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Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 2,000 to 2,339

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The Blair Witch Petition: Signatures 2,000 to 2,339

Below are the signatures and comments collected to date for The Blair Witch Petition.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

First NameCountryCityStateComment
SpenerUSASalt Lake CityUTI absolutely love The Blair Witch Project and would love to see what was cut years and years ago.
TonyUSABaltimoreMDThis film is way too important to not see ALL of the brilliance captured.
MatthewUSAHernandoMSI haven’t seen the movie yet (blasphemy I know)<br /><br />and I feel that the full 2 hour + version would be a great introduction to this great movie
KenUSANiagara FallsNYThe Blair Witch Project is an important film. It changed the face of American cinema, specifically the horror genre, with it’s gritty found footage style. It’s historical importance beckons for unreleased footage to be made public.
AurioUSASan AntonioTXExtension of tension-
R.CanadaTorontoOntarioTBWP is my all time favourite scary movie.
ManuelPeruLimawe all were looking forward to more ! in all this time no one has been able to overcome it .. I do not want answers, just feel the anguish and the mystery of the first time.
BrianUSALa MesaCABWP paved the way for modern found-footage movies. The filmmakers deserve to have more of their work seen by the fans!
ChristianUSAPlymouthMNI know there is a bootleg of the rough cut on DVD, which I am planning on getting. But like the Producers Cut of Halloween 6 I want to give the filmmakers involved my money. Also there are a lot of special features that could go onto this release, like an all new commentary track with the creators and cast. <br /><br />Also while we’re at it, can we get an official Director’s Cut of Blair Witch 2? That movie is very underrated because of the editing and reshoots in the theatrical version.
chell KaylaCanadaSt. John’sNewfoundlandMy favourite movie! I watch it a few times a year and having new footage to watch would be amazing!
RussellUSACenter ValleyPABecause I would love to see a longer cut.
BrandonUSALos AngelesCAI’d love to see the other spooky nights endured by Josh, Heather, & Mike.
FredrikSwedenKarlstadAs a movie collector, every single extra minute is of big importance.
kirilAustraliasydneynswOne of my favourite horror movies of the past 20 years. The atmosphere and suspense is amazing! Would love to see more of the witch 😉
BaileyUSAForest GroveORI would love to see more of what the directors would like to show us!
BrendanAustraliaMelbourneVictoriaBecause this footage deserves to breathe and be seen
AndrewUSAChicagoILMovies don’t typically scare me, but this one did. I’d love for an extended version to allow me to relive the horror again.
JohnUKNewcastleTyne & WearBecause I haven’t seen a horror as good as this since.
ErickaFranceUchaudGardTout simplement parce que j’étais adolescente lorsque le film est sorti, et je l’ai adoré, c’était absolument génial, révolutionnaire et sacrément flippant! J’adore!!!!
AlexCanadaTorontoONWho doesn’t want to see more Blair Witch Project?
ChrisUKWarminsterWiltshireThe Blair Witch Project is my all time favourite horror film, and one of the best horror films ever made (not to mention, one of the best films ever made). It cut away all the guff, all the silliness and overly referential rubbish that plagues the industry and presented a PURE horror experience. A creeping terror that was subtly and masterfully built upon. Absolute genius. Seeing an extended version of The Blair Witch Project would be a complete dream come true. Let’s make this happen.
DavyFinlandTampereIf there´s a chance to see EXTENDED version of a horror movie I already love! Then bring it on and make this happen! 😀
jeffUSAlake orionMIAlways will be a classic to me.  Would love to see the extra footage, as long as it adds to the overall movie.
JosephUSADrydenMIWe deserve to see how this movie was envisioned by the original creators.
ChadUSABaton RougeLAI mean come on.
NickUSASaint LouisMOIt is my favorite horror movie of all time
pazUKbrightonsussexbecause it remains one of the most groundbreaking and fascinating films ever made so who wouldn’t want to see more of that?
LouieUKLondonWandsworth‘The Blair Witch Project’ was an absolute game changer. As many classics before it got director’s cuts- Alien, Halloween – why not another?
SueUKWoodhall SpaLincolnshireCos I’m interested!
TomUKEastbourneEast SussexAs a film buff, horror fan and fan of the series, I need to see this!
ChandraUSASaint AnnMOI want to see how it ties into the second one that is in theaters. It could explain a lot more about what happened to the sister.
ClaireUSABrooklynNYSO COOL
VickentUSARego ParkNYThe lore is so interesting and I would pay so much money to see an extended version of the movie!!!
ZachUSAGettysburgPABecause the original 90 minutes is the best 90 minutes ever recorded and to see the rest of what it was would just be gravy.
RonaldUSAMiamiFLI love the Blair Witch Project, and have seen it coutless times. It would be interesting to be able to see more of the footage that was filmed for the movie
HannahUSAGAThe Blair Witch Project turned my world upside down. This film has been an undying source of interest and passion ever since I became aware of it. It would be my dream come true to see even more footage!
RyanUSAKentwoodMIOne of my favorite horror films
RickUSAGenevaNYRelease it!!!
JeremyUSAMaconGABecause the original was such an terrifying experience.
RjUSANew orleansLABecause itd be awesome
StephenUSAFairview HeightsILI personally don’t like film that’s been tampered with I like seeing it in it’s original form.
JamieUSAErlangerKYLet’s make this happen
StefanoItalyTurinItalyI always prefer to see the director’s cut of a movie because they are often the true form in which the film was meant to be viewed.
DevenaCanadaMontréalQuebecThe original was one of the most genre defining movies  ever made and if it had been made now it likely would have been released over 90 minutes anyways!
DenzilSouth AfricaDurbanKwa Zulu NatalBecause the original version leaves a lot of unanswered questions, and I feel there is more that should be shown because there was more fighting and less scares.
JeffUSABostonMAI’m the Co-Founder, Editor in Chief, and Lead Writer for ReDVDit, where we do Blu-ray reviews and movie collector news and articles. I want to review this release when it comes out, and I’m a huge horror fan, so all the more reason to see the extended version be released.
