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Official Found Footage Critic T-Shirt – Show Your Support!

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We are pleased to announce the release of our first T-Shirt branded with the official Found Footage Critic logo. Now you can proudly display the insignia of the found footage film and horror movie website you know and love!

Buy a T-Shirt and Show Your Support Found Footage Critic

100% of the proceeds from T-shirt sales will be used to cover the growing costs of maintaining the Found Footage Critic website and found footage movie database. The steady growth of our film database and the exponential month-over-month increase in our monthly visitor traffic means that we will soon have to lease a dedicated server to support our community.

In addition to these recurring costs, we also have database maintenance and development expenses that go towards improving site performance, increasing the search capability of our film database, and adding new features requested by our community.
While we are actively pursuing other sources of revenue to support Found Footage Critic, these other initiatives will take time to pan out. To date, we’ve avoided engaging ad networks. We personally find ad popups and slider windows highly distracting and don’t want to negatively impact the user experience found footage fans enjoy on our site.

We have two cool designs to choose from—Our official Found Footage Critic logo and our Halloween-themed logo!

Click here to purchase our Official Found Footage Critic T-Shirt!

What Other T-Shirts Would You Like to See?

Other T-shirt ideas include licensing found footage film movie posters for T-Shirt reproduction with our logo printed on the back. What types of T-shirts would you like us to offer?  Please comment and let us know.  We would love to hear from you!

…And thank you for your continued support!
Found Footage Critic

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