FortPAThis is a masterpiece of cinema that can onpy be made better by adding more footage. I’m dying to see some of those 19 hours.
NicoPhilippinesTaguigMetro ManilaWhen I saw the film, it gave me nightmares. But I always think that there’s more to the story. Also, I felt like the movie is too short. So, if there’s an extended cut of the movie, I will be hyped to see it.
WilliamCanadaSydneyNova Scotia (province)Loved the old one, loved the new one. It’d be awesome to see an extended cut.
BrianUSARolling MeadowsILWe deserve to see it after paying for all the tickets and dvds etc!
RyanAustraliaAdelaideSouth Australiato answer unanswered questions
JuanMexicoNaucalpanMéxicoI would like to see an extended version of The Blair Witch Proyect because is an interesting proposal to see new scenes that might make the movie more scary than it is.
ZachUSAAikenSCI love seeing rare extended and deleted footage from films
EmilieFranceParisile de franceIndie Projects will always have my support +++
OlivierCanadaJOnquièreQuébecI want to see more desperation in the characters, for them to know more there’s no hope
matthewUSAwaterburyCTBecause the frickin movie ended with no witch sighting for one which I know annoyed some people two the editing was terrible and jumped around entirely too much and three I believe in order to satisfy what this story demands we need to see ALL of the footage.
RachaelUKSandownIsle of WightOne of my favourite movies. Would love to see the extra footage! This needs to happen.
JosiahUSARiversideCAAll us Blair fans need to see the longer version of this iconic horror film. We deserve it.
JamieUKLondonLondonThe Blair Witch legend deserves to be expanded on. And the time is right.
JacobUSAGrosse IleMII would really like to see an extended version because I’m hoping it would dive deeper into the lore of the witch and the woods. Even more information on the house would be awesome, or the stick figures. Like where they come from or anything really as long as it dives deeper into the lore.
JonathanUKBecclesSuffolkGrowing up Blair Witch was an important film to me and it’s a film responsible for my wanting to make movies which i do when i can, an extended/new cut would be great it really deserves the treatment.
KlaudiaPolandWarsawI can’t say how much I love original Blair Witch Project. I need to see more!
BruceScotlandForresMorayshireThe lore and atmosphere was amazing, to see more would be great.
MarkUKDoncasterS.YorksYeah it would be great to get an extended version of this awesome movie. Yes please.
IanUKBirminghamWest MidlandsI loved seeing the original at the cinema and would love more! Just watched the 2016 films and it has me interested again!
PaulUKLondonBecause it’s an awesome movie that deserves an extended edition that we’d all pay for in a decent package. Do it!
DavidUSABoiseIAEspecially with the new film, we know there was more going on than we could see in that original film. We need all the information we can to wrap our heads around what is going on and what happened. We need the full film!
ChristopherUSAPhenix CityALWhy wouldn’t you?
RichardUSARio RicoAZI believe it would benefit to get a sense of more realism
NokomisUSAGaryINTryna see a witch duh
IanUSAFrederickMDI mean, it would be really nice to see the lore of this movie get expanded.
MarkUKDunstableBedfordshireLove the original so would be great!
BrandonUSAChicagoILBecause Sánchez says he can make it work.
DaleUSAColorado SpringsCOBig fan of the movie, and if there is more content or the director believes he has something to show us via an extended cut, I would be interested to see.
MatthewScotlandDumfriesBecause it is an impressive film and it will be interesting to see if the new footage can enhance the experience.
ThomasUSAHollyMII’m a big fan of the original. I’d love to extended version!
HunterUSABaton RougeLAIn hopes that I can see the witch, tbh
MichaelUSAWilmingtonDEI like seeing films in their entirety or in the way that they were originally intended by the filmmakers.
DiegoMexicoMexico CityMexico CityJust because
KhalilPhilippinesQuezon CityJust because
CamilaBrazilSalvadorBahiaA resposta é óbvia.
JamesUSATucsonAZIt’s an amazing film, and I think I speak for the whole horror community when I say that I would DEFINITELY buy an extended cut of the film
DanielUKLiverpoolI was obsessed with the atmosphere of the film and I’m desperate for more.
LeviUSAMolineILThis movie was a staple in horror movie history and more of it needs to be seen~
ErikUSALexingtonKYI’d really like to see an enhanced version of a classic.
ArbeePhilippinesManilaNCRJust Because
