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Mermaids Films

Movie Franchise

Mermaids Series

The Mermaids series is a product of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. The series takes the form of mockumentaries presenting evidence that the fabeled mermaids are in fact real creatures.
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Mermaids: The New Evidence (2013)

Examining the startling, never-before-seen video evidence of aquatic hominids that has come forward since the documentary MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND first aired in 2012, with the original whistle blower on the Mermaid Conspiracy, Dr. Paul Robertson.


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Mermaids: The Body Found (2012)

In 2016, when marine biologist Dr. Brian McCormick (Sean C. Michael) stumbled across a recording of mysterious underwater sounds, he launched a scientific investigation to uncover the creature responsible. In search of conclusive proof, he and his research team are called out to an unusual whale stranding in South Africa. Here they find the part-digested remains of an animal none of them can identify. As each of its body parts is autopsied, they provide new pieces of the puzzle. As the picture b...[Read More]

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