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Guiding Star (1987)

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Guiding Star (1987)

In April 1985, I started to make a film with my friend Kamioka as the main character. But even after three months, the whole film was still unknown. I started to work alone with the camera. One day, the rabbit he keeps at home gives birth to a stillborn baby. As he buries her under a tree in the garden, it made me think of his father, who died the year before. He is no longer with us, but only the gaze he left behind. And so I set off on a journey. In a town in the Hokuriku region, he met a woman who once appeared in one of his films. When I dozed off on the train to Tokyo, she appeared to me in a dream and tells me that I will soon find the exit. Back in Tokyo, I told Kamioka that I'm going to start filming again. I came back into the room, turned on the microphone and pressed the flame against the lens.

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