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Haunted World of CW (2013) – Audio Interview – Showrunner Dustin Austen (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 072)

This week we interview Dustin Austen the showrunner for the popular YouTube series, "Haunted World of CW," a pseudo-mockumentary and found footage show following the exploits of a group of paranormal investigators. Dustin discusses the genesis of Haunted World of CW and takes us behind the scenes of this YouTube phenomenon.

The Final Project (2016) – Audio Interview – Director Taylor Ri’chard (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 064)

This week we interview Director Taylor Ri’chard of the upcoming paranormal themed found footage horror film "The Final Project." We discuss the genesis of this latest addition to the found footage film genre as well as Taylor Ri'chard's philosophy behind found footage and some of the techniques that embody the film. Synopsis For six college students, it’s the ultimate graduation project: A d...

Moth (2016) – Interview – Found Footage Film Director Gergö Elekes and József Gallai

We recently had the privilege of reviewing a pre-release copy of found footage film Moth (2016), the latest found footage horror film creation out of Hungary from the directorial team of Gergö Elekes and József Gallai. This is the same team that made the Hungarian found footage film Bodom (2014). Moth follows a university lecturer in London who travels to Hungary with her student to capture video ...

Two Fairy-tale Found Footage Films from Mike Chester

Director Mike Chester started making films just out of high school and already has two found footage films at or near completion. He looks to be a voice worth keeping a watch for in the horror and found footage film genres. Found Footage Critic had the unique opportunity to interview Mike Chester and get some insight behind his two upcoming found footage horror films, WHERE’S WENDY (2016) an...

Insane (2015) – Audio Interview – Director Max Cerchi (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 059)

This week we sit down to talk with veteran Horror Director Massimiliano (Max) Cerchi (Carnage Road, Hellbilly, Hellinger) to talk about his upcoming film Insane. We also discuss some of Max’s other films as well as projects he has planned. Enjoy our interview with this interesting and entertaining director!

Encounters (2014) – Interview with Director Anders Bukh

Found Footage Critic recently had the privilege of reviewing a pre-release screener of the science fiction horror found footage film Encounters (2014) written and directed by Anders Bukh. We were so enthralled with the plot of the film that we reached out to Anders Bukh directly to learn more about the Encounters backstory. Found Footage Critic: How did you come up with the basic story for Encount...

Zombies Invade New Jersey! Found Footage Critic EXCLUSIVE Interview with Carlos Keyes, Executive Producer of “Black Wake” (2016)

Today I had the good fortune of being invited by Executive Producer Carlos Keyes to observe a day of shooting on the set of the highly anticipated found footage horror/sci-fi film “Black Wake” (2016). As a native New Yorker and avid fan of found footage this was too good an opportunity to pass-up, so I headed over to the filming location: Great Falls National Historic Park in Paterson New Jersey. ...

Wolf House (2016) – Audio Interview – Writer, Ken Cosentino (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 036)

A fun interview with Ken Cosentino, the creator of Wolf House, a film I reviewed on Episode 34 and a chunk of entries from the Marble Hornets series!

Infliction (2014) – Audio Interview – Writer/Director, Jack Thomas Smith (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 033)

It’s showtime again! This week I have an action packed show for you listeners! First off, an interview with Jack Thomas Smith, the writer and director of the film Inflicted. Jack talks about the film, his full time promotion of it, his upcoming project called In The Dark, and more!

Exists (2014) – Audio Interview – Writer, Jamie Nash (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 009)

This week we interview Jamie Nash, the writer of Exists, Lovely Molly, Altered and more this episode! We talk a lot about Exists of course, as it is a favorite of Kelly and Boss, but also jump into Jamie’s other films, and his upcoming efforts such as Santa Hunters! Hear about the bigfoot movie that Jamie and Eduardo Sanchez planned first before working on Exists and advice for the writers out the...

Ouija Experiment (2011) – Audio Interview – Director, Israel Luna (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 007)

Boss Butcher interviews our guest, Director of The Ouija Experiment, Israel Luna this time out. This lively conversation covers a lot of ground- everything from the film we reviewed on episode 4 to Israel’s other films, Ticked Off Trannies With Knives, The Ouija Experiment 2 and the upcoming Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus! Happy Halloween! Enjoy the interview!

Alien Abduction (2014) – Audio Interview – Actor Jillian Clare (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 003)

Welcome to our third episode! We were thrilled to get the chance to talk with Actress Jillian Clare of Alien Abduction, which we covered in our debut episode. Jillian shared stories from behind the scenes of that film, as well as her experiences on Days of Our Lives, her volunteer work with animal rescues and her new role in an interactive theatre experience like none other: Delusion: Lies Within!...

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