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Blood Moon River (2017)

$5K - $9K 2010s Aerial Drone All Releases Budget Range Camcorder Camera Mode Camera Type Capture Proof Creature Daytime Decade Document Event Family/Friend Movies Film Details Film Type Filming Reason Google Glass Horror Legends/Myths Night Vision Traditional Genre Violent Crimes

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Blood Moon River (2017)

When Eddie and his friends decide to take their cameras into the woods to debunk the legend of Blood Moon River, they soon realize that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. After searching for two friends that failed to meet them at the campground, their situation goes from bad to worse. A confrontation with a family of psychotic rednecks the next day convinces everyone that it might be a good idea to leave. But after getting a glimpse of something stalking them in the woods...Eddie and his friends realize that the legend of Blood Moon River may be all too real.

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