RafaelBrazilSalvadorBahiaThe film is already very good as it is, but it’s always curious and interesting to see some of the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor.
MarvinGermanyplz do
LucasCanadaEdmontonAlbertaPlease, please consider this.  The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I would love to see some added content.
thomasDenmarkroskildehovedstadenThis needs to happen!!
OksanaUSADaly CityCAThere’ never enough good found footage in the world, so it’s gotten a bad rep, when it’s actually a great sub-genre. We need more good examples of found footage being done right!
JacobUSAAugustaGAIt’s such a great movie. The first real found footage horror film that brought the current genre to what is it now.
DrewUKManchesterGreater MsnchesterBlair Witch Project is undeniably my favourite horror film and I’ve always wanted an extended director’s cut version. I’d be more than happy to buy multiple copies if this ever came to light!
DanielUKLeedsWest YorkshireThis would make me so happy, as a massive fan of the original Blair Witch Project I would kill to see a longer cut! 🙂
BraxtonUSAMurrayUTI’m a huge horror movie fan as well as all my friends and I would be extatic you see an extended version of one of my favorite movies
JacobUSAAzusaCAAbsolutely Love and Obsess over everything Blair Witch I will spend money on this version like Im sure Many others would.
NatalieUSAHomewoodALI am a horror movie lover and im so interested in behind the scenes and extra footage that we never get to see! I just appreciate what people are doing who release stuff i can see for myself!
AnthonyUSAWoodbridgeNJI recently saw two deleted scenes, enjoyed them both a lot and would love to see more!
ThomasUSARavennaOHI’m a huge die hard fan of the movie and I would love to see the extra footage released. Do it for the fans that have loyally followed this franchise for almost 20 years.
MichaelSt.ClairBellevilleILMight make for a better movie.
JoeUKBristolAvonI’m a huge fan of the Blair witch and I would love to see all the footage of their journey
TimothyUSAGrand ForksNDall alternative endings.
IvanItalyRomeplease we need the extended cut, we need to see what the witch looked like
DorothyUSAChicagoILI’m obsessed with the film and feel like the film deserved a lot more screentime!
MaxUSAChicagoILBecause The Blair Witch Project was amazing and I want to get even more scared with MORE SCENES!
RobbyUSAAustinTXThe original is fantastic and I would love to see the extra footage as much as possible.
vickiUSAlexingtonKYThis movie continues to captivate new viewers and impress those of us who have watched it many times.  The new footage deserves to be seen.
RosieUSABowling GreenKYI would love to see an extended version because I believe the original director put a lot of time and effort into the film and I would love to see more of his work.
HankUSALexingtonKYIt is one of the best horror films of all time.
BrianUSAAccokeekMDI would love to see the extended look at the lore this opportunity would bring to fans
BillUSAI would love to own a longer version of The Blair Witch Project.
AbelUSAMissionTXIt would be awesome for an extended release let’s make it happen!!!
MikeCanadaVancouverBCA extended cut of the Blair witch project would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s library.
JamesUSAWest MonroeLABlair Witch is one of the most important movies in the horror history. I would LOVE to see an extended version. Make this happen and I’ll gladly give you my money!
SamUSAHoustonTXOne of the best horror movies of all time! And this is the perfect moment to remind people why! Go for it.
EmmaUKIt’s my favourite film and I’d love to see more of it!
LucasFranceLe Perreux sur MarneI want to see an extended version of The Blair Witch Project because I think there is a lot of things to discover and here in France we have not a real hommage by DVD.
EliasCanadaUcluletBCI want to see an extended version because I love the original!!!!
CORNILLONFranceSAINT-ETIENNEto increase the mythologie.
IrmaAustriaKuhwegbodenCARINTHIAI am sure this post has touched all the internet users, its <br /><br />really really good piece of writing on building up new blog.
SamUSABrickNJLoved the first movie, I think it deserves the “Director’s Cut” treatment.
TomUKSalfordManchesterIt popularized a whole new genre
JordanUSAStephensonMII’m  very interested in seeing the rest of the film.
MarshallUSAEl SobranteCAIt’s the movie that made me a Suspense/Supernatural fan
AngieUSAEast PalatkaFLI love this movie so much that I have a stickman tattoo. Please release any and all footage so us die hards can renew our interests. This new one…meh, cannot handle actors/actresses that have been in mainstream (Twilight) movies. Leave found footage to the no names and thank you for this opportunity.
SonnyUSALa HabraCABecause why not… dont deny something that all true fans of Blair Witch want to see..
JacksonUSAColumbiaMOThe footage is already created. Release it please.
DanielUSALake WorthFLIt’s a monumental horror film and a longer cut would be incredible!!!
DariusCanadaVictoriaBcAfter the new movie i would love to revisit the original with a directors cut, I know any found footage enthusiast would buy the blue ray without even thinking.
JackUSABowling GreenKYThe original cut is one of the most taut, effective horror films in existence. While I think adding footage wont make it any scarier, It would be awesome to see more of what was shot.
TinaUSAPhiladelphiaPAI would love to see more of the filming. It was the first of it’s kind and instrumental in making found footage films into anything. It was such an original idea at the time it would be great as a horror fan to see more.
TheoUKStoke-on-TrentBecause I don’t like potentially amazing things being withheld from me.
AnthonyUSADaytonOHI love TBWP!
JamesUKEdinburghMidlothianThe Blair Witch Project only competes with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for what must be the scariest film ever made. While more footage won’t necessarily make it any scarier, it would be an incredible insight into the fascinating process behind making one of history’s most chilling and effective horror films.
MeghanUSALimingtonMEThe Blair witch is possibly one of the best found footage horror films of all time!!
JohnUSABuffaloNYThis film is one of THE mile stones of the horror genre. This missing footage is not only important to the fans, it is of historical significance.