JeremyUSALeechburgPAI’m a huge fan of the original film, and I’m dying to see more footage. I would gladly pay for a bunch of extended cuts and the 19 hours of footage on different discs.
RogerUSAephrataWALove the film
ChandlerAustraliaMermaid BeachQueensland/r/CampCult
MatíasArgentina¿Realmente tengo que explicarlo? Ésta es probablemente una de las mejores películas de terror jamás hechas y, -perdón si desilusiono a alguien- sus secuelas no están a la altura. Sería genial poder ver más del material de la película original.
HillaryUSADundasMNI recently saw the film and am interested in seeing more.  I would love it.
NickUSAOrlandoFLThe Blair Witch Project is one of the greatest horror films of all time. I don’t think I have ever been so shaken by a movie, it made me feel scared in a way I can’t ever recall another horror movie being able to do. If there is more to this movie, it needs to be seen.
KurtUSAGardnerMAThe Blair Witch Project is my favorite movie and I would LOVE na extended version.
BlizzBlairvilleBlairtowtnBlairissimoI just saw the reboot of Blair Witch 2016.  Typical jump scare fest.  No character development…and not effective enough scares.
LiamUSABaltimoreMDThis film is more than a movie, it it a veritable grail for those who enjoy being terrified. The slow burn and psychological impact that made it great will only be heightened by an extended version.
RickUSAWestminsterMDIt’s my favorite horror movie of all time. Is do anything to see more footage of it.
AnjasIndonesiaJakartai heard the first one was so popular (because of the marketing actions and the fact that at that time found footage movies weren’t so popular and audience believed the great acting of the three were very real ),and then i heard the book of shadows was a box office dissapointment and a wildly joke… :D,and then blair witch (2016 film) trailer came out and i felt like “OH YES ! THE REAL SEQUEL !!)<br /><br /><br /><br />btw..i wanna saw the extended version of the first film though…
JohnUKNewcastle Upon TyneUKLoved the film to start with, it would be great to see more of it!
NoahUSABaltimoreMDLove Blair witch project saw the new one two times please please
JoshuaUSAHuronSDIt was great would love to see more
MattUSAFormosoKSBecause it is a historically important horror film, that has a large audience, that wants to see all that happened in the woods!
JulietNew ZealandWellingtonWellingtonHistorically important horror, opened a lot of doors for found footage style films, would be awesome too add more to the franchise now that the hypes up for the sequel
JakeUSAMorrisvillePAI love the found footage genre, I love horror, I love film. That being said, I think unseen footage of one of the greatest films of the genre would be incredible to finally witness.
DavidUSADallasTXMovie is gold<br /><br />Please share more
HilaryUSAHighlandINI hope there is more footage to answer questions about the plot.
JosephUSABirminghamALI’d buy it!
LuisUSALos AngelesCAI feel like this film could show a lot more
John PaulArgentinaGeneral RocaI love the film! Definetely I want more of it!
andrewUSAhendersonvilleTNI wanna know everything there is about the Blair witch universe!
RodrigoMexicoMexico CityMexico CityReally curious to see all the unused footage
WillUSASt. PetersMOMy favorite horror movie of all time is “The Blair Witch Project.” I have waited for a new film for years and even took a vacation in Maryland to visit all of the filming locations. I would totally watch a 3 hour long version of the film and would buy it day 1
ConnerUSASt. PetersMOI love it and would love to see more!
MattCanadaOntarioI love the movie and want to see more.
WillUSASt. PetersMOI love it so much that I’d watch a 5 hour cut!
SusanUSASt. PetersMOI really like it. It scared me to death when I first saw it!
PatrickUSASt. PetersMOOne of the few horror movies I like that has come out recently
JosephNew ZealandHamiltonWaikatoI love horror
JessUSATrumbullCTYes please!
TaylorUSASeattleWAIt’s my all time favorite horror movie. It was the first horror flick that got me into this genre.
RufusGermanyDresdenSaxony (Sachsen)Because the actors, and the experience they conveyed, were awesome and I want to see what else they lived through with each other. I can handle for the tension to build up slower. Blair Witch Project 3 is my most-anticipated film this year and I hope that by paying for the cinema ticket I can play my humble personal part in kicking the idea of an extended original Blair Witch Project in the right direction.
