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Population Zero (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Population Zero (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis

In April 2009 three young men were killed in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. Authorities Never Found the Murderer.
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He Found Them. Only hours after three young men were gunned down in cold blood, Dwayne Nelson walked into a ranger station miles away and confessed to the crime. Despite his detailed confession, Dwayne Nelson was allowed to go free because of a loophole in the American Constitution. Award Winning Canadian Documentarian Julian T.

Pinder (Trouble in the Peace, Land, Jesus Town) travels to Yellowstone in a cinematic and compelling chase for the truth behind a crime that should have rocked the nation.

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How did the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the United States of America, let a guilty man go free? In his hunt for answers, Pinder breaks the first rule of documentary filmmaking by allowing himself to become a subject in the story; risking his life and others when he finds evidence that could re-open the case of the Yellowstone Murders years later.

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Population Zero (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

  • Population Zero (2016) is a found footage film and mockumentary

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How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films

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