ThomasUSAClarendonTXI’ve been a horror fan since I was a little kid. Sadly Nothing has really stood out for since the original Poltergeist. When The Blair Witch Project started advertising I wanted nothing to do with it. Finally around four years ago during a long night of insomnia and boredom I watched the movie and have been a found footage junkie ever since. Not only do I want to see and extended version, I want to binge on the whole 19 plus hours!
AndrewUSALexingtonMIThe Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite films and I would love to see more of it.
PeterIrelandDublinLeinsterI remember reading at the time of release that the original version was 3 hours long and the final version was basically ‘found’ in the editing. I’ve always wondered what was in the those 3 hours. What new character arcs/subplots were still waiting to be rediscovered? I support an extended version because material that is cut from a movie is not done because it’s bad; usually it’s got to do with running times. Take ‘Dances With Wolves’ or ‘Aliens’ for example – two movies made better with the inclusion of the excised material. Redux versions have a valid place in cinema and can often represent a more personal vision from the director before commerce steps in and compromises that vision. If nothing else, I would love to see the longer version of The Blair Witch Project just to hang out for an extended period of time with those tragic characters that first gripped me almost 20 years ago.
AlexAustraliaMelbourneVictoriaBecause Blair Witch Project is a horror landmark unsurpassed to this day
EricSwedenBrommaIt was the first horror movie which really blew my mind with horror, I didn’t sleep for 72 hours out of fear after watching it, and now, if there’s a possibility, I want MORE, self-harming-interestingly enough!
RobertUSASanduskyMII really love well fleshed out horror films, with a lot of mythology and background, and BWP is one of the best. I’d love to see more of it- it’s a film that alwys leaves you wanting more. The idea that we can get more is just amazing.
ElizabethUSAAustinTXBecause I need to know :0
MaciejPolandi love the movie!
JeffreyCanadaSt. John’sNewfoundlandLove the movie, would love to see more of what I love
TheWriter’sHavenUSASan FranciscoCAWe are an online horror/scriptwriting community called The Writer’s Haven, and we’d love to see the full version.
AnitaUSAOwensboroKYI loved the film and would love to see more of it.
NickUSAFort BraggNCWould love to see a longer and fuller version with more lore and great story telling!
GUSALACASo overdue.
RomuloBrazilSao PauloSPCome ON Lionsgate Films! We want to see an extended cut of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. We feel this is an important piece of cinema history.
RichardUSALibertySCRelease the entire 19 hrs over several DVDs. I would buy it and enjoy every second.
GeoffUSAFairfaxVABeen wanting to see the extra version since I first watched the director’s commentary over a decade ago.
IanUSAYorba LindaCAI heard about the unused footage from the film and I would love to see a longer version using this footage
richardUSApascoWABlair Witch gave me nightmare for years. Im still afraid to go into the woods. This is one of my favorite movies. PLEASE.
JackScotlandFalkirkinteresting idea…….
MarkUSAUniontownPAThe Blair Witch Project is one of the most influential films that exists. Let us see everything, and see what could happen lost in the dark woods.
GregUSARockaway ParkNYDO THIS!!!
JoelUSAKeizerORThe additional footage will add depth to the original story. I’m interested in seeing how much more lore they created for the Blair Witch legend.
AmberAustraliaLittle mountainQLDIt would be very insteresting to see what they add to the extended version.
JordanAustraliaSydneyNew South WalesI’ve been a massive Blair Witch fan for ages, and would die to see more footage of it.
HartmutGermanyAnklamMecklenburg vorpommernCause i really love that Film and wish to See some extended Version.
BruceUSAGreshamORI need more blair witch
JeriahUSAAlamosaCOBecause the version that we have isn’t the version that should have been released. There is a possible masterpiece hiding within the lost footage.
AshleyUKAs a huge horror fan, I think it would be awesome to see all the extra footage and see what other directions the movie could have taken
HicksonUKWoodstockThe people deserve it.
ClarenceUSAGreenvilleNCThe FANS made this movie what it is today and if it wasnt for us the FANS nobody wouldve cared about the movie more less the extra footage Fans like me who went to high school and said Holy Shit you have to see this movie its the type of scares the horror movies need  these days  realistic scares before this  reality television bullshit became big
ChadUSAMundeleinILYes. I think the original is perfect, but I’d love & be very interested to see what was left on the cutting room floor. If it’s not as strong, we still have the original.
CarlUSANational CityCATo me, mystery and the idea of less is more is quite frighting and it’s already achieved by in this film as we do not know the fate of all three of the filmmakers, however knowing all the scenes that were filmed would delight fans from the original as we would finally see scenes that were cut, that were for ads, that were for different screenings or versions, it would be an honor for all of us as fans to finally see a complete version of the movie.
AntoineCanadaMontrealQuebecOne of the most influential horror movies of all time deserves an extended cut.
JordanUSASomervilleNJI want to see the full edit!
Keirran ConnorUSALavergneTNSeeing the original film in theatres, changed me inside, and was a huge part of why I began my obsession and profession in paranormal investigating.
BenjaminUSAFrederickMDWhatever happened to Rustin Parr?  🙂
MarieUSASarasotaFLBig fan!
AnastasiaUSASarasotaFLIt’s smart
StaceyUSASarasotaFLIt’s a classic film. I want to see all of the footage.
AngelicaUSASarasotaFLLoved the film would love to see the extended version.
JoshuaAustraliaBrisbaneQLDThe Blair Witch Project is the movie that sparked a love of fear in my brother and I. Just the thought of adding an extra hour to the film gets me excited. So keen that this might be on the horizon!!<br /><br /><br /><br />Appease the fans of the original film and surely they’ll be more on board for the reboot. (I am totally already on board) 🙂 🙂