AndrewUSABurbankCAIt was THE found footage horror movie that started it all and none compare to the edgy, supernatural terror that ensues. PLEASE, please let us see a longer more detailed cut!
kyleUSAspring hillFLWould love to see what the never before seen scenes would add to the experience
MichaelUSAWashingtonDCBecause I love the original and want to see more.
RonnyUSATopangaCAI want more blair witch lore!!
WilliamUKChesterfieldDerbyshireThe Blair Witch Project is a cornerstone of my love for horror movies, and really for ALL movies in general, and the opportunity to see more of this movie is too good to pass up
MarkUSAFlat RockMIWhy not?
JessicaGermanyViernheimHessenI wanna see more of “The Blair Witch Project”!
GeorgeUSASaint PetersburgFLThe original film remains one of my most favorite moviegoing experiences. The almost unheard of at the time viral marketing was pure genius. More would definitely be better.
DaveUSAFishersINI’m a big fan of the movie and any extra footage that would add to the lore or fill in holes in the plot would be fantastic.
JenniferUSAMolineILI would like to see the extended film because I saw this on rhorror and it will make me happy. So can you can just release the extra you will make me very happy.
TommyUSAIf you already have the footage why not release it
jasonUSAcasperWYIf the footage is shot why not let the public view it may do a box set with at these witch films all extended cuts will make you guys money and it will give joy to the public
LukeUSABuffaloNYThe Blair Witch Project was a movie that even though it had its flaws, I still enjoyed it especially towards the end. I feel if there was an extended version of The Blair Witch Project I’d be able to enjoy the movie even more and as well see even more eerie and creepy scenes which would make it a whole lot better! It needs to be released!
DianeUSABrooklynNYLoved the original, would really like to see more of that actual film.
EmmaUSAJustinTXI would love to see the extended version of The Blair Witch Project because this movie was so ground breaking for the making of scary movies, I feel that we should have the opportunity to experience the full effect of what Blair Witch really did for the industry.
codyCanadacalgaryalbertacause what horror fan doesnt<br /><br />???
MatthewUSATaylorTX“The Blair Witch Project” is definetly without a doubt one of the best, if not the best found footage movie of all time. I’ve never seen seen the extended cut before, but I would definetly love to see this unseen cut of the movie come to life. Also, if this happens for real, then I would love for another restoration to be better than that last one. Maybe tried to remaster it in 4K. Whether it makes it better or not, it deserves another round.
ClarkCanadaKelownaBritish ColumbiaWhen I saw The Blair Witch Project as a 16-year-old budding horror fanatic, it changed my life forever. I didn’t see a film that night, rather, I had an experience. An experience yet unrivaled by any other piece of horror cinema I’ve seen. It’s cultural significance alone warrants a closer and more in depth examination. Please make this happen!
PaulUKLondonGreater LondonBecause the original is a classic and I love it. If there’s more footage, I want to buy it.
JKUSAEloyAZI would love to see an extended cut of The Blair Witch Project I imagine it would be even more scary than the original cut!
LisaNetherlandsHilversumBecause its a classic!
KyleUSAMadisonWII’m eager to see what more could be added to the story to make it even more creepy.
KobiUSAPort OrchardWAI really loved the original film and the new film and would love to better understand the story of the Blair Witch.
JasonCanadaKingstonOntarioExtended cut, show us the longer descent into madness!
JustinAustraliaMelbourneVICTORIAAn extended version is the version we all want to see! It would be amazing to see what was not included – almost feels like it’ll be like more footage has been discovered after all these years!
RyanUSAJayMEI just need to see this happen.
MattUSABerryALWhen I first viewed this film, I knew it was my favorite. I just can’t watch it enough and would definitely like to see more footage added to it.
StevenUSAMadisonINI’m so ready to go back to the beginning and have the daylights scared out of me!
T.J.USAMadisonINWould love to see this!
JohnUSADrumsPAHuge fan of the original like many others. Fans always want more and is very impressive to see such interest in it after 17 years have passed.
GageUSAYakimaWAThis would be one of the most incredible things ever to experience! I must see this unseen, extended footage! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
