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Ohio Filmmakers Go Missing in “Haunted” Pennsylvania Woods

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Ohio Filmmakers Go Missing in “Haunted” Pennsylvania Woods−Is a Local Legend Responsible?

Constance Wilmenson, Jessie O’ Bannon and Whiper Wilmenson left in search of Pennsylvania’s, a local urban legend that’s garnered some attention recently with the disappearance of Hellam Township teen Justin Montgomery, and never returned. It appears the urban legend is now again, just a mere week later, at the center of an eerie missing person’s investigation.

The Wilmensons and O’Bannon are best known for their independently produced YouTube series, GG13: The Haunted World of CW. The series centers around the groups purportedly real experiences and footage of their first hand experiences with the supernatural. Did their search for monsters finally lead down a path from which they’d never return? Max Wilmenson, father to Constance and Whisper doesn’t think so.

Standing just feet from the rusted iron gate where the trio entered the woods, and also known in the legend as the first gate of the 7, Max offered us a brief statement. “My girls are coming home. Period. There are things out there that the media doesn’t understand. Dark things. But my girls, they understand them. If anyone is going to survive out there, it’s them. They’re alive. I just want to do all I can to bring them home.” With that he, and over two-dozen volunteers headed back into the dense woods for another day of grueling search efforts.

Found footage from video camera recovered in the woods where the group disappeared. Published with the permission of the family of Constance Wilmenson

Real Found Footage or Brilliant Marketing?

Adding to the mystery surrounding the disappearances, the missing trio’s camera equipment was found in an abandoned tent identified as belonging to Constance Wilmenson. The first part of the footage discovered in the recovered cameras was assembled under supervision by Max and Jim Wilmenson and posted to the GG13: The Haunted World of CW.

Is this a case of three young people underestimating the dangers of the wild? Or were the missing film crew taken by dark forces like a “found footage” film come to life? Or perhaps this is all a clever marketing ploy? The answers so far are uncertain but you can help in the search for the missing film makers by calling with any information you may have regarding their whereabouts at the number listed on the missing persons poster (below).

Haunted World of CW (2013) - Missing Person Poster

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