SimonUKDartfordKentThe original is clearly one of the most influential movies of all time.<br /><br />Not just influencing horrors but movies in general!<br /><br /><br /><br />This film deserves a new edition and there will be a big demand for it.
TomGermanyBensheimI love this movie and want so see it all.
IngridUSAFort LauderdaleFLThis is arguably one of the most important films ever made. It would be wonderful to see all the footage.
DamienIrelandEnniscorthyCO WexfordIt is an old dream of mine, I would love to see it!
StacyBelgiumMelseleOOST-VLAANDERENI really liked the mythos expanding and want to know as much as I can
NikitaRussiaSaint Petersburg?Loved this movie and would love to see more of it. Also, any chance for russian blu-ray, pretty please?
ScottUSABloomingtonINMuch, much worse movies have been released as director’s cuts for a far lesser monetary return. With The Blair Witch Project, many would purchase it. It is a no brained for the rights holders.
BrianUSAMantecaCAOne of my all time favorite movies.
CarrieUSASchenectadyNYSuch genuine footage. I’ve been wanting to see all of it for years.
LaurenUSABostonMA– Land of the FREE!<br /><br />I was disappointed by The Blair Witch Project. I waited 4 hours in NYC on opening night and was let down. I felt if certain holes in the script were filled, I could have loved it. Maybe the extended version would help me joi
StevenUSABuena parkCAI would buy the hell out of this. I adore the Blair witch
JasonUKSouthamptonHampshireOne of my favorite films ever !!
JoschuaDeutschlandOsnabrückNiedersachenExtended Version please
BillyUSASpringfieldILMore lore
ZackUKCirencesterI’m obsessed and promise to scrutinise every twig snap in any extended footage you release.
JohnUSASacramentoCAAny creepy stories and tales involving the Blair Witch legend.
JaneUKMatlockDerbyshireI want to know more of the story!
RandallUSAJoplinMOBecause I want to see what was held back from the version we seen . I think if we see the cut footage then we can understand the story a little more .
CandiUSAWebb CityMOI want to see more footage to help explain more of the story.
BenjaminUSANew OrleansLAWe always have “directors cuts” of films that not many care for. BWP is a classic horror film which began a phenomenon all its own.
FinnAustraliaIpswichQueenslandI’d honestly watch a 3 hour version, I just LOVE this film. Make it happen!
JosephUSAGermantownWII have been a die-hard Blair Witch fan since the original was released back in 1999. I’m still waiting on a BW2 Blu-Ray release (and hopefully, director’s cut) and would love to see as much from both of the first two films as possible.
RichardGermanyDortmundNRWBecause I love this film. It was one of the best Horrorfilms I ever seen.
RobUSAchappaquaNYThe Blair Witch Project launched a whole sub genre of films. It gave independent filmmakers the proof that all they needed was a great idea,talented actors,and a camera,to make magic happen. As someone who has a background in film making and special makeup effects. I believe that every director should be given the chance to see their original vision brought to life without the pressure of time constraints,outside meddling,or deadlines. Please give Mr. Sánchez that opportunity. The film world will thank you for it.
LouisUKPortsmouthHampshireBest found footage movie, hands down
LizUSACLOVERSCI like the movie
kirstyUKtenbyPembrokeshireAs the original ‘found footage’ film, TBWP deserves an extended directors cut.
JennicaLincolntonNCI love Blair with project
BrettUSAIndianapolisINThe footage is already payed for. There is $ to be made here!
landonUSAchicagoILbecause it would be cool
DevinUSAHuntingtonNYIt was one of the most intriguing and creepy movies with a very scary and unsettling lore to it. Between the story of Elly Kedward, Rustin Parr and the Missing children this is a series and story  that should never die and if other series like “Saw” “The Ring” and other franchises of the like can stay alive than the Blair Which saga should live forever and this is the perfect place to start. The old fans already crave it, the new fans of the new Blair Which movie are now curious and attention should be paid to the extra footage from an already amazing original classic.
TimUSAColorado SpringsCOPlease make this happen!!! 😀
DavidUSAGreenwood lakeNYCan’t wait
DaranUSAGlendaleCABecause we never even saw the witch! Hello!
BrandonUSAMilligan CollegeTNI would buy an extended version on Blu-ray for sure.
wullieScotlandGlasgowLanarkshireits must seen, it has to be done, give us fans what we want, please do it
JessicaUSARialtoCABecause it demands to be seen!
JacobUSASan AntonioTXOne of my favorites of all time. To have the opportunity to see a little more added on could be game changing.
RosaUSADecaturGAI’d love to see what other supernatural things didn’t make the final theatrical release.
AdamUSAWest ParisMEAn extended version would give nee blood and new interest for new and old film goers. The BWP was a massive achievement and incredible film. Make this happen
PetraGermanyLangenfeldI want to see deleted footage of this film
AlexanderUSAMoreno ValleyCALoved the movie, would like to see more
NicoleUSAPittsburghPAIt is one of my generations’ best horror flicks!
ZekeAustraliaBairnsdaleVictoriabecause it’d be fucking amazing.
ChrisAustraliaMelbourneVictoriaThe shoot of this movie has an almost mythical property to it that begs to be studied.
EddieUSASpringfieldVAThis is one of the hallmarks of horror cinema as we know it. Not only would I love to see a Blu-Ray with the theatrical and extended cuts on there, but please please please release the Sundance version as well!
TobiasGermanyBerlinBerlinOne of the most essential Horror movies of all time. I love it as much as I love Night of the living Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Blair Witch Project contributed as much as these two horrorgiants. It inspired and changed so much, and not only in the horrorworld. I’ll never forget the day I watched it the first time and I couldn’t imagine a world without this movie, so much of an impact it had on me. It gave a whole new perspective to movies in general. I would genuinely love to see this movie shine again in an extended cut and expand the mystery.
AdamUSAAlpenaMIThis movie started what today is a norm for movies. It’s what movies often reference to or what want to be.
LuisUSANew York CityNYIt’s the father of found footage
NathanUSAWeavervilleCABlair witch is legendary and one of my personal favorite horror films,I think it would be really interesting to see the full cut of the film.
