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Found Footage Podcast The White Vault to Take the Stage!


Found footage audio drama The White Vault is gearing up to take the stage in New York City.

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The podcast will will be performing a rendition of their show opening for the NoSleep Podcast at a live show in New York City.

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The event will take place at The Highline Ballroom on March 13th, 2018. The cast will be performing a brand new prequel episode which will take place off the coast of Ny-Ålesund.  Cast members from Iceland, Germany, and the UK will be ascending upon NYC to bring the story to life.
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As of this posting, tickets to the live show are available right here! This event is part of the NoSleep Podcast’s nationwide ‘Escape the Black Farm’ Tour.
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The show is the brainchild of Kaitlin Statz, who also writes the program. The show is 100% fan supported. The creative team is preparing to release a Patreon-only story which ties into the White Vault story.  You can check out the team’s Patreon page here.
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“The White Vault is a new found-footage audio drama that explores the world’s horrors through the collected records of a repair team sent to a remote outpost in the Arctic. It’s a free podcast you can listen to on iTunes, Spotify, or whichever podcast service you use. The show was created by an international team of unknowns with no budget.

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