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Found Footage Makes its Way to New York City in “Black Wake” (2016)

Found Footage Critic is always on the lookout for new found footage films, and we couldn’t be happier to learn that this latest addition to the found footage genre was filmed in our own backyard, New York City.

Director Jeremiah Kipp, Executive Producer Carlos Keyes, and Red Entertainment Group Pictures are working together on a new film in the found footage genre, Black Wake, which will wrap up filming in New York City in August, 2015. Fans of the found footage genre haven’t seen POV camcorders grace the New York City metropolitan region since the 2008 blockbuster hit, Cloverfield. Black Wake stars Nana Gouvea, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Jonny Beauchamp, and Rich Graff.

Tom Sizemore (as Detective Michaels) and Nana Gouvea (as Dr. Luiza Moreira) in Black Wake (2016)

Carlos Keyes, Executive Producer of Black Wake writes:

“Black Wake will be released in early 2016 and is sure to be a thrill. After investigating a series of mysterious deaths along the East Coast of the US, one scientist (Nana Gouvea) discovers a danger far worse than anyone can imagine. Now it’s her job to convince other scientists, including Eric’s character, before it’s too late. A detective (Sizemore) becomes involved through the strange writings of a homeless man played by Beaucham. I am honored to be part of this film and to watch these great actors on set and on screen.”

The recently released teaser trailer illustrates the use of video diary and mockumentary filming, surveillance footage, and point-of-view camcorders capturing much of the action. The short clip has a zombie-vibe, but from the official synopsis of the film (below), there’s much more at play:

“Specialists gather in a top-secret facility to investigate a series of strange deaths on the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.  One of the team’s scientists examines video evidence to uncover a possible parasitic explanation for the fatalities. . . Can [the scientist] convince her colleagues of the true danger before an ancient force rises from the sea to bring madness and death to all of humanity.”

FFC will be keeping track of this latest found footage film, so stay tuned. Black Wake is scheduled for release on February 19, 2016.

For more information on Black Wake:

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