JoeyUSARutherfordNJHow could you not want more of the granddaddy of all found footage movies, after years of hearing about deleted scenes and alternate endings it’s time to release the ultimate treat to BW fans, come on lionsgate we’ll give you our money just make it happen
JoshUKBirminghamn/aOne of the greatest horrors of all time. It deserves an extended cut
CameronUSACanal WinchesterOHI loved the movie, however I’d like to see a better version.
DominicGermanyBerlinIt’s about time. As a movie that changed movie making and marketing history, this has to be re-released in an ultimatte version. And while we’re at it, can we also please get a Director’s Cut for the sequel?
IlyaUkraineKievKievWho doesn’t?
BradyUSAAlpharettaGAI love the film would like to see what didn’t make it
JaredUSASchnecksvillePAWho doesn’t want this, it would be amazing!
RobBelgiumMechelenAntwerpenI want to see more, no better reason than that
JustinUSASan LeandroCAThe world has never quite had a cult horror movie like the blair witch series and the world may never see one quite like it ever again. No movie has ever published more material to build a mytholgoy so complex and deep before, and people to this day are still convinced that it is non-fiction. Also to this day, forums still thrive after nearly 20 years since the first movie’s release! Even if the extended version is limited release, you won’t find yourself disappointed in releasing that footage, and neither will the fans!
DerekUSAMt. ClemensMIMore of the blair witch
DennisDeutschlandAlfeld (Leine)NiedersachsenI Love blair witch and i want to See more!
FernandoUSASan DiegoCAit’s my all time favorite movie and I want more to love!
ZacharyUSARocky MountVAI was very impressed by the movie, and would love more scenes giving extra depth to the lore and characters.
MikeUSARocky MountVADecent movie overall, I feel it would benefit from an overall extension with more story and general exploration of the legend.
ChristianCanadaRiviere-du-LoupQuebecBRING IT ON ASAP!!! Scariest movie of all time and extended = more scary which pleases the Horror man fan I am…
JasmineUSAEast OrangeNJThe realistic acting, and the element of fear gave a new level of anxiety to the horror genre. The best part is we never get to see this entity thats haunting them just the fear and despair they felt. And the possibilty that there maybe more of that from the original movie would be AMAZING. Please release the footage.
seanCanadaTorontoontarioYes pls.  Special feature bluray would be fantastic
JULIEUSAPLANOTXAs one of my favorite movies of all time, I’ve always felt that something was missing, that there was something more to this story, and it left me wanting more.
TylerUSALake WalesFLbecause its so much more informing
AndreUSAJacksonMSThis would be a real treasure.
JemmaIrelandEnnisCo. ClareBecause I think it might shed more light on the blair witch and that’s fascinating!
JamesIrelandWaterfordWDIt’s always fascinating to see what gets left on the cutting room floor.
AlexUSALA FayetteINAs a long-time fan of found-footage movies and Blair Witch Project, I would love to see an extended version released!
RickCanadaLondonOntarioMore Blair Witch.
CedricFranceValence‘The Blair Witch Project’ is one of the best horror movies of all times!
MartinGermanyBochumNRWThis film is already awesome and was revolutionary. An extended version would be insanely cool!
MELISSAUSAOWASSOOKI grew up loving the blair witch movie, I would totally watch an uncut version.
SophiaUSAAmityvilleNYBecause I love this movie and the cast, and I would love to see more footage from it. It is one of my favorite horror hand held movies ever made. please, do it for the fans !
JamesUSARock SpringsWYOne of my favorite movie theatre experiences I’ve ever had. Would love to see more of a classic horror movie that reinvented the genre.
PavelRussiaPenzaBecause why not?
MichaelAustriaKitzbühelIn my opinion “The Blair Witch Project” is one of the best Horror movies! I would be very curious about an extended version!
GregUSAVictorvilleCAWho wouldn’t want to see more of the original Blair witch?
CyrilFranceMaubeugeNordI like this movie and i Want to see more
charlotteUSAJacksonvilleFLIt would be interesting to see how it *really* ended
TessUKCramlingtonNorthumberlandI loved the original, it was unique and cleverly put together, I’d very much like to see an extended version with more of the story.
JazmynUSAIlionNYI think the fans (myself included) have a sense of curiosity that we want fulfilled. We have questions, and although every question cannot be answered by an extended version (as I’m sure a sequel is in the works, or at least I am hoping!) I know we’ll end up with more bits and pieces that we can place together in an attempt to figure out the overall mystery of the film.
rogerUKLondonThis must be down.<br /><br />This has to happen.<br /><br />Please make it so
anthonyUSAbridgeportPAI want to  see the extended verison
GregUSALas VegasNVLet it be done! I wonder if the footage is property of Lions Gate or the directors?
JasonUSAPottstownPAI love this movie! TBWP is one of the most influential and well know known horror films of the last 20 years, it deserves an extended cut!
AaronUKBridgwaterSomersetIf there is more of the original film out there. The fans deserve to see it. I hold this film dear to me. And I want to see this new version. I’ve waited 17 years for it.
NicholasUSAGreensburgPAI love the movie and the mystery behind it. I love stories and how things are made up behind the scenes so I think it’d be cool to have an extended cut.
FredrikSwedenFalunDalarnaThis is now a classic film in cinema history and if the possibility to give this a new dimension exists it would be a crime not to do it.
JohnUSAJohnson CityTNI love this movie! It scared the shit out of me when I first watched it and I think that by releasing more footage it would create an even more impactful and truly terrifying tale. Please release it!
MarcoDeutschlandLeipzigBitte bitte bitte
JacobUSAGreensboroNCI was a huge fan of the original when I was 13! It would be awesome to see more! This film revolutionized horror and made found footage a popular genre!
BradUSASmithvilleOHBecause it’s way better of a love story than Batman vrs superman!
CarlosMexicoMexio CityMexico CityWell, the new movie was AWESOME!!!<br /><br />I’d like to see more lore to fill in the blanks.
JanetUSACorbinKYFans deserve it