CharlesUSABurlingtonVTThis movie set the standard for Horror in my life and I need more.
DestenyUSABecause this movie genuinely puts fear in me and i would love to see more.
LouisaUSAcorpus christiTXInteresting
DevonUSAAustinTXThis movie came out before I was born, but has always been one of my favourites and is what got me into found footage in the first place. If there is extended footage, I feel that it should be shown and not wasted.
SciUSASyracuseNYFirst one scared the h$ll out of me! Looking forward to the backstory.
DanielCanadaVancouverBCOne of the best horror movies of all time.
SebastianUKBirminghamWest MidlandsAdditional footage is the only way I would buy this again.
coreyUSAmansfieldOHbeen a fan of the original and would love to see more footage!!!
LeanneSouth AfricaAlbertonJohannesburgThis was an awesone film when it came out, as much as some people don’t want to admit it. It was groundbreaking and so different at the time, the first of it’s kind…The publicity and teasers surrounding it were really mysterious and made you want to go and watch it. For me, it didn’t disappoint and is one of the films that still really frightens me whenever I watch it so much so that I can’t watch it when I am alone, it creeps me out so much…This film definately made a huge impact on the horror film industry
LeanneSouth AfricaAlbertonJohannesburgWe need to have more of an understanding of the Blair Witch mystery, I still go over the original story in my head trying to make sense of it all and to understand exactly what happened to Josh, Mike and Heather…I would love to see an extended version – you can call it “The Fans Cut”
JosephUSAPensacolaFLThe Blair Witch Project is responsible for a whole new wave and kind of horror that feels so real you can touch it. I have loved this film since I first saw it as a kid and any new version would be awesome to see.
BraydenCanadaKamloopsB.C.The extended cut would be a great addition
DavidUKSouth shieldsTyne and wearBecause the film is good and more of a good thing is also good.
SteveUSABakersfieldCAI loved the original. So fascinating. I would love love love to see extra footage.
NeilUSARosemountMNThe Blair Witch project was the first horror movie I watched in my life in which I was terrified but also more intrigued in what the witch really was.
LeonardoBrazilSao PauloSPBecause The Blair Witch Project is one of the best horror films of all time and deserves to be seen in all of its glory.
JeffUSACave CityKYI’ve always been a big fan of the original film, & I am really looking forward to the sequel so any unseen, creepy Blair Witch footage would be awesome.
velizarUSAburbankCASo stoked to hear news of this and potentially get more out of the original scare fest!!
bartekPolandzielona goralubuskiebecause i love this movie and im curious to see more
MartyCanadaWhat a perfect time to release it – with the new Blair Witch movie
JoeUSAEast NorthportNYMore thrills
ShawnaUSACincinnatiOHIt’s a classic. The last horror film that truly scared me.
JonathanArgentinaBuenos AiresBuenos AiresWe need a special edition of this one! Because it’s now or never.
WillisUSARhinebeckNYI want to see everything that adds to the Blair Witch story. Plain and simple.
DerickCanadaReginaSKI want to see the footage that was not included in what is, in my opinion, the first and best in the found footage genre
Del SazFranceBordeauxI MUST see this !<br /><br />For science. Research. Lifegoal.
eduardoBrazilsao francisco de paulario grande do sulHuge fan!
AleMexicoMexico cityAs a fan, I think it would be interesting.
DillonUSAWilmingtonNCThe Blair Witch Project not only changed horror forever but films in general. If I can see any additional footage it would be a horror fans dream.
RutSpainBarcelonaCatalunyaI need to know more!
RothUSALowellMAI’d love to see everything! It would also be really great to have some audio commentary with the cast/creators, as well as interviews discussing the history/mythology, making-of, impact on the industry, concept artwork, marketing materials used in promoting the original film, including Curse of the Blair Witch documentary.
LisaUSAWest Palm BeachFLI’d love to see what was left out that could add to the story.
CecilUSAPhiladelphiaPABecause it would be great to see more of what the actors went through.
HollyCanadaLondonOntarioIt would be super cool to see the footage
SteveUSASan DiegoCAOne of the scariest and ground-breaking films of our lifetime deserves a special edition that’s worthy of its namesake.
