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Home Video (2016) – Audio Review (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 065)

Found Footage Files LogoBack to the film reviews this time! We look at new film Home Video (2016) this week, and Michael catches us up with developments at FoundFootageCritic.com including the new found footage video rentals! In fact you can rent and watch this episode’s featured film by clicking here! Enjoy the show! Buy lipitor

Found Footage Files Podcast offers end-to-end coverage of feature films shot in the FF genre.  Each episode is devoted to reviewing a specific FF film, discussing the latest FF film news, and acknowledging fan feedback from Twitter and Facebook.  The podcast series also includes interviews of FF cast and crew. Listeners are encouraged to provide their feedback and join-in on the fun. Boss Butcher is engaging and entertaining, and a true promoter of the genre – Found Footage Files Podcast a must for every true FF fan! Buy zithromax

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