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Paranormal Investigations Films (Germany Distribution)

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Paranormal Investigations Series

The Paranormal Investigations series is a collection of movies from different studios and rebranded under a new name (Paranormal Investigations) for distribution in Germany. The films are completely unrelated except for their common theme involving hauntings and possession.

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  • Paranormal Investigations 1 (2007) [aka Death of a Ghost Hunter (2007)]
  • Paranormal Investigations 7: Pennhurst (2012) [aka The Lost Episode (2012)]
  • Paranormal Investigations 8: Preston Castle (2012) [aka Preston Castle (2012)]
  • Paranormal Investigations 9: Captivity (2016) [aka Paranormal Captivity (2012)]
  • Paranormal Investigations 10 [aka American Poltergeist (2016)]

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