AndersDenmarkSnekkerstenBecause it was a genreshaping movie, and having more of it would be nice, especially alongside all the original marketing material of interviews pictures etc.
StrangeArgentinaBuenos AireswatProbably just for more Blair Witch, the insight.
MikhaylaUSASaranacMII would love to see more to Blair Witch! It’s such a great and interesting movie, and seeing more scenes we never had would really push me into buying more for it.
BobbyIrelandDublinDublinThe film is perfect as is, but who wouldn’t want to see the rest of the footage?
KalenUKLondonnoneit looks interesting
TomUKNottinghamI want to see more of the mythology and the alternate endings.
DavidUSASan DiegoCAThe reason I would like to see an extended version of the Blair Witch Project is that for me, the movie holds up as a truly scary movie. I have been lost in the wilderness and this movie brought back all those feelings of terror I had. Noises that your mind distorts into something wicked, “laughing” owls, the fear and desperation of not knowing where you are. I have seen the new Blair Witch and it takes everything scary from the first movie and dials it to 11. It did not seem like almost 20 years have passed. The terror was still a part of me even now. <br /><br />P.S. There needs to be a director’s cut of the Book of Shadows too. It would be great to see that the way it was meant to be seen.
GeraldUSANewmanCAMy wife and I are huge Blair Witch fans. We love all 3 films, the books, etc. thanks.
PhilipUSANew YorkNYThis movie was what kickstarted my love and now career as a filmmaker especially in the horror genre. This movie shows me how true ingenuity and innovative creativity can still make good work. I love Blair Witch! I wanna see more!
CarrieUSANewmanCAI love the Blair Witch!
CaseyUSAMilwaukeeWII am a film buff and always prefer to see longer cut of movies over shorter. I love The Blair Witch Project and would love to see an extended cut of it.
GaryUSAColumbiaSCThe Blair Witch Project is my favorite horror film. I would love to see an extended cut released on Blu Ray!
MaxUSALivemoreCAI think it would be interesting to see a full version of such an ingenious marketing campaign for a film.
CianIrelandCorkCorkBecause it’s a damn scary film and I’d like to see what else they’ve shot!
BrianUSAChicagoILI love The Blair Witch and would love to see more.
UrsSwitzerlandBecause no movie has been able to scare me since TBWP. Would love to buy an enhanced version.
ToddUSACharlestonILI’m always eager to compare and contrast different versions of influential films.
MaggieUSATulsaOKI’m very interested to see the other footage that didn’t make it to the film.
JoeyUSAChicagoILPlease!!!! this movie blew my mind!!!!!
EvanUSASharpsvillePAI love horror films not this film particularly but let’s please the fans of this film and release the extended version of The Blair Witch Project.
DaisyUKSouthendEssexThe film was amazing and being able to see more scenes would be great
SethUSAChurch HillTNI’m a huge fan of the movies and would absolutely love and support the extended version
ChristopherUSALebanonNJThe Blair Witch Project completely revolutionized the way that horror films can be created and marketed.  The original film has earned its place in cinematic history and has a loyal fan base.  With the release of the new 2016 Blair Witch film generating new interest in the series, now would be the perfect time to release an extended cut of the first film.
LachlanAustraliaYatte YattahNSWI really love horror films and this is one of the best of them. It changed horror films forever and I would really like to see all the unused footage.
JonasUSAI am a huge fan of the films, and I would like to see a Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Director’s Cut.
TrevorUSABuffaloNYFor the cornerstone of modern found footage films, it only makes sense to find more of that footage!
ChrisUSABaltimoreMDBecause it’s a classic film that has a very local fan base spawning 2 sequels.
ChrisUSABrooklynNYOne of my favorite movies!!
AustinUSAWacoTXBecause it’s my favorite found footage film of all time. I always wanted there to be more
JackUSASunsetLAWe need this in our lives !
JaymenCanadaReginaSaskatchewanI want to see if the edit will improve the pacing and ambiguity that drew people to the original cut, or kill it. I would also like to see a Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Director’s Cut.
MichaelUSABinghamtonNYThe Blair Witch Project is so iconic that to introduce unseen footage would complete the entire experience!
PeterUSAMancelonaMITo see the stuff that was cut for time but still interesting would be great

