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Cursed Days (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

Cursed Days (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer – Series Synopsis

The brave new world of remoteness has created a new creature, the man of the era of self-isolation, and has given rise to amazing stories that would hardly have happened under other circumstances. Entomologist Victor was given a coupon for a Thai massage session by his colleagues, but instead of pleasure, the nerd got two weeks of completely unexpected quarantine away from home.

Opposition leader Sasha reposted information critical of domestic medicine.

The post was read by his brother – an official from the capital’s mayor’s office – and asked to immediately demolish everything.
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To feed a family accustomed to daily rib-eye steaks, Swiss ice cream and sushi, traffic police inspector Kogotkov comes up with a cunning plan to remotely bribe a car enthusiast.
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And Dimon owes Kostyan a decent amount of money, but he is in no hurry to return it. Kostyan hires Vitya, a scoundrel, to go to Dimon and collect the debt.

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Cursed Days (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

  • Cursed Days (2020) is a found footage comedy mini-series

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