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Paranormal Retreat Films

Movie Franchise

Paranormal Retreat Series

The Paranormal Retreat Series is a collection of found footage films shot in the United States. The films follow a central Pennsylvania professional paranormal team who investigate haunted houses and properties.

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The series is directed by Jerry Burkhead and written by Jerry Burkhead and Madam Della.
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Paranormal Retreat (2014)

In central Pennsylvania a professional paranormal team travels to a haunted house to investigate it and end up uncovering more than they ever imagined.

Paranormal Retreat 2: The Woods Witch (2016)

This intense horror movie is based on actual events, these events manifested in central Pennsylvania. The depictation of the actual events are not for the faint of heart. A professional Paranormal team goes on a quest to find a Haunted House to investigate the so called hauntings and paranormal activity, they soon find out they are not the first team to investigate this haunted location, these Paranormal investigators are not like any other team, they are debunkers, once they arrive at the Haunt...[Read More]

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