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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What Industry Insiders are Saying

Oren Peli, Director Paranormal Activity (2007) – “As a long-time fan of found-footage movies and Blair Witch Project, I would love to see an extended version released!”

Jamie Nash, Writer Lovely Molly (2011), V/H/S/2 (2013), Exists (2014)  – “BWP was a master class in ‘leave ’em wanting more’. We want more! Show us!”

Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting  – “I think it would be a really interesting experiment and exercise in filmmaking. Recutting the found footage film that started it all AFTER 15 years after the evolution of the Subgenre would be so surreal.”

Dean Alioto, Director The McPherson Tape (1989), Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) – “Having made two found footage films of my own before Blair Witch Project, I didn’t realize what an exciting new genre I was working in until I saw Blair Witch. Would love to see the raw, uncut, version of BWP!”

Amanda Gusack, Director In Memorium (2004) – “I would love to see an extended edition. Blair Witch gives me chills to this day.”

James Cullen Bressack, Director Hate Crime (2012), To Jennifer (2013), Pernicious (2014) – “An extended edition of Blair Witch would be amazing. I remember the first time I saw the film was with a group of friends and everyone thought it was real!”

Tom Jorgensen, Director St. Osmund’s (2013) – “The Blair Witch Project isn’t just a horror masterpiece, it’s a cinematic landmark. To get an extended cut of the movie would help fans and filmmakers for decades to come get a more complete understanding of this piece of cinema history.”

Johnny Macabre, Owner, TheBlood-Shed – “Blair Witch is one of the most important movies in the horror history. Few other films have changed the genre upside down like this film about 3 kids in the woods with a camera.”

Jay Kay, Host, Horror Happens Radio, – “It’s not a question on where this film belongs and sits on the list of the most influential horror films and found footage in history…  It is the list and has been a hallmark of what horror has been about for the last 15 years that will extend with this needed footage .”

Doc Rotten, Owner, Gruesome Magazine, Host of Horror News Radio – “16 years ago, The Blair Witch Project scared me silly. As a fan of found footage films, an Extended Director’s Cut would scare me even more today!”

‘Tweek’, Owner – “Dying to see the rest of the story. The more footage the better. Fans have wanted this for years. Let’s make this happen.”

Rob Hauschild, Owner, Wild Eye Releasing – “The Blair Witch Project is a milestone for independent horror. Every unseen frame should be made available for fans and filmmakers alike.”

Nicolas Sébastien Landais, Director On Vous Ment (Mockumentary Film Festival, France) – “Like many people, The Blair Witch Project was the first Found Footage movie I watched. Now is the perfect time to rediscover this cult found footage classic in a very new way.”

Dustin Austen, Showrunner, Haunted World of CW – “Seeing an extended version of Blair Witch would be a revelation to film students and cinema fans alike. This version needs to be seen.”

Gav Chuckie Steel, Director Preternatural (2015) – “The Blair Witch Project is legendary in the found footage genre. To NOT see a longer cut is almost criminal.”

Javier Attridge, Director Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) – “Just to think of an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” gives me Goosebumps; this movie has inspired so many of us to go beyond the just making of a movie.”

John Heatz, Owner – “Such an iconic horror movie as The Blair Witch Project deserves an extended cut, even if it is 16 years later”

Michael Varrati, Screenwriter Tales of Poe (2014), Flesh for the Inferno (2015) – “The preservation and presentation of this additional footage would be a boon to horror fans and a great addition to the Blair Witch legacy.”



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