WilliamUSATucsonAZLoved the original and the new film. Honestly lore and mythology is the best thing about horror films. This one in particular will only get better with a more complete mythology.
JasonUSASan AntonioTXThe original is great. The second was well done too. We want this please!!
JosephUSABirminghamALMore is always better; I’d pay money for an extended cut DVD!
SusanIrelandEnnisCo ClareThere’s not enough of it, I love it! 🙂
NatalieUKWashingtonTyne and WearIf more Blair Witch exists, why would we NOT want to see it?!
CyrilUKTewkesburyBecause it was a trend setter and a revolutionary movie that I would go to the cinema to see the Directors cut version.
IanIrelandDublinNoneHalloween: Curse of Michael Myers and Nightbreed got long awaited extended cut……why not the Blair Witch Project too, plus I am a big fan of Blair With 1999.
michaelUSAScrantonPABecause I want to see more damn it!
Alan UdaiVenezuelaMaracaiboZuliaIt is such an original film I would really like to see a longer version.
BradenUSASouth HamptonNHLove the movies. Made my parents take me to see the original when it came out. I remember have a book on the movie that I read all the time. My sister and I had nightmares about waking up and seeing someone standing in the corner of the room staring at the wall. I’m 30 now
brittanyUSAlongviewTXThe Blair Witch Project is my favorite horror movie and I would LOVE to see more, new stuff!
TroyUSABangorMEThe rest of the lore of TBWP needs to be revealed!
PaulUSADepewNYI want to see an extended version because I need to see the true artistic nature of the film.
MattUKLeedsMore of a good thing cannot be passed up!
JamesUKNottinghamNottinghamshireGreat film, would be excellent to see an extended version!
MartinaUKBangorN. IrelandThis is one of the best horror films ever. The acting is phenomenal & it was all so realistic. The ending was very understated but genius. If there is any part of this film still to be seen then I for one would love to see it.
josephUSAPlant CityFLIf you release a longer version. I’ll pay for a longer version.
JonathanUSAKingwoodTXIt’s the greatest horror movie from the 90’s. I want to see what else is out there
DevinUSACummingGANostalgia<br /><br /><br /><br />You’ll make money with film you already own. Do it.
LauraGermanyEssenNRWBlair Witch Project is one of my favoritd Horrormovies. I’d love to see the extended cut!
FrancisUSATRAVERSE CITYMII can’t think of anything that I would rather watch than the extended BWP.
MichaelUSAStaten islandNYBecause the footage is probably amazing, and since we got this new terrible movie , and extension of the original would ease the pain.
MikeUSAOrlandoFLIt’s one of our favorite found footage movies.
Stephen HUKNewhamEast HamI love the film beyond words.  An extended version would make SO many of it’s fans / followers SO happy.  Never under-estimate, how passionate people are about this film.  It’s kinda sad, that so much footage is available, but is just sitting there, doing nothing.  AWW GO ON, PLEASE !!
TaraUKLondonIt’s so special.  It HAS to be done … (and soon).
ChristopherUSAPhiladelphiaPAThe first movie was great. Love to see more.
KiranUSABuffaloNYIf the directors think it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing.
simonUKrotherhamBecause I love horror especially the found footage type, its the closest to a scary reality you can get so the more the better!
CoryUSACambyINThe original feels like a trimmed down version of a much larger story.
MarisaUSAPlymouth MeetingPAThis would be epic in terms of creating a whole other portion to what The Blair Witch Project represents. This is exactly what the horror community wants! We need to keep solid craftsmanship alive and we can do that with this petition!
miguelChileSantiagoregion metropolitanaBecause 1 hour and 45 minutes, is not enough…<br /><br />And i love it!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />m/
SharmainUSAShrewsburyMAI’m actually writing an essay on this an extended version might actually help if I make revisions to my essay save me
RayneCanadaOttawaONWould a please work?
MichaelUSAHoustonTXBecause I feel that there is more to the story than originally disclosed. Plus, I love “The Blair Witch Project”, which is the grand-daddy of ALL found footage horror films.
ZekeUSABlairsvilleGABig fan of this genre leading film. Of course we want more, especially if it is already out there
NateUSAAustinTXI really love the movie and it would be great to see an longer version
LorrisFranceRoissy en briebecause it’s one of the only movie capable of frightening me after years and i wanna see a longer version because the original is not long enough
DougUSAEast MorichesNYIt’s the film that inspired the modern found footage genre
PHILUSAMESHOPPENPAI would love to see any extended version of this film, due to its impact of the 84 minute version. I am one of many fans that would like to see that film extended as much as possible, to savor and enjoy more of the creepiness factor and scenes that were left out. In essence, it would be like watching a different release of the film and getting to experience the hype of it’s original release, all over again!!!
ShimairaThe NetherlandsWhen I was young I saw the movie on tv and it left such an impact on me. For a while I wondered if it had actually been real (thanks to the tv cutting it off before the credits rolled) and spent time on the internet trying to find more info. It was a lovely feeling and thus getting an extended version would not only be nostalgic, I’d also love it because the first Blair Witch was just the best.
ButchIrelandThe original was really creepy and to see even more creepy goings-on would be brilliant!
GOSSIAUXFranceBeauvaisOiseWe must make a long version because it is one of the greatest horror film of all time.
KeishaUSASpring HillFLThe original version left so many doors open for a continued storyline. There are questions unanswered. And would be really cool to see if anything more was found or what else was captured after the camera fell.
ChrisCanadaLower SackvilleNova ScotiaI am a huge fan of the movie and still watch it every once in a while as its one of the best ever found footage movies in my opinion. An extended version would be a dream come true, I felt like the original could have been a little scarier and with an extended version I think they can make that happen! <br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Chris
AndyUKLondonBecause…. We Heart Horror!
JeffUSABenningtonVTOne of the most significant films of my life. There’s nothing that could make me happier than extra footage.
emmaUKsalecheshireBecause it’s needed!
DamonUSAEdmondOKWe are one of the Top 100 out of 9,000 film fests worldwide, and I’m putting-in a bid to be the first to play the extended version theatrically for our audiences this coming March 2-4, 2017!!
SteveUSALake ForestCAI am a fan of the original and I’m sure that there are a lot of others who feel that they would the opportunity to see footage we gave not seen before. Certainly it would make for a Must-gave DVD.
RaulBrazilPorto AlegreRio Grande do SulOne more signature would help.
DennisGermanyWolfsburgNiedersachsenI really like the original and more scenes would be great. Eventually there are more clues that get you deeper into the story?
EricIrelandKildareKildareReally like the original and would just like to see more footage
JosephUSALos AngelesCATo see more of my favorite horror movie and learn even more about the characters.
juanFrancebonjour j’adore ce film il faut une versions pour les fans merci
BeauUSABooneNCDo it.
MauriceUSAWest HollywoodCAI worked with the DP Neal Fredericks on a few films and I would love to see what else is there. He’s no longer with us but I believe he would love it too.
TyroneUSAWarrenMIWe need it!!
ErikUSASterrettALThe Blair Witch Project was the greatest horror movie of my generation.  It was the original POV movie that started a new genre of film.
johnUSAkeesevilleNYthink it would be awesome, and I really liked the movie and think it deserves a update
CarlosSpainMadridMadridI love this movie… I want an extended version on my BluRay Collection…
SarahUSAHughesvillePABecause it will be awesome!!!
SummerCanadaTorontoBecause I’m die hard about it
ChrisCanadaAbbotsfordBritish ColumbiaI’d like to see the movie in its full form
LisandroArgentinaCABABuenos AiresThe mother of modern found footage deserves this! I deserve this!
SimonUSABronxNYI’ve been a fan of the Blair witch since 1999 in the movie scared me so much that I thought it was real I own over 30 different pieces of memorabilia and was the first person to see Blair witch I want to see the extended cut
AlexanderUSANoviMIBecause it’s a classic horror film.
MestresFrancePerpignanPour redécouvrir plus en profondeur cette passionante   mystérieuse histoire.
PaulUKReadingBerkshireIt would mean the world both to myself,and the many,many fans worldwide.
AntUKStaines-Upon-ThamesMiddlesexLoved the original but would love to see the extended directors cut, the fan deserve it for the support they have given since day #1!!!
A. AndreuSpainCrevillentValencian Country/Valencian CommunityAs a big fan I am, me and thousands of people want to see the blair witch project entirely with all the details.
ROGERCatalunyaSant Quirze del VallesBARCELONABecause it could be interesting
LisaAustraliaSydneyNew South WalesWhats the point of a “Found Footage Flick” if some of the footage isn’t in the Final cut. Show us more. Scare, Share and Beware !!!.
DerekUSAAuburnWAThe Blair Witch Project rules.
EliasUSALos AngelesCAThe film is spectacular and more footage just makes it even better.
TenzinUSAOaklandCAThe extra footage sounds so interestesting!  Plus, the box art for the original DVD is kinda..
GretaUSASan FranciscoCAWho wouldn’t! It’s a classic!
NickUSAAlamedaCAI love the original and find it inspirational and would like to see more of the original vision the filmakers had.
HugoNew ZealandAucklandIf the director wants to do it then I feel there is going to be some footage that could be very interesting.
PaulScotlandPaisleyRenfrewshireWhilst many will argue that Blair Witch is not the original Found Footage it’s certainly the most inspirational in the history of the sub-genre. The most recent film divided audiences left many frustrated with answers left unanswered. Seeing this extra footage could help people to understand and appreciate the new version. It’s a milestone in horror cinema, fans want it, its about time to give them it and they are the lifeblood of the genre<br /><br />- Paul Devine, Owner of
PyryFinlandLahtiI would love to see more of the movie that never left my mind ever since I saw it in 1999.
JessCanadaMontrealQuebecThe whole damn thing! Why not
AthanasiosGreeceAthensAttikiaaayeee i wanna see what happens after the camera is dropped :-3
MichaÅ‚PolandWarsaw /WarszawaMasovian Voivodeship /województwo mazowieckie“Why do you want to see an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project”?”<br /><br /><br /><br />because I loved the ’99 original. 😀 please, don’t let so much usused footage just sit in some archive.
KenCanadaBurnabyBritish ColumbiaThe Blair Witch Project was the first film to truly scare the living shit out of me and it’s great to revisit that fear every now and then as an adult. If I could get an extended version of that fear, I’d take it in a heartbeat.<br /><br /><br /><br />Please make this happen, Lionsgate!
FaithUSAWendellNCThe Blair Witch Project was my very first horror movie and is still my favorite today. No other film inspires the same fascinsting fan lore, or deep fear in me simply walking through the woods. Seeing the rest of this movie would be a dream come true
AmandaUSASaint LouisMOBlair Witch Project was my first horror movie anf my favorite horror movie. I’d love to see more
EricUSAHibbingMNThis would be incredible!! This would be something us fans would love….and deserve!! Please help make this film happen!!  ~ Eric Voelker
BritUSAPortlandORIt would make my dark little heart so happy.
fredUKharrogateLove the movie and would love to see more, I’d buy it day 1
trevUKlondonThe movie has yet to be beaten, day 1 buy for me
PattiUSALas vegasNVBlair witch in my eyes, is considered as a very important film for the horror genre. And this should be made available to the public so we can bask in all its glory.
StephenUSAStocktonCAPersonally, I’d like to see it because O legitimately thought it might be real the first time I saw it in theater. It was ahead of it’s time and a stepping stone for that particular style of cinematography
RichardUSABloomfieldNJI love the movie and would like to see the entire film.As I fan I think a version of the entire movie would sell good
AllenUSAFergusonNCI’ve always loved seeing the extra snippets that were released over the years & it just felt wrong we never got to see everything. The film really help start the Found Footage Era (along with a few other films released before) & was packaged AWESOMELY on the MTV Preview THE CURSE OF TBWP.  PLEASE, WE THE TBWP FANS NEED THIS!

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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What Industry Insiders are Saying

Oren Peli, Director Paranormal Activity (2007) – “As a long-time fan of found-footage movies and Blair Witch Project, I would love to see an extended version released!”

Jamie Nash, Writer Lovely Molly (2011), V/H/S/2 (2013), Exists (2014)  – “BWP was a master class in ‘leave ’em wanting more’. We want more! Show us!”

Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting  – “I think it would be a really interesting experiment and exercise in filmmaking. Recutting the found footage film that started it all AFTER 15 years after the evolution of the Subgenre would be so surreal.”

Dean Alioto, Director The McPherson Tape (1989), Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) – “Having made two found footage films of my own before Blair Witch Project, I didn’t realize what an exciting new genre I was working in until I saw Blair Witch. Would love to see the raw, uncut, version of BWP!”

Amanda Gusack, Director In Memorium (2004) – “I would love to see an extended edition. Blair Witch gives me chills to this day.”

James Cullen Bressack, Director Hate Crime (2012), To Jennifer (2013), Pernicious (2014) – “An extended edition of Blair Witch would be amazing. I remember the first time I saw the film was with a group of friends and everyone thought it was real!”

Tom Jorgensen, Director St. Osmund’s (2013) – “The Blair Witch Project isn’t just a horror masterpiece, it’s a cinematic landmark. To get an extended cut of the movie would help fans and filmmakers for decades to come get a more complete understanding of this piece of cinema history.”

Johnny Macabre, Owner, TheBlood-Shed – “Blair Witch is one of the most important movies in the horror history. Few other films have changed the genre upside down like this film about 3 kids in the woods with a camera.”

Jay Kay, Host, Horror Happens Radio, – “It’s not a question on where this film belongs and sits on the list of the most influential horror films and found footage in history…  It is the list and has been a hallmark of what horror has been about for the last 15 years that will extend with this needed footage .”

Doc Rotten, Owner, Gruesome Magazine, Host of Horror News Radio – “16 years ago, The Blair Witch Project scared me silly. As a fan of found footage films, an Extended Director’s Cut would scare me even more today!”

‘Tweek’, Owner – “Dying to see the rest of the story. The more footage the better. Fans have wanted this for years. Let’s make this happen.”

Rob Hauschild, Owner, Wild Eye Releasing – “The Blair Witch Project is a milestone for independent horror. Every unseen frame should be made available for fans and filmmakers alike.”

Nicolas Sébastien Landais, Director On Vous Ment (Mockumentary Film Festival, France) – “Like many people, The Blair Witch Project was the first Found Footage movie I watched. Now is the perfect time to rediscover this cult found footage classic in a very new way.”

Dustin Austen, Showrunner, Haunted World of CW – “Seeing an extended version of Blair Witch would be a revelation to film students and cinema fans alike. This version needs to be seen.”

Gav Chuckie Steel, Director Preternatural (2015) – “The Blair Witch Project is legendary in the found footage genre. To NOT see a longer cut is almost criminal.”

Javier Attridge, Director Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) – “Just to think of an extended version of “The Blair Witch Project” gives me Goosebumps; this movie has inspired so many of us to go beyond the just making of a movie.”

John Heatz, Owner – “Such an iconic horror movie as The Blair Witch Project deserves an extended cut, even if it is 16 years later”

Michael Varrati, Screenwriter Tales of Poe (2014), Flesh for the Inferno (2015) – “The preservation and presentation of this additional footage would be a boon to horror fans and a great addition to the Blair Witch